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Deadwood Dick 5 Lincoln County (3/5)

Deadwood Dick 5
Lincoln County (3/5)
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult - overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. I
just saddle them up and take them for a ride.

As always feedback is much appreciated.
Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander and ex-saloon boy. Together they travel west.

"Joyce said she took the horses to the local stable.
Why don't you go check on them, pay their keep and come find me.
I'll be kickin' ass at the nearest card table in the loudest saloon"

Giving no chance for discussion, Spike was already heading down Main Street.
Laughing at his enthusiasm, Xander walked off in the other direction.

At first the decision was difficult.
Main street seemed to be nothing but saloons, however
passing by The Cock and Bull, he knew he had found the right one.
Walking through the swinging doors, Spike felt immediately at ease.
The room was huge. The card tables were bustling. and the liquor
was flowing.

Spike spied an open seat at a poker table in the
corner and headed over, pausing only long enough to grab
a whisky at the bar.

"How about buying one of those for me?"
Spike looked up from his drink to see a scantily
dressed overly made up saloon girl.
"Sorry, love, got my mind on the cards tonight." He answered, sitting
down at the table and hoping she would move on to a new target.

"Come on cowboy. Names Keri. Can't spare me a whisky
and some time? I can make it well worth your while"
She proceeded to wink, lick her lips and wiggle unattractively.
Then to demonstrate just how worth his while she could be
she lifted her skirt and straddled his lap. Dropping down so quickly
it caused a whoosh of air to drift from under her dress up into
Spikes face.
Flinching, Spike turned his head to the side and wrinkled his nose.

"Hey you playing cards or fuckin' the whore? Cause there ain't no whore
fuckin' at the table. Gotta go upstairs for that."
Spike looked at the man to his left who was offering the solid
whore fucking advice and was just about to tell him what he
could do with both his advice and his whore when he heard
the sound of a gun being cocked behind his head.

"Don't move."

Spike could tell by the looks on the faces of the other players that who
ever was holding the gun meant business.
With both hand in the air, Spike slowly eased out of the
chair unceremoniously dumping Miss Keri on her ass.
Turning around cautiously Spike found himself facing

"Spike, you fuckin' English shithead you. How the hell you been?"
Both men threw their arms around the other laughing and patting
each other on the back.
"Knew when I saw the back of that blond hair and a cheap whore on your lap,
said to myself, that's gotta be my old pal Spike"

Arm in arm they headed for the bar and a bottle of whiskey.
Didn't take long for Xander to find them still there and
half way to drunk.
"Well, well, Spike.I leave you alone for a few minutes and you
find a new friend."
Xander hopped up on the stool next to Spike and threw back his glass
of whiskey in one swallow.

"Not a new one. An old friend. Xander this is Billy. Sometimes called Billy the Kidd"
"Kidd, huh?" Xander looked him up and down, unimpressed.
"Never heard of him. He supposed to be famous?"
Spike and Billy just laughed. "Me and Billy rode together down in Texas.
Pulled a few small jobs, nothing big, then he fell in
with some real uglies and I decided it was time to move on"

Billy laughed "Yea, that was right around the time we pulled that train robbery in Abiline.
Everything went bad. Between us and the train men 12 bodies got left behind."
"Only catch was," Spike continued "I had cut out for north the week
before, but someone said they saw me there and now I am
taking the blame for them 12 dead men"

Billy just shrugged "Damn how them things play out sometimes.
But no hard feelin's right?"

Spike and Xander both picked up on the implication that Billy was the one
who insinuated to the law that Spike was responsible for the carnage, but that was a long
time ago and water under several bridges, so to speak.

He slapped Spike on the back and turned his attention to Xander.
"So what did you say your name was?"
"Actually, I didn't say." Xander turned his attention to the barkeep for another whisky.

Just about then Spike felt the ample bosom of the persistent Miss Keri
pressed up against his back.
"Come on Spike honey you said we could go upstairs"
Xander's eyebrows shot up.
"Yea," Billy laughed and downed another drink "That's the Spike I remember."

Before Spike had the chance to explain and take control of a
rapidly sinking situation, he found himself assaulted by an octopus.
Miss Keri's hands were everywhere.
Up his shirt, down his pants, in his pockets,
round his back, and up his sleeve.

Leaving him to fend off the attack,
Billy took Xander and led him off to a quieter end of the bar.

"So you and Spike friends, relatives, partners in crime or what?"
The whole time Billy is asking him this it seems to Xander that they are
standing awfully close.
"I guess you could call us partners" Xander answered, frowing and taking a step back.
"That so?" Billy asked, taking another step closer.
"I could sure use a guy like you"
He said looking Xander up and down and wiping his mouth on the
back of his hand.
Before Xander could ask just exactly what Billy meant,
Spike had managed to extricate himself
from Miss Keri and was heading for the conversation that
appeared to be heating up in the corner.

"Billy. Come on." Spike said leaning on the bar between them
We are only here for a few days, let's hit the poker tables"
Billy allowed Spike to lead him by the arm, but tossed Xander one last
leering look, and a whispered "Later"

Relaxing back on his bar stool, Xander shook his head and laughed.
If he were still working he knew he could get a good $5 off Billy the Kidd.
He wondered if that was something Spike knew about his old compadre.

"You riding with the blond?" Xander looked up.
"Yea." He answered.
"Well I just wanted you to know you will have to sleep elsewhere tonight
cause I'm gonna be a fuckin' him later"
Miss Keri announced confidently, digging her dirty fingernails
into hair that had been teased way to high and gone way to
long without washing.

"That right?" Xander asked "Well here's some free advice, Miss Keri,
as one saloon whore to another, you're barking up the wrong tree"
With that he laughed and walked away.
"What tree he talking 'bout?" She asked, blowing her nose on the hem of
her skirt and flounced off in search of another free whisky.

The rest of the evening was pure pleasure.
Couple of drunken bar fights, (one with a knife, one with a broken bottle)
Saloon girls dancing to a badly tuned piano, and around 1a.m. someone
rode a mule into the bar and it shit on the floor.

All in all a pretty typical night.

The time passed as enjoyable as any they could remember.
Spike continued to play cards and fend off the persistent Miss Keri.
Xander met some travelers from Pennsylvania and talked about people,
places, and memories from home.
He also ducked and dodged groping hands each time
Billy passed the bar for another beer.
Sensing the sun on the horizon, Spike gathered his winnings and made
his way to collect his partner.

Leaning in close to Xander's ear he whispered
"Let's go to bed, Love" It was amazing the instant reaction that
warm breath and those hot words had on him.
Xander could feel his cock twitch in his pants.
Without another word he nodded to his bar companions
and slid off the stool. Now fueled by too much alcohol
and wired from the excitement of the night they were
both horny and bee lining for the boarding house.

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