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Deadwood Dick 5 Lincoln County (2/5)

Deadwood Dick 5
Lincoln County (2/5)
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult - overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. I
just saddle them up and take them for a ride.

As always feedback is much appreciated.
Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander and ex-saloon boy. Together they travel west.

"Great! My name is Mrs. Summers, but please call me Joyce.
I was just starting breakfast. Why don't I show you gentlemen to
your room to settle in. I will be serving in the dining room in about
an hour if you're hungry come on down.

Climbing the stairs Joyce opened the door to the only room
on the third floor. She was right. It was huge.
It was bright, sunny, and soaked in the bright light of the dawning sun.
The bed was full sized and covered with a decorative, hand sewn quilt.
Lace curtains hung at the windows and pictures of dancing girls hung on the walls.

"We call this the presidential suite" Joyce said proudly.
"Oh yea,?" Xander ask as he looked around the room "Presidents really stayed here?"
"Not yet." She answered cheerfully "But if they ever wanted to, we would be ready."
And some how the logic of that seemed to suit all three of them just fine so they
paid for several days and settled in.

"There is a small bath on the second floor with real indoor plumbing.
I will leave fresh towels in your room each day.
If you want breakfast be downstairs by 7. Glad to have you boys."
With that she handed Spike the room key and turned to go
"Thanks so much, Joyce. Me and the boy are glad to be here."
Spike took the key and tipped his hat.

"What do you want to do first, Spike" Xander asked as soon as they were alone.
"Bath, breakfast, or nap?"
Picking Xander up by the waist and tossing him on the bed Spike answered
"None of the above." and promptly started stripping him down.

Realizing the pants were not cooperating Spike rolled off him and pointed down
"Boots!" He ordered.
Xander laughed and complied. Soon, with a little more
scrambling, they were both naked, hard, and surprisingly very much awake.
Spike reached down between them but before he could reach his goal
Xander grabbed his wrist and stopped him

"Nope. Not this time. You have been taking care of me this whole trip.
Let me take care of you this morning."

Spike laid on his back, smiled, and waited to see just what Xander had in mind.
Xander sat to the side, and as if he were playing with a rag doll,
he began arranging Spike's body just the way he wanted it.

Spreading Spikes legs apart Xander kneeled between them and sat
back in his heels. He leaned forward and positioned the outlaw's arms
up over his head, giving him a look that definitely instructed him to keep them up.
Spike was laid out in front of him. Xander could not believe how beautiful he was.
All blond hair and blue eyes. Strong muscles in a smaller compact body.
A wonderful combination of dangerous and delicious.
His thick cock was hard and pressed to his stomach, wet at the slit.
Delicious fuzzy balls lying heavy between his legs.

Everything about him was tight.
Everything about him was right
Reveling in this thought Xander leaned forward
placing his hands on Spike's shoulders. He slowly ran his hands down
Spike's chest stopping at the brown nipples. He rubbed circles over them with
the palms of his hands till they were hard nubs. Xander then pinched and rolled
them between his fingers causing Spike to moan and arch up slightly. He pinched harder.
Just hard enough to cause a stab of pain, then leaned down and licked first one then the other,
blowing on them to allow the cool air to sooth the hurt.
He sat back on his heels again.

He then dragged his hands flat down Spike's stomach. Xander could feel the stomach
muscles clench under his palms.
Leaning forward again, Xander kissed the beautiful body beneath him.
He put his hands on Spike's waist to hold him down while he licked a circle
around his belly button then plunged his tongue in and out in a tongue fucking like Spike's
belly button had never known.

Each time Xander leaned down for another lick
the head of Spike's cock bumped up against Xander's chin.
After several licks Xander's chin was wet with the pre come that had smeared there.
Placing his hands on the sides of Spike's head he leaned forward ordering Spike to
"Lick it off"

Spike groaned and complied. Sucking his own come off Xander's face caused his
cock to twitch and leak even more.
Setting back on his heels once more he looked down on the dazed man that was
suddenly not so composed and controlled.
Xander chuckled and continued with the job at hand.

Xander ran his fingers up Spike's thighs to the crease between groin and thigh.
and slowly began scratching all around the dripping needy cock,
but never touching it. He did notice that the head was now almost purple
and had stretched itself out of the hood of foreskin. Knowing he could do that
to Spike made his own cock ache for release.

He scratched up and around to the blond patch of short curls.
Spike now knew first hand why a cat arches his back when you scratch
the hair around the root of it's tail.

Spike arched his back.

Smacking his ass cheek Xander laughed and ordered "Rollover"
more than content and anxious to see what was next,
Spike flipped like a pancake.

Lying himself flat on Spike's back, Xander ran his hands down Spike's
arms locking his fingers with his. Spike moaned. Jesus, the solid
weight of his boy pressing down on his body was overwhelming.
His cock pressed into the bed leaving a wet spot but not giving him enough
leverage to move, limiting the amount of friction he could generate.
Knowing what Spike was trying to do, Xander held him down tighter.
Leaning in he bit Spike on the ear and whispered
"Almost time, lover"

Spike was hard, wet, and needy, and hoped to god
Xander was telling the truth.
Xander then pulled away slightly and started
kissing down each knob of Spike's backbone.
Reaching those firm round butt cheeks he continued to lick and bite.

By now Spike was squirming and whimpering.
Xander himself had teased about as long as he could stand.
He sat back and pulled Spike up to his knees.
Without wanting to search their coat pockets for the
necessary ointment he figured spit would have to do.

With that heavenly ass in front of him,
Xander pulled the cheeks part and dove in.
"FUCK!" Spike yelled.

Pausing, Xander pushed away from his prize momentarily and answered,
"Yea, that's where this is going" He then resumed his task of
licking and sucking on the wet shiny pucker.
Reaching around to smear Spike's pre come over his hand and Spike's cock,
Xander combined it with his own and slicked himself up.
He pressed himself against Spike's ready hole, and pushed.
They both froze at the feel of the head pushing through.

After giving him a short time to adjust, Xander thrust in.
The usual burn was bypassed by the luck of the angle, and
Xander's cock slammed into Spike's prostrate on each push

Neither one wanted to wait, so working their movements together,
both worked Xander's cock frantically. Within minutes they were
feeling that familiar tingle shooting up their legs and into their balls,
Xander reached around and began firmly pumping Spike's cock in time
with his own thrusts.

Spike jerked frantically, fucking himself into Xander's hand.
Quickly Spike stiffened and jerked coming in great heavy spurts over
Xander's hand and the quilt.
Yea, somebody was going to be stuck sleeping in one hell of a wet spot.

The squeeze of Spike's ass around Xander's cock caused him
to respond immediately. Filling Spike with his spunk, Xander could not help
the satisfied feeling of posession that warmed his heart.

They both hung in place for a moment then, as if puppets whose strings were cut,
they collapsed to the bed together.

"What do you think, Spike? Want to go to breakfast?" Xander mumbled


"Yea, me too." Xander answered and he followed Spike into sleep barely
taking time to pull the damp quilt over them both.

"Hey. Sleepy head" Spike was poking and tickling
"Stop it Spike. We just went to bed."
"Wrong. Sun's down. We slept all day." Spike was already up and headed
to the door with a towel in his hand.
"I'm going down to wash up. Get your lazy ass out of bed.
We are going to go eat and find the nearest saloon Xander
groaned and rolled over.

After a short time Spike was back and made sure Xander was up, washed and
ready to go.

After quick meal at a local diner called The Squat & Gobble,
they were on their way.
By now they were both feeling a lot better.
Nothing like a good steak, a warm bath and a hot fuck to make a new man of you.
Spike was nearly bouncing as his boots clapped loudly on the wooden sidwalk
that lined the streets.


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