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Beta Needed

I have just recently started to write a Spander fanfic. And I despearatly need a beta to look over the chapters, as I finish them and correct any grammar errors that I have. I will mainly be depending on the beta for help with grammar and spelling rather than the content of the story.

Below is the First Chapter of the story. A sample of my writing. Please comment to this post to tell me, if you would like to beta my work.

Title: Once Enemies now Fuck buddies
Author: Bite me Fiend
Pairings: Mainly Spike and Xander. However there will be some mentions of Xander/Anya. Spike/Buffy and Spike/Angel.
Setting: Season 6, Just after Once more with feeling.
Feedback: Yes yes and Yes. I need to know someone is reading this so I can go on.
Disclaimer: Nothing within this fic belongs to me. I am just taking the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant and just using them to my own advantage.
Warnings: NC17 for explicit detail on Male Male sex. Particulary Spike/Xander and Angel/Spike.
Summary: It all starts with a boy's night in of sorts. Xander has just been attacked by a group of vampires and he has been left in the company of captain peroxide by his friends. Now what will these two get up to during their night together and the night to follow.

Chapter 1: The Tease

“Fuck sakes Giles. I do not need a babysitter. So a vampire threatened me who doesn’t in this day and age”

These words from the mouth of a young, but strapping young man by the name of Alexander Harris. Standing at an impressive height and with thick black hair and with a six-pack and abs to die for. Xander is certainly by far not the most unappealing to the eye. You might wonder what would promote such words, but the situation is as follows. Xander as a friend of Buffy Summers Vampire Slayer extraordinaire and in his opinion certainly fuckable he has from time to time come into life threatening situations. However, this time the gang saw it as different. The Vampires had picked out Xander specifically and vowed to kill him. The gang Xander included has no idea why they have chosen Xander, but are certainly working on finding out the reason why.

So with these facts in mind. The scobbies have decided to leave Xander in the more than capable hands of Spike also known as William the bloody. A peroxide blond haired vampire with heavily defined cheekbones, a sparkling grin and oh the body the body during the night. At least until the vampires that had been harassing Spike was staked by Buffy herself. Of course, there was one snag. The two of them do not get along in any shape, or form. Eew he was a disgusting dead thing who had the hots for Buffy. But there was another reason that Xander wasn’t keen on the idea of spending the night anywhere near Spike. A reason that he had not been able to admit to himself.

He felt an attraction to Spike only physical mind you and occasionally when the others were not looking. He would catch himself looking at the other. Taking in his face his luscious lips the way they moved to the side or the way that he sat with such confidence such arrogance. Then there were the danger situations as he called them. Times when he would just sit there and look at Spike. Imagine the shape of his body his crust bread abs. His six pack. Then there was the worst thing about these little escapades in his head. He could not stop thinking about the image of Spike cock was a big thing that haunted his daydreams. The size of Spike cock the look of it with his cold cum dripping out of it, or him giving Spike a blowjob. Sucking on his cock and swallowing the sweet juices from it whole.

“Please Giles. Can’t I just stay with someone who doesn’t happen to be Captain Peroxide?”

The rest of the gang by this point were all looking at Xander and then at Giles. Then the next word out of his mouth surprised all of them.

“NO Xander. You are going to live with Spike in his crypt until we figure out whoever it is that is trying to hurt you. I know I might not say it enough, but I do actually care about you.”

Xander was finding the walk home terrible. First, it was just the plain fact that he was here with Spike alone in a compromising position where the vampire could easily bite him. Even with the chip in his head, Xander did not trust the Peroxide blond vampire at all. He was certain there were ways for the other to kill him before the chip would even have backfired. The next thing that was particularly uncomfortable was the way that Spike would every so often turn to face Xander with a cocky grin on his face. If he did not know any better, he would have sworn Spike knew about the thoughts that had been haunting his mind earlier. About him, Spike and their cocks. However, he couldn’t know could he? After all no one knew the extent of a Vampire smelling capabilities other than vampires themselves.

After a few, more moments of walking along the curb that led to Spike crypt. There it was again that same arrogant and obscene grin. I mean what the hell did he have to grin about? As far as he knew Captain Peroxide did not particularly like Xander. Then again why the hell should he. After all Xander has never given him any excuse to like him other than the fact, he must seem as though he is food that is sitting right in front of him and still he can not touch it. After a few more moments of that, same smirk based upon the features of the handsome vampires face. Xander stopped and then turned making it so that he was standing right in front of the peroxide blond vampire.

“So you going to tell me why you staring at me like that Blondie bear, or are you just going to keep me fucking guessing”

That’s it the best way to get on Spike’s nerve and hide the minor attraction that he was feeling for the vampire. Refer to him by the name christened by Harmony. An ex girlfriend of Spike and a girl who most certainly fitted the classification of blond bimbo. Taking himself away from these thoughts he once more finds himself paying attention to Spike and his movements wondering, how he will react. Then again, this is not the first time both him and Xander have found themselves in a confrontation like situation.

“Nothing Whelp. Hmm I guess you just smell funny tonight. It is just a scent I have not smelled in quite a while that is all. Are you wearing a different aftershave?”

Xander squirmed ever so slightly when these words came from Spike. He could just tell both from the way he had said the words, the look about him and from the general aura that Spike was referring to much more than his cologne. No, he must have been able to smell the arousal from Xander. After all, didn’t they say vampires could smell emotions, such as fear arousal etc? Looking down at his own body it is only now that he realizes that as the walk had progressed. His cock had developed a boner. He could feel it sliding against the side of his jeans just waiting to be released. Oh god how could he have been so stupid?

“Spike. Shut the hell up and just don’t look at me alright. Its bad enough being stuck in your presence, but with you giving me shifty looks every so often. Well that is just down right creepy.”

For once, the blond vampire did not have a witty repartee in response. Walking the rest of the way home. There was an awkward silence between the two. Both sides seemed to be equally stubborn in breaking the silence that had just been created.

Spike has been able to smell the odor of attraction off Harris ever since the magic box. Truthfully, he does not have any feelings for the whelp, but hey, he hasn’t had any sexual fun in a while. Well there was the kiss with the slayer outside the magic box, but that was under magical influence. So does it even really count? Of course he wasn’t going to say anything of the sort in front of the slayer.

Yes he has been bothering her ever since the kiss looking for more action, but well the Slayer was shall we say a lot more stubborn than the average woman to his incredible charms. Oh that kiss had been amazing, but enough about the Slayer and the kiss. For tonight his thoughts were going to be on Xander and Xander only. Yes he was certainly going to have himself a little bit of fun with the lad

stepping through the door to his crypt. He looks the boy up and down taking him in. Moving closer to him he continues to just stare at him. The whelp moves as though to protest the fact that Spike was coming near him, but Spike only put a finger to his lip. After these sudden movements he once moves away from him. Just looking at him, as though daring him to make a big deal out of the physical contact they had just shared.

“Considering this is my crypt. You can sleep on the couch upstairs and I shall sleep in my warm luxurious bed downstairs. Any objections Harris, or were you thinking of joining me?”

Spike gave him one of his more suggestive smiles. Now was the time to put the plan that he had been forming throughout the journey from the magic box to his crypt. Then again this was Spike. It was more than likely he would soon grow bored of the plan he had made and do something else instead. Whatever took his fancy? After al there was no reason for him to have to stick to the plan was there? It wasn’t as though Harris could hurt him in anyway. Even with this god damned chip in his head.

So he continued with his movements. He moved to Harris and begin to caress his face moving his hand up and down in such away that it would feel almost pleasurable to the boy, and then his hands begin to roam down through his bodies. Beginning at his chest. He moves his hand within his shirt rubbing together with his cold flesh with Xander’s own warm flesh. He could feel the heat radiating on to his hand.

Then his hands began to roam until they had reached Xander’s cock. Grabbing the boys cock he just strokes and holds it for a moment through the jeans. After a few moments of this Xander lets out a moan as he produces some pre-cum, which Spike can easily smell through his jeans.

Then he stopped

At first Xander had tried to resist the succulent charms of Spike. Really he had, but when an incredible hot Vampire that you have been having nightly dreams about for the past few months start to show you some attention. You cannot stop what he is doing, even if you wanted to. This feeling of helpfulness might seem unattractive to some. But for some reason it was really turning Xander on. His dick was certainly more than hard by this point.

When the vampire hand touched his face. Xander could not even begin to describe the feeling of pleasure that he had felt. That cool smooth girl like hands touching against his own flesh. It was just such a tease and the worst thing of all. Xander knew that Spike was doing it on purpose. How could the peroxide blond not be doing it on purpose? After all he has had over a hundred years to master the tactics needed to get someone male, or female to bed them, if an attraction exists that is.

There were two parts to Xander at the moment. The first part of him was the part that you would expect to see given his public behavior around Spike. This side was repulsed and disgusted that he was allowing Spike to do such things to him. While also feeling guilty about Anya. After all she was his fiancée. The woman he was going to spent the rest of his life with. So what was he doing here allowing this disgusting thing to touch him in such away even, if it felt so good.

Then there was the second half of Xander. This part was just thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. Oh god how did this Vampire just manage to make the little things that he was doing so good. This side of Xander was just dying for Spike to fuck him and fuck him hard. At the moment the second part of Xander was winning. Though no matter how much he wanted to. The first part was refusing to allow him to beg for more, or even say anything to Spike about what he was doing for that matter.

Oh god. Oh, god how the fuck could something so little feels so good. By the time, Xander had been thinking these thoughts Spike roaming hands had already made their way down to his biceps. His head was tilted back his eye closed and he was just moaning sounds of pleasure his erection reaching full peak. The pleasure he was feeling right now wasn’t like any pleasure he had ever before. This was not the type of Pleasure that he felt when he reached completion. No but still, he liked this pleasure. In some sort of sick twisted way. It was almost as though this whole thing felt right.

Then finally Spike hand had reached his cock. Oh god the way the vampire was handling it with such care, such tenderness. He was just touching it enough to make Xander feel so right in all the wrong places. Fuck Xander just wanted to strip get on the bed with his ass hanging in the air and let the vampire take him here and now. Then finally what he had been expecting to happen. Happened he let out some pre-cum leaving what he felt but could not see through his jeans. A rather large stain on his boxers. Short and just like that Spike had stopped. What the fuck did the blond peroxide vampire think he was doing.

Xander just looked at him with complete confusion imminent within his features.

This had not been Spike initial plan. Originally, he was going to fuck the boy brutally and hard. Then leave him there to feel sick and humiliated and yet dying for more. However, no this worked out much better. He had managed to do the smallest amount possible to make the boy produce pre-cum and used a few stroking techniques that he had used over the years. Then just, as the boy was ready to allow Spike to do whatever he wanted. Completely gagging for it. He had left the scene completely abandoning the whelp.

He could already predict how the boy was going to react. Firstly he was going to have a wank on the sofa probably to the events that had just occurred and then in the morning. He was going to feel guilty about what he had allowed to happen between the two of them, acting as though Spike was nothing to him. It was amazing how alike the whelp and the Slayer were. They both would probably think that they were in control of the situation, but really, Spike had all the control. He just did not let them know that.

With a small smirk looming on his features. Hey he couldn’t help it, if he found playing mind games with people so pleasurable could he. He looks the boy up and down the smell of attraction and horiness off the boy in waves. After this examination of the boy he walks over to the other side of the crypt and was just ready to enter the trap door leading to the lower part of the crypt. Over his shoulder, he yelled.

“Good night Whelp”

Leaving Xander standing there in shock.

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