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Deadwood Dick 5 Linciln County (4/5)

Deadwood Dick 5
Lincoln County (4/5)
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult - overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. I
just saddle them up and take them for a ride.

As always feedback is much appreciated.
Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander and ex-saloon boy. Together they travel west.

Stumbling in the front door, Spike grabbed Xander's hand to
head upstairs when they heard Joyce arguing with someone in
the sitting room.
Xander planted his feet and jerked them both to a stop.

"Listen, Spike" Xander said pausing to place his ear to the door.
"None of our business, Love" Spike answered, still trying to tug him away.
"Stop! I think she's upset."
Spike sighed. Even if his hopes were fading fast his hard on was not.

"One week. No excuses. No money - you're out." The male voice said.
"Please Mr. Rayne, I'm doing my best."
"Yea, well, you know what would buy you some time."
The sneer in his voice was clear as he laughed.
"Get out!" Joyce ordered.

The next moment the sitting room door flew open almost
knocking Xander on his ass. Quickly trying to cover his interest,
Xander snatched up a pillow off the sofa and began examining it
as though it were made of gold. Spike rolled his eyes.

The man exiting was short, stocky, and sleazy.
He paused for a second or two, looked them up and down
and dismissed them as unimportant.
He then continued on out the door.
Glancing back and forth between Xander and Joyce's
dejected face, Spike knew the only way he was going to get
his fuck any time soon was to deal with this problem.

"Joyce, pet, we got a little dosh. How about we help you out some?"
"No way boys. I can't take your money. Any way it would only delay the
inevitable. I can't make enough money from renting these rooms to pay
the mortgage, and I have no other income.
Mr. Rayne has generously offered me a free week or two
if I would suck him, but I haven't sunk that low yet.
You two go on to bed and don't worry about me."

Spike and Xander were surprised by her casual admission of
Mr. Rayne's business opportunity, but knowing the times they
lived in and some of the things they themselves had seen and done, they
just marked it up as 'the way it is.'

With that she wiped her hands on the front of her apron and walked off
into the kitchen.
Shrugging, Spike grabbed Xander's hand and headed upstairs.
The fuck that followed was quick, cursory, and not wholly satisfying.
"I'm sorry Spike. Guess my mind was just somewhere else."

Spike was so upset by the almost mechanical fuck and the
fact that he only got to come once that it took him almost
3 min. to fall asleep.

"Ass." Xander thought watching him snooze.
There must be something we can do'
Xander lay awake as his thoughts swirled and formed.
Late afternoon arrived with Spike floating in one of those dreams that make
sleep truly worth while. His cock was hard and needy.

'Ooh was that a tongue? Why, yes it was.'
Next thing he knew he was being sucked into a warm, wet, skilled mouth.
"Mmmm" he groaned.
Slowly rising from sleep Spike realized gratefully that it wasn't
a dream at all.
He looked down and saw Xander smile up, wink and
continue giving him a very memorable blow job.
Couldn't nobody suck a cock like his Xan.

Now that he had Spike awake, Xander slid his mouth down till
the head of Spike's cock bumped the back of Xander's throat.
Holding it there, he began to swallow and at the same time massaging
the shaft with his tongue. It was all too much.
Spike screamed and pumped come straight down Xander's throat.
Xander barely lost a drop.
He then cleaned Spike up and released him with a POP.

"Well, well, love. To what do I owe that?"
"I've got it Spike!" Xander announced bright eyed and excited.
"The way to save the house" Xander answered slowly, emphasising each word
looking at Spike like he was a small very slow child.

"Oh?" Spike reluctantly answered, wondering how much this was going to cost him.
"It's not going to cost you anything." Xander replied.
Spike was still trying to figure out if he had said that out
loud or if Xander just
knew him that well when he heard

"....blowjobs." Xander finished proudly.

"Nay, Joyce blowing Ethan Rayne only postpones the problem."
Disgusted at the mental picture, Xander continued.
"Not Joyce, you idiot. Were you even listening to me?"
Xander sat up on the bed and continued to spell out his plan.

"Joyce owns and runs the house.
We help her find some whores to work it.
None of that crusty shit they got in some of those saloons.
We get some real eager beavers.
I train them. She takes half and in no time - problem solved."
Xander beamed brightly with pride at his solution, a drop of come
still dripping off his chin.
"Let's go talk to her right now." Xander jumped out of bed and
headed for the door.

"Oh, Xan." Spike called after him calmly.
"She might be a tad more receptive
if you put some britches on and wiped you face."
Xander looked down and realized that yes, he was buck naked.
He grabbed his pants, swiped at his chin with his finger which
he then licked off and ran out the room.

10 minutes later and the boys were sitting in Joyce's kitchen with a cup
of coffe, a big breakfast, and an excited Xander who was explaining their idea.
Surprisingly she was very encouraged and agreeable, but hesitant only
because she had no idea where to begin to implement such a set up.

"Leave all the whore hiring to me" Xander offered.
"You let Spike give you some advice on setting up the rooms,
cause he has been in a few, and on the business end of things,
and we will be as open as a whore's legs in no time."

Joyce barely had time to grab paper and pencil as she found herself
running to catch up to Spike as he began pointing and commenting.
"Too much light. Need darker drapes. Full water bowls with soap
and towels in each room. Liquor in the sitting room.
Hang some naked girly pictures on the walls. Open up the......"

His voice faded as he walked upstairs, Joyce hot on his heels.
Xander just smiled and shook his head.
That night at the Cock and Bull Xander pealed Miss Keri
off Spike long enough to tell her to put out the word.
He needed 4 quality whores for a top dollar house
that was being opened.
He then took a beer to a small table in the corner
to wait and see if he would get any response.

The next 5 hours were spent interviewing a constant stream of hopefuls
He checked tits for perky, butts for plump, and pussies for bugs and odors.
The last qualification proved to be the biggest eliminator.

Xander was exhausted.
Spike sat down beside him and laughed "Looked like fun, love."
"Wrong, Spike. It was work and the only part of me that is
hard and aching is my head."

Spike patted his knee sympathetically
"So hired all the ones you need then?"
"Nope. I only got three. Miss Keri, who left teeth
marks on the pickle I tested them with, but can be trained,
Miss Wendy from the saloon down the street, and Miss Amber.
She's a miner's widow. Inexperienced, but real eager to learn.

There is just something missing.
That fourth girl just has to be something special, and I just
haven't found it yet."
"You will, love. Come on. Let's call it a night" Spike held out his hand.
Just as Xander was giving up for the evening and standing to go,
a small blond sat down at the table across from him.

"You want something?" Xander asked hesitantly.
"Yes, please. I want to work in your house.
I only have a little experience but I'm very willing, and I love to suck cock"
Spike and Xander's eyebrows went straight up they immediately
sat back down and knew they had found exactly what
Xander had been talking about.

"So what's your name,pet?" Spike asked
"Andrew." The blond answered dropping his head with a smile and a blush.
Spike and Xander looked at each other and at the same time shouted


The next few days flew by in a blur.
The girls and Andrew set up residence in their rooms during
the morning and worked through grueling hours of whore
training in the afternoon.
Xander schooled them on the really important things like
'Always collect the money first.'

Tips could be accepted after, but no customer was to feel pressured.
No stealing.
Always wash.
It is poor business to fuck a customer with the last man's come running down your legs.
And of course safety.
For now Xander and Spike would work as the bouncers,
but promised to hire someone suitable for Joyce before
they moved on.

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