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Fic: Bored, S/X from my 100moods table

Title: Bored
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander/Spike
Prompt: Bored
Word Count: 524
Rating: PG
Warning/Spoilers: Umm, S4 roughly, but no real spoilers and definitely no warnings.
Summary: Same old same old for Spike. Or is it?
Unbeta'd, so heck yeah, concrit welcome!! Totally.

Previous parts here

Hopefully this will make up for the last entry, when Xander asked Spike to find a new place to live. Thanks to those that have been sticking with this. My RL is totally taking the suck plunge right now, but I have hopes that it will get better. I only wish I had more time to write this little series. The boys are growing on me.

Anyway, here ya go. Bored
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