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Looking for something...

Yeah. I found this one story on Spanderfiles this one time that was pretty cool, right? And I enjoyed it, reread it a couple of times... But it's not there anymore and I can't find it and I want to read it again. I don't remember the name of the story or the author. I don't remember all of how it ends...
Okay. Xander is walking home. I don't know if he was just fired from his job or quit his job or what, but there you have it. And he comes across this poster advertising for a position at a strip club that pays really really well. Well, since our Zeppo worked like that in Oxnard, he figures, "What the hell, why not?"
It says to come to the audition in costume. Well, the sexiest person Xander admits to seeing ever is Spike, so he takes Spike's signature pieces (jacket, boots, jeans, red shirt) except for the hair, learns to adopt Spike's attitude, etc, and goes to the audition. He, being not only the most original one there, but the most... Confident-sexy as well as sexy-sexy, gets the job.

Spike hears about this guy who is using his name and his look and gets mildly pissy. He goes to the strup club, where he has people telling him that he's a dreadful copycat of Spike. Xander dances, ladeda, and they do end up together and eventually have the Scoobies finding out. I think.
The fact that I don't remember the ending is why I need to read it again. *nodnod* Can anyone help me, or has the story poofed off the net and disappeared?

--Willow: "I'll poof you!"

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