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Deadwood Dick 4 The Medicine Show (5/6)

.Title: Deadwood Dick 4 -
The Medicine Show (part 5/6)
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story and have
nothing worth suing for.

Summary: The boys continue on the trail Spike is a gunfighter
Xander an ex-saloon boy. Together they travel west.

Warning this chapter: Politically very incorrect. Also het

Feedback always appreciated.
Last chapter posted tomorrow.

Final two stories in this series will not be posted right away.
RL issues. However, I really appreciate everyone who has read and

Spike proceeded cautiously to where the horses had
been tethered.
He was bound and determined not to go into the woods.
There was no force on earth that could persuade him to
go into the woods.

Yet, like any major disaster, it draws you in.
As much as you don't want to look, you can't stop yourself.
And so that was how Spike found himself
wandering away from the horses and into the woods toward the clearing.

It was a sound so like the whinnies of a horse, that Spike thought
perhaps one of the horses from the wagon had gotten loose
and come this way.
Parting the bushes, though it was not a four legged horse he saw.
What he saw on the ground in the clearing was something that made
Giles tales of adventure seem like a school marm talking about summer picnic.

Down on the ground on knees and elbows with her head
on the ground was Hen.
Two of the skins from the rabbits they had for supper
were thrown over her back
to appear as though she were more animal than human.
She had a bit in her teeth and the reigns pulled back behind her.
Clutching the reigns tightly was, of course,

Randy who was now wearing nothing but an oversized cowboy hat and
a pair of tiny little cowboy boots.
Randy who had his impressive cock shoved in
the bucking bronco, Hen.

Spike did have to appreciate the fact that size wise
everything seemed to work amazingly well.
Randy was able to stand behind Hen and with no effort ride
for all he was worth.
It was a sight that would be burned into Spike's brain
for the rest of his life.

Spike stumbled away to the sounds of Randy smacking
Hen on the ass and yelling

"Prance, you fine filly you!" Smack
"Kick up those heels!"

Hell of a Woman!

Spike was dazed as he went through the motions of caring for the horses.
He quickly answered a call of nature and stumbled back to the camp.
Apparently story time had ended as Xander was resetting the camp fire
for the night and Giles was arranging his bed roll.

"I'll sleep out here with you boys. Hen and the girls can have the wagon,
and Randy sleeps in the supply wagon to keep an eye on our goods."
As if right on cue, Hen trotted through the camp site.

At this point, Spike didn't even question the fact that no one
else noticed the dried leaf stuck in Hen's chin hair.
Spike just shook his head.

"Damn, Spike. Guess that means we won't be doin' no fuckin' tonight."
Xander whispered, as he settled down into his bed.
"Just as well, pet. Not feeling to good tonight.
Stomach's kind of queasy."

"Oh, yea?" Xander sat up and looked at him.
"You think maybe that rabbit stew didn't set good?
Sure was cooked right. That Hen really knows her way around
a piece of meat."
"Oh, pet" Spike shuddered "You have no idea."

Still feeling the need for physical touch between them, Xander scooted
his blanket over close to Spike and pressed up against his back..
"Just as well" He said quietly
"We need to get an early start tomorrow morning"
"Can't be soon enough, love. Can't be soon enough" Spike agreed

Morning was clear, cold, and windy.
You could smell winter in the air and Spike was anxious to
get on the trail and get as far south as they could as quickly as they could.

"Come on, Xan. Get up. I want to get the horses
loaded and get on the road"
Xander rolled over and groaned.
"Damn Spike it ain't even daylight yet. Sides, I'll bet if we wait Hen
would share some of her stuff with us."

Upon hearing that Spike reached down and snatched the blanket off
Xander and started rolling it up as quickly as possible.
"Now Xander. We need to go NOW."

Trying and failing to retrieve the cover, Xander stood up
"What the fuck, Spike? Can we at least get some coffee?
Giles said he would fix some for breakfast".

Looking around they both noticed that Giles was not in his bed roll.
"Must have gone off to take a piss." Xander decided
"Why don't you go over to the supply wagon, Spike and grab some
coffee to take with us.
We can make it later. I'm sure Hen wouldn't mind."
"Right, good. You pack up your horse and I'll get the coffee."

Spike figured a little coffee was payment enough for the years of his
life last night had scared out of him.
Arriving at the supply wagon, Spike wasn't sure if he should
knock or just slip in, grab the coffee and slip out. After all he
was sure Randy needed all the rest he could get .
Quietly opening the back door he stuck his head in.

At this point Spike would have sworn that nothing else could shock him.

Spike would have been wrong

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