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FIC: Becoming Known (26/?)-- NC-17-- S/X

Title: Becoming Known (26/?)
Authored by: Tisienne
Rating: PORNY, overall. :P
Pairing: The only true one. *snerk* Okay... S/X.
Summary: Spike left sunny-D early on in S7. Xander took Dawn away when Buffy asked him too and actually managed it. Xander never lost his eye.
Disclaimer: I am not Joss Whedon... though he has a really cool name. *grins*

A/N... or apology: I know, I know... I said 'soon', and this isn't. I'm sorry. RL has gotten... well. This is NOT RL, so no need to over-share, right? Here's the next bit. Hope it's liked.

Previous parts may be found HERE

* * * * * * * * *

Part 26

It had taken them weeks to figure out their target’s schedule.

Not the daytime one, of course, because that was obvious.

The man left the building every morning at 7:45 with the girl.

He walked her to school then went back to the apartment for a short while before heading directly to work, where he stayed until almost 2:45 PM.

He then returned to the school and picked up the girl.

The man and the girl walked the city most days afterwards, sometimes meeting up with another man who wasn’t their target’s boyfriend… and sometimes the girl went off with the other man.

Yes, that much was easy, and Rocko, Tony and Mitch knew it.

Unfortunately, they needed to do their thing without witnesses and the guy they were working for wasn’t paying them enough to take out the girl, even though Tony had been more than vocal about his willingness to take her… and then take her out… for free.

Rocko wasn’t having that, though. The girl reminded him of his little sister—before she’d gotten sucked into drugs and had lost herself to being a whore. It hadn’t mattered how many times he’d checked her into rehab, either… she’d always left and that had been her choice, but… no. He wasn’t going to let Tony have his way. Not with the little girl.

And she was a little girl. She might look mature, what with those breasts and the way her hips swelled, but it was clear to anyone who truly looked that she was wounded in the way a much younger child would be by the loss of her hometown. And her Mother and sister, judging from what he’d seen on the SSS website, because Rocko was the sort to do his homework.

So NO.

It was going to be bad enough for the girl when she lost one of her… protectors. No need to make it any worse by letting Tony have his way with her.

The daytime schedule had been easy. Obviously.

The night schedule had been another matter entirely.

The two men didn’t seem to have any set appointments or engagements.

They seemed to exist entirely randomly.

One night they both stayed in.

The next, they went out to see some band or other; sometimes with the girl and sometimes not.

Some nights, the blond went out on his own with a camera bag and didn’t come back for hours… taking pictures of this or that, Mitch reported, although he didn’t quite understand why the man would do that. Nothing he shot seemed to be remarkable, he said.

And still other nights their target left on his own, but never for long enough that they could do their job.

It was… frustrating. Annoying. Infuriating.

Then again, that was why the guy was paying them so much, Rocko figured. They just needed to be patient.

* * * * *

Her entire body ached. In fact, it was screaming at her that she needed yet another long, hot shower.

Of course, that was to be expected. It was Sunday morning, after all, and she’d spent the entire previous day shifting junk from here to there while she and Kent had searched what seemed like every thrift store in entire city for ‘the perfect lamp, Dawny! It has to be perfect! Not too tall, not too short, and it must, must, MUST have fringes on the shade!’.


If that was what it took to be an interior designer of Kent’s caliber, she’d just as soon not.

Especially with the following trip to the dump.

Hell, she’d thought she was done with that sort of thing when she’d left Sunnydale, but apparently she’d been wrong because Kent had dragged her to a… no. ‘Dump’ was too kind of a word, Dawn realized. ‘Land fill’ was more like it.

They’d scrounged there for hours and all she had to show for it was a really ugly bracelet with charms shaped like… she didn’t know what. But it looked like silver and so she’d taken it, once Kent had assured her that it wasn’t attached to a skeletal limb or anything.

By the time they’d gotten back to their building, it had been close to 3 AM… and after she’d spent a good two hours tossing and turning on Kent’s couch she’d left him a note and headed upstairs, wanting a shower and bed, in that order.

The first shower had been fine… as had the hour of sleep she’d gotten. But then…

She’d been woken by sounds she’d never heard before, and it had truly taken her a good few minutes to place them; mostly because she’d never made those sounds herself and she’d taken to playing music to lull her to sleep.

So there she lay, aching and still feeling dirty from her crawl through other peoples’ garbage… and feeling dirtier still because she was obviously listening to Xander and Spike being… intimate.

She was happy for them. Of course she was! But that didn’t mean she wanted to hear it… and especially when it gave her some very strange feelings deep in the pit of her stomach knowing they were doing it, and she’d actually taken the time to go online and find out what exactly ‘it’ was for two guys… with pictures, no less.

She’d shower again later, she decided, even as she punched the power button on the radio beside the bed and let the familiar tones of the usual CD wash over her.

And if she maybe moaned a bit before sleep claimed her, who was to know? Certainly neither of her ‘Uncles’.

* * * * *

Dawn had been looking at them both oddly for days and neither of them could figure out why.

They hadn’t changed their behavior, even if they were a good bit more intimate than they’d been before.

Dawn didn’t know that, after all, and even if she had…

“Do you think she…” Xander whispered, biting his lip.

“Figure she knew where all the kissing and such was headed, luv,” Spike observed as he watched the girl on the couch.

Xander blushed, still somewhat uncomfortable over the fact that he’d not only been fucking Spike for the last week but loved it… and wanted to do it even more, although he still couldn’t manage to let the vampire do the same to him.

“God… maybe she heard us?” he whispered, blushing even more.

Spike frowned, dark brows drawing down over blue eyes. “Even if she did, luv…” his hand slowly stroked his boy’s spine, sliding down cotton then up under it, fingers spreading on warm, silken flesh, “musta heard her sis and the wanker… or Red and Glinda, yeah? Can’t be a shock…”

“That was different,” Xander reminded him. “Everything was different then. She felt… safe, God help her. And I know she feels safe now too, but….”

The vampire frowned, then sighed and nodded. “Right, then. I’ll talk ta her. Can’t have Niblet thinkin’ she’s takin’ second place ta the orgasms, yah?”

Xander blinked; then blinked again before swallowing a snort. “Okay, and that was way too Anya…” His eyes filled and he dropped his head as he turned, burying his face in the crook of Spike’s neck. His arms wrapped tightly around the blond and he just stood there, holding on.

For his part, Spike simply returned the hold, keeping his boy as close as he possibly could. Xander had loved the girl once, after all… or had thought he loved her. Tears were entirely understandable; especially when it seemed a fair assumption that the demon-chit was dead.

* * * * *

It seemed like minutes that they stayed in their clench, but a glance at the clock told Spike that it had been almost an hour.

He reluctantly pushed away from the entirely too enticing form against him and gave a shrug when brown eyes tried to chastise him.

“We agreed I’d be the one ta talk ta her, pet… right?” Spike murmured, one hand cupped around a hot cheek.

Xander sighed and nodded. “Yeah… just make sure she’s not mad at me, okay?”

The blond snorted. “For what? Having a libido and following it right inta my ass?”

Brown eyes closed as Xander groaned.

“Fuck. Now I want to drag you off to bed and…” Another groan. “You know what? Why don’t I go to the ATM and put my checks in?” Granted, after the tip-credit he only got maybe fifty dollars on a paycheck, but he hadn’t actually bothered to deposit any of them.

“Might as well,” he added, “couldn’t hurt to have an extra four hundred bucks in our account, right? Besides… whatever you say to Dawny? I do not want to hear.”

“Coward,” Spike teased, ruffling the bloke’s hair.

Xander grinned and kissed Spike hard. “Yep. So go deal with our… bitchy child. I’ll be back soon.” He stepped away and moved to the door, giving Spike a small smile. “Love you, baby… always.”

Spike was still grinning at the declaration, made in a normal tone, when he walked to the couch and flopped down beside Dawn.

“So, luv,” he said after a moment in which she didn’t curl into him and try to wrap her not so inconsiderable body length around him, “What’s got your knickers in a twist, then?”

* * * * *

It was almost a relief to be out of the apartment and Xander felt guilty for that. At the same time, though, he just didn’t.

He and Spike had done their best by Dawn. They’d never denied her anything she’d truly needed, even that one time when it had been a choice between human blood for the vampire or a less… manly coat for the girl. Spike had made do with cow’s blood for more than a week until he’d sold another collection of pictures, that time to ‘Rolling Stone’. It had been a series depicting up and coming bands behind the scenes and the magazine had snapped it up after nearly a month of haggling… and if Xander had very sneakily spiked the cow’s blood with a bit of his own, then who was to know? Spike certainly hadn’t seemed to notice, other than commenting that Philadelphia clearly had superior livestock to Sunnydale’s offerings… and hadn’t that made Xander giggle silently?

That aside, though…

He loved Dawn. He did. Always had, really, from the first moment he’d met her… even if that had been a fabricated memory, it still lived in his mind.

She’d been a tiny little thing then, all big eyes and long hair, and she’d looked at him like he was a God, and not much had changed.

She was taller, sure. More… womanly. Hell, he could admit it. Dawn was growing into an incredibly beautiful woman… and she was his sister, more or less. He’d always take care of her and worry about her, just as he would if she’d been his sibling by blood.

But he didn’t understand why she’d been acting the way she had lately. Like she… resented him. Resented Spike.

Like she hated them being together and wished they were just…

He swallowed hard, even as he made his way down the cross street.

Dawn wasn’t happy that he and Spike were finally together in the truest sense, and that meant…

“I have to give him up,” Xander told himself, whimpering slightly. “I can’t… we can’t… not if it makes her feel… FUCK!”

And didn’t it just figure?

He was finally happy—for the most part—and now he was losing a part of that joy, and it was… Shit, it was exactly what he should have expected.

He was a Harris, after all. He had no right to be ‘happy’. Not without a fifth of booze, anyway, and even that sort of Harris-happiness only led to loud voices and stumbling, at best.

“It has to stop,” he mumbled, even as he made his way to the ATM machine six blocks away. “If it’s upsetting Dawny, it just… we just… have to stop.”

He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice the three sets of footsteps following him until it was much too late.


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