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Author: Thea_Zara (aka 50ftqueenie)

Title: The Collar

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: R / NC-17 in later parts

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights to BtVS or AtS, they belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy

Spoilers: Through Season 2

Warnings: Rape, Bloodplay, Violence. Because Angelus is a right bastard.

Summary: Angelus leaves Buffy a Valentine's gift, but she isn't the one to open it. AU from the Season 2 Episode Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Chapter: 4 of 6

Xander woke up that night feeling better than he had in a very long time. Someone was holding him close. Someone had their arms around him, and a hand in his hair. Someone who smelled good, who was strong, and someone who would protect him, even from his own stupidity. He knew all that before he opened his eyes. He still knew it when he finally did bring himself to open them, and found himself staring into Spike's eyes.

"Hi." Xander whispered huskily.

"Evening, Pet." Spike rubbed his hand through Xander's hair once before he pulled away and sat up.

His sitting up counted as a minor miracle in Xander's way of thinking, because the minute he'd ran his hands through Xander's hair his normal morning semi decided to come to full attention. Xander blushed lightly and shifted himself.

Spike tossed him the collar. "You might want to put that on, pet. I'm gonna head out for news and some food for you."

Xander nodded, then stood up and put the collar on. Once the transformation was complete he slipped back under the dresser and proceeded to try and figure out just when he'd started liking guys.

"Take care, luv." Spike said before unblocking the door, getting into his wheelchair, and heading once more into the breach.


A week went by and Xander stayed Xander-shaped unless Spike went out. Spike came back to the room one evening acting very strange. If Xander didn't know better he'd think Spike was worried. He put the food in the small refrigerator then plucked a couple glasses off the nightstand and grabbed a bottle off one of the shelves. He patted the bed, and when Xander was next to him he quickly thumbed off the collar. He filled both glasses then handed one to Xander.

"Pet, I got some bad news while I was out. It's about one of the teachers your lot always palled around with. The gypsy bint."

"Ms. Calender?"

"Yeah that's her. I guess Dru got a vision about her, about something she was going to do that would stop Angelus. There's no easy way to say this, pet. Angelus caught her and he killed her. The bastard was bragging about laying her out for the Watcher to find."

"Oh God, Giles. He's gotta be going nuts. Fucking Angelus." Xander cried out voice breaking.

"I'm sorry, pet, there's a bit more. You're gonna need to be especially careful, Angelus is on another tear. Seems Watcherman had some stones after all. He tried burning down the factory with Angelus in it. I gotta say, the man does good work, even if he can't seem to close the deal any better than your slayer. Course the fact that he managed to singe a bit of Angelus' hair means he's gonna be hell on the rest of us for awhile, but still good work all told."

"Is he going to come after you again, Spike." Xander asked, quiet fury blazing in his eyes.

"He might, but don't you go all knight in shining armor on me, luv. I been dealing with Angelus a lot of years, and you're not going to get yourself killed on some half arsed suicide mission. We wait and we bide our time and I take what he has to dish. When the time is right, we'll destroy his arrogant ass completely, but not until. You got me, pet?" Xander mumbled something not even vampiric hearing could make out. "What was that?"

"I got you. I so don't like it, but I got you." Xander said fighting the strong urge to sniffle. "Besides, it's not like I'd be more than some fly buzzing around Angelus."

"Not that I'm encouraging that sort of thing, but you gotta be underestimating yourself, pet. You've helped that slayer of you're for a couple years now right? You gotta know some moves then."

"Sure I know a couple moves. I fetch a mean donut, I snore in the books with the best of them, and my specialty, glaring at Deadboy." Xander said with a snort of derision.

"Bollocks, you've got more heart than just about anyone I've ever met, maybe the watcher just isn't a very good teacher."

"Giles is a Librarian, not a teacher." Xander said, a little pleased by the compliment, but confused by the conversational shift.

"Not that sort of teacher, Whelp. I mean the fighting stuff. That sort of thing is dead easy to pick up with a little time and effort, you can't possibly be that bad of a study."

"The only fighting stuff I learned from Giles was how to wear padding and fall down while Buffy pummels you." Xander said with a small smile.

"You're bloody well joking aren't you? They let you lot out at night on the bloody Hellmouth to fight the good fight, and no one saw fit to teach you the tiniest bit of self-defense?" Spike asked, halfway between stunned stupid and completely furious.

"Well we know the, um, pointy end goes in the heart, and hey I can fall down with the best of them, but you know probably not exactly the kind of training you're meaning, huh?"

"No it's bloody well not. Come on, pet. It's time you learned how to tussle, all proper like." He jumped to his feet and shoved the bed to one side of the room, with Xander on it. "On your feet. We're gonna have us a go."

They spent the next several hours with Spike working on his non existent fighting technique. By the time they were finished Xander still doubted he'd be able to take on even a confused fledge, but might just be able to give the jocks something to think about before they pummeled him bloody.

Sweaty and sore, Xander let Spike lead him to the bathroom. "You've been in these clothes too long, pet. Strip and climb on into the shower, and I'll dig around that old dresser for some clothes.

He found an old faded pair of jeans that had been in the dresser when he got there, and one of his t-shirts that was a little on the big side. He sat them on the sink with a clean towel and with one final glance towards the shower, he went back and picked out a clean t-shirt and jeans for himself. That done he returned to the bathroom and debated with himself over what to do next; for all of ten seconds.

"Need me to wash your back, Whelp?" He whispered into one soapy ear.

Xander jumped as if shocked, but before he could say anything Spike took the soapy washrag from his hand and started rubbing small circles across his shoulder blades. Xander stood stock still for a moment, his racing heart like a drumbeat in Spike's ears, then relaxed into Spike's touch. When his back was done, Spike moved on to his hair, massaging shampoo through his dark brown hair gently. After a minute or so, Xander began pressing back into the touch, very much like he did when scratched while in his cat form.

Smiling to himself, Spike just washed him, then shuffled them around slightly so that he was under the water, and he began washing himself. After a minute, Xander reached out, plucked the soapy washrag from his hand, and used it to wash Spike's back. That done he reached for the shampoo and washed his hair as well.

While Spike rinsed his hair, Xander stepped out of the shower and dried off. By the time Spike had shut off the water, Xander had on the tight jeans and held out a towel in Spike's direction.

"Thanks, mate." He said, and began to dry off. Xander rinsed his mouth out with a tube of ancient toothpaste and his finger over the sink, then smiled at Spikes non reflection in the mirror. He pulled the shirt on and went to slide the bed back into it's proper place in the room before throwing himself down on it.

A few minutes later Spike settled in on the other side of the bed. Slowly, as if neither realized they were doing it, they moved to face one another each still on his own side of the bed. With slow deliberation, Spike leaned across the distance and kissed Xander gently on the lips. "G'night, pet." he whispered before returning to his side of the bed and closing his eyes.

Xander lay awake for a long time before finally giving in to sleep. When they woke up, he was in Spike's arms and felt safe.


The next few days fell back into routine, but the routine itself had changed. They'd wake up together, unwrap themselves from each others arms. Xander would put on the collar. Spike would wheel himself out to feed and send a minion out to fetch real food, which he would then make a show of enjoying before tucking it down beside himself in the chair. He'd avoid Angelus as much as possible, and make sure Dru was properly taken care of. Then he would slip off back to his room to uncollar Xander. He'd drink a beer and watch Xander eat. They'd talk a little, and then they'd spend a couple hours knocking each other around the room while he trained the boy. They'd shower together, then slip into their own sides of the bed.

Early in the fourth evening of their new routine, things changed again.

Usually Xander always woke up first and would shift away just enough to hide the results of his body's growing attraction to Spike, and the very human need to pee. This time Spike woke up first. He woke up to warmth and arms and legs entwined, and he woke up to one rather impressive erection pressing into his hip.

While his brain was screaming 'This is a very bad idea.' his hand seemed to have other plans and slid down to lay over the bulge in Xander's pants. 'You can stop at anytime, you know, before you scare him.' His mind told his hand again. Just then Xander's cock twitched under him, and instead of his hands falling into line, they began rubbing that hot length, and apparently talked his mouth into rebelling too, since it leaned forward all on it's own and captured Xander's mouth in a kiss.

His tongue danced over Xander's lips, tasting, begging entrance while his mutinous hand stroked. Two brown eyes were suddenly seeing him, and the chaste mouth opened either in protest or invitation. His mouth didn't care which. His tongue slipped in to explore the new realm as his hand stroked again. Brown eyes showed the shifting mind; sleepy confusion slipped into shock which melted into pure lust as his hand moved again.

Suddenly his tongue wasn't the one doing the exploring. A hand slipped up to his face, fingers exploring. Another stroke and the hand moved from feeling his face to cupping his head, fingers threading through bleached hair, pulling them closer. Xander's other hand slipped down and fumbled with his own jeans. He unbuttoned then reached for the zipper, but Spike pushed his hand to the side and reached for the zipper himself. Xander's free hand hung there just out of the way, as if waiting for orders. After a moment or two, Spike squeezed it in his hand then pulled it over and laid it on his own painfully hard erection. The kisses went on and on while cool and warm hands stroked.

It felt like they'd spent forever exploring each other's mouths then Spike pulled away. Before Xander could protest, or say much of anything, he was gasping at the next contact as Spike nibbled from his earlobe to his neck, then slid his shirt off and kept moving. Tongue and teeth teased their way down his body, stopping randomly to entice some secret spot always bringing a moan of pleasure from Xander's throat.

Spike pushed Xander onto his back and slid his pants down his hips, then off entirely before kneeling between his legs. He started stroking again while nibbling his way down Xander's stomach. His tongue darted out to lick up several drops of precum that dripped off the end of Xander's hard cock. He was only mildly offended to hear semi-hysterical laughter above him.

"What's wrong, luv?"

It took a moment or two for Xander to get past the giggles in order to speak, but he finally did. "I was just thinking about how someone somewhere was having a really good laugh at my expense."

"You know I might start taking offense here in a minute." Spike said, hands still stroking and roaming over Xander's body. "So why is someone laughing at you, pet?"

"It's just you know I gave Bu... Oh yeah do that again, please... Buffy soo much crap when she didn't stake Angel, and when she dated Angel, and when she... well no not when she made love to him, cause you know what with the screaming and the rocket launchers and the blue bits, that would have been in really, really bad taste, but you know what I mean. I think I gave her the biggest hard time about being in lo... in love with him, and now here I sit, in the same position, except I haven't even got the excuse of a soul, not that that kept Deadboy from being a jerk, but still." He trailed off as he realized Spike had stopped moving completely.

He was staring at Xander with the strangest expression. "Say that again."

"What part?" Xander asked, looking down at Spike.

"The sodding part where you said you loved me, granted in a totally round about totally Xander bloody Harris type way."

"Oh... yeah, I um... I love you." Xander said, silently waiting for the denial, or the let down, or, considering the object of his affections, the bloody mayhem. Instead he found himself pounced upon as a very emotional vampire began kissing him again, passionately.

Minutes later when the kiss broke, he almost missed the softly spoken, "I love you too."


"We've got a problem luv." Spike said as he watched Xander eat a slightly cold cheeseburger.

"What problem?" Xander asked.




Spike had spent as much time as he dared sussing out any and all information to be had about Acathla, which left Xander alone most evenings. He'd been sleeping on the bed as a kitten when she'd busted through the door with one harsh kick. He tried to make it back to the dresser, but didn't get quite that far before she cut him off. He skidded to a halt and changed directions, running under the bed instead. As he tried to figure out what way to go something caught the collar, and it slid off his neck onto the dust bunny covered floor. 'Not NOW.' shot through his head as his body began the shift back to human form.

He laid out as flat as he could, working his hands down to reach the collar that was now poking him in the ribs. He'd just managed to get his hands on it when the whole bed flew off of him. Drusilla stepped back and began bouncing and clapping while he climbed to his feet, the collar in one hand. He quickly stuffed it in his pocket, knowing it might be his only chance of getting away.

"So, Kitten wants my Spikey. Wants to be petted and loved forever. Wants what's mine."

Xander was slowly easing away from Dru, struggling with his fight or flight instincts, knowing if he ran she'd be on him in less than a second. Of course he forgot the golden rule when dealing with Darling Dru: 'Crazy, not stupid.'

Before he'd got more than five feet from her, she was on him, pinning him against the wall, her teeth snapping at his neck and just missing the really vital bits. She held him like that for what seemed like a long time, sniffling at his throat, her grip like iron. Xander prayed someone would come along. Spike, Angelus, anyone. Spike could be scary, yeah, and holy fuck was soulless deadboy a crazy psycho-killer, but there were levels of crazy, and Xander would take garden variety psychopath over full on batshit any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Dru was humming against his neck, and to be quite honest if he wasn't so busy pissing himself and, yeah lets face it, dealing with the whole 'sudden love of dick' issue, he'd be getting excited by her attention. Unfortunately, the lack of horndoggedness didn't last. 'Hey teenage male here still.' He thought to himself as little Xander started twitching along with her humming.

'Come on, Spike. Come get you're girl. Please? Ohfuuuck tee-' He thought to himself, cutting off abruptly as teeth stopped riding over skin and sunk into it. The pain wrenched a scream from him. Not exactly manly scream of the year, but Dru's hands were sliding south while her teeth was dug into his neck. Now was so the time for girly screaming and much calling for help.

Or so he told himself, until the so very not reassuring laughter of Angelus registered past the mewling at his neck and the pounding of his remaining blood in his ears. His vision blacked out as teeth left his throat and darkness overtook him.


Xander woke up to aching arms stretched over his head by shackles and chains. Dru was setting nearby looking at him. She was smiling and humming to herself, weaving a little from side to side. After a few minutes she went to where he hung, and walked around him, slowly.

"Daddy wrapped you up so pretty. He used my favorite chains. A special treat for my special boy. You want to take him from us, don't you pretty one. You will. That's why I was so cross before. I'm going to lose my favorite toy, and I get ever so cross when I lose something. Don't you?"

Xander kept silent as she continued circling him. "My Spike and Daddy are arguing over who owns my kitten. Who do you want to own you little kitty? Do you want to belong to my Spike, or do you want to let daddy turn you into the cheese? Lead the little slayer right into his trap, then SNAP. Broken bones and broken necks and then my sweet, then, the cheese will stand alone. So alone, little one. You could see such pretty things alone. You could stand on the edge of the end of the world and watch as it burns down to lovely embers. Such decisions, my kitten."

Suddenly she went stark still, and a door opened up behind him. Spike was shoved into the room, his chair rebounding off the wall. Xander struggled against the chains trying to get to him.

Spike's eyes flew to his. He pressed his lips together and shook his head slightly, his eyes trying to send a very clear 'keep quiet' message to Xander.

When Angelus began to speak Xander realized he so needed to reevaluate his crazy meter, cause Deadboy was pinging it somewhere above and beyond Dru.

"So what are we going to do with you, Harris? What's appropriate for this situation? I could turn you into the most pathetic minion ever? Course that would make it far to quick on the old Buffster, wouldn't it. A quick end, and then the knowledge that you're dead? We could go with the bloody bits plan, but somehow that's just lost all it's shine for me. It's so... impersonal you know? It just lacks something. Course, it'd still be fun." He vamped out and darted towards Xander for a moment, then pulled away laughing.

"I could turn you into a childer, that has certain merits, but you know I just can't stand the idea of having you around forever, even if it would so righteously piss off my girl. Of course so would the knowledge that you left them all for a stint in Spike's bed. Just think of how disgusted they'd all be. Hell I'm right there along with them." He leered at Xander then stepped over to Dru who shuddered either in disgust or ecstasy. "Course my boy always did have such excellent taste. Maybe I should give you a try, eh? Sample the goods before I make a final decision? Maybe that ass is worth keeping around forever."

As Angelus moved towards Xander, he started shaking and struggling with the unforgiving chains trying to pull away. Before Angelus could reach him, Spike chimed in. "No, you won't be touching him, Sire" he said, calmly, almost spitting out the word sire while forcing himself to not look at Xander.

"What did you say to me, boy?"

"I said no, Sire. You gave me the boy freely and under no duress, your poncy soul has no bearing on it. He's mine. Mine to court, mine to woo, and mine make consort. You have no right to interfere and once the ritual is done, you'll have no right to bed him, no right to kill him, no right to turn him, and damned sure no right to use him in your various schemes to mess with that idiotic slayer chit."

"You're going to abandon you're claim on our Dru, for a human... for Harris?"

"You already have prior claim to Dru, but this one is mine free and clear by Aurelian tradition. And sire he's ever such a lovely pressie." Spike added with a smirk.

"Fine, William, you want him, claim him. Do you really think he'll do it willingly? Go for it then, my boy. Here and now, or I'll challenge you're claim, and take him for my own." The false face of a doting patriarch dropped into a leer of pure taunting lust. "Oops, maybe you need my help anyway. I mean you're stint as rollerboy means you're not exactly up for the ritual, now doesn't it? Shall I help you out, Will?"

The explosion Angelus was expecting didn't happen. Instead Spike smiled beatifically up at his grandsire, and then stood up and walked over to where Xander had been struggling with the chains. He quickly snatched them off Xander's wrists. With one quick glance to make sure his audience was watching he kissed Xander soundly, before whispering in his ear, "Sorry, luv, but you need to trust me, it's the only way to keep you safe." Angelus roared with rage behind them at the sight of the kiss.

It was only a second or two before Xander pulled his head down and began nibbling on Spike's ear, then whispered back, "If it gets Deadboy that mad, I'm game."

Spike grinned at him for a moment before slipping back into worry and turning to face Angelus. "I will claim my consort, sire, but I need a few moments of privacy with my betrothed to prepare him for the ritual, and coach him on his lines."

Angelus was too stunned by the current turn of events to argue and simply nodded and walked out of the room, taking Dru with him. Only when Spike could no longer hear his footsteps did he turn back to Xander.

"I'm sorry, luv, so sorry. We have no choice now, well, we do, but it's a bloody poor one." Spike said, running one hand on his arm and petting his hair with his other hand.

"What's going on, and what do we need to do, and what choice?" Xander asked, head unconsciously leaning into the hand petting him, almost as if he were still a cat.

"The choice is me or Angelus. He's challenged my claim on you, which means we do the ritual or he claims you and probably makes you his vampire bitch before sending you out to torment Slutty."

"So not seeing an actual choice there." Xander muttered as he buried his face against Spike's neck. "You. I choose you, Deadboy is soo not an option. So what am I choosing you for, and what do we do?"

"Remember during that parent teachers night thing when he offered me your neck? Doesn't matter that he intended to double cross me, he made the offer and I'm accepting it. If I claim you, he can't touch you. The thing is claiming a consort is, well its permanent. There are side effects, that are more pronounced since you're a human, and the ritual won't be entirely pleasant for you."

"Side effects?" Xander squeaked out.

"Yeah, pet. You won't age, you won't die, unless I do. When I die you die, when you die I die. It doesn't make you invulnerable, but short of dismemberment odds are you can slowly recover, faster if you drink my blood." Xander opened his mouth to protest, but Spike was faster and simply cut him off. "You won't BE a vampire, pet. Your soul is safe, and you can still walk in the sun. You just might get perks. Increased speed and stamina, the whole hard to kill thing, and maybe you're senses will peak up a bit."

"How unpleasant is the ritual?"

"It calls for congression in blood, sharing of blood between you and me, and a tiny bit of magical vows at the end."

"Congress in blood?" Xander asked, confused.

"It means I have to fuck you, pet. In front of anyone who wants to watch, and the only lubricant I can use is our blood mixed. I don't have to be rough, and I swear, luv, I'll be as careful as I can, but this is your only real chance. It has to be your choice though, Xan. Since your human, if you're unwilling the bond won't form. So if you can't... if you don't want to be tied to me, to a monster, tell me now and I'll do whatever I can to get you out, to get you safe. I promise. Will you still trust me?"

"Apparently, I'm going to be spending a long time doing that." Xander said, before pulling Spike's mouth to his own and kissing him deeply.


Angelus watched the ritual with equal parts arousal, disgust, and pure fury. Arousal at the shear blood lust before him. Disgust at the tenderness despite the blood. And fury bordering on animalistic rage that William would dare take a human consort against his wishes, more to the point, specifically to cross him. And that it should be Harris was insufferable. He watched certain the ritual would fail. If there was one thing he could count on the boy blunder for, it was his hatred of all things vampire.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

The ritual completed successfully. The now mated pair lay panting, Spike still inside Xander, arms and lips still entwined. Spike never saw his enraged Sire rear up with the sliver of wood meant for his heart.

Xander however did. With a strength born of sheer terror, he managed to reverse positions with his lover, putting Spike on the bottom, and taking the stake meant for him in between his ribs and puncturing a lung. Fury raged across Spike's face as he pulled away from Xander, and looked at his stunned grandsire over Xander's now slumping shoulder. Xander kissed him again and mouthed the words, 'Love you' before passing out.

As gently as he could, Spike slipped out from under Xander. His mind flew in the two directions that screamed out from the furious whirlwind that threatened to consume him. Protect mate... Kill who hurt mate... He could do neither it seemed. Angelus had shaken off his shock, and to Spike's utter fury, had walked away. As he did, he threw down a final taunt, designed to push Spike to attack him, and leave Xander to die.

"Guess he was good for something after all." Angelus said as he slipped out of the room with a smirk.

Spike refused to let himself be goaded and took stock of his boy's health. He pulled the stake out of the boy, gritting at the scraping noise it made, and bit open his wrist, letting some of his blood fall into the wound at first, and then into his consort's open mouth. After a few moments he threw on jeans with preternatural speed. He slipped the stake covered in his consort's blood in one pocket of his duster, and fished the collar out of Xander's pocket and stuffed it in the other. He wrapped Xander up inside the coat and made their escape from the mansion.

He ran as fast as he could to the hospital, and then after calling for help, he quickly examined the choker's clasp to ensure he could work it off if necessary, and slipped it around his neck.

The resulting tiny pale kitten tucked himself into the duster's large pocket and waited for the help he could hear coming. His tiny tongue rasped over the stake that had pierced his consort, taking comfort in the taste of Xander's blood, and in the promise that he would bury that very stake in Angelus' black heart.

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