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My muse was in a good mood and pumped out this little PWP inspired by reading ladycat777 and margarks latest additions to ladycatfic

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Bloodplay

Pairing: Spike/Xander

"You like to think you could take me, Spike. That you could make me submit to the Big Bad, but we both know the truth." Xander said with a sneer.

"What truth is that, huh? The one where you're a moron? A donut boy? A bloody Zeppo?" Xander paled for just a moment, a little shocked that Spike knew the Zeppo one. "You talk in your sleep." Spike explained with a sneer.

"Well that makes sense, I guess." Xander said. "But we both know. We know that that is just an act I put on for them."

"And why is that, eh, whelp? Afraid to be the real you?" Spike taunted.

Xander just smiled. "They don't need the real me, Spike. Not like you do. They need someone to believe in them. So I set back and believe. They need someone to love them. So I set back and love. They need someone to protect. So I... Well you get the picture. But you need the real me. You always have, and had to settle for piss poor substitutes or do without."

Spike was the one thrown now. "What the bloody hell do you mean 'I need you'."

When all else failed lash out. It was Spike's M.O. and Xander just ignored it. "Angelus and Dru couldn't give you what you needed, Spike. It wasn't cause you weren't enough. It was because they weren't enough. But that's all over now. Angelus is locked away, and Dru is otherwise occupied these days."

"Fuck you, Harris."

"No Spike. Fuck you." Xander said without malice, just before he grabbed Spike and reeled him in. With a quick twist Spike found himself being held with Xander pressed against his back. A hand ran up through his slicked hair and gripped. Before he could muster the brain power to question, or protest, or agree, that hand jerked his head to one side, baring his neck. Just as quickly Xander leaned in and bit him hard. Spike screamed and came, before slumping in this strangely familiar embrace.

Xander drank the blood as it flowed into his mouth. It tingled, but otherwise didn't faze him. He was caught in the moment, reveling in the power as he claimed his mate. Pulling free, he nipped one pale earlobe, then held up a wrist to Spike's face. "Drink"

It spoke volumes to Spike's mental state that thoughts of the chip firing never entered his head as he followed the command. The blood washed over his tongue and Spike couldn't remember when he'd last tasted anything so sweet. After several long drafts he licked across the bite to close it.

Once again he found himself moved at Xander's whim and was quickly spun around and pinned against the nearest wall seconds before blood stained lips met his in a searing kiss. One hand remained wrapped in his hair, holding his head at just the right angle, while the other hand roamed his body petting and pinching and stroking in all the right places. By the time Xander pulled away from the kiss Spike was panting and moaning. Xander let go of Spike long enough to pull off his shirt and unbutton his damp jeans. When Spike opened his mouth, finally recovered long enough to speak, Xander pulled him into another kiss, his hands both roaming now set on driving the vampire to distraction.

One hand latched onto a nipple and teased it. Pulling, stroking, pinching. Never a set pattern. The other slid down and freed Spike's cock.

It dripped with precum, and Xander ran his hand over the head, wetting it before sliding back to the shaft and gripping firmly. Spike moaned into his mouth as he did, and Xander set a nice slow pace to everything. He stroked Spike's cock to the same tempo he rubbed his nipple, which matched up with the stroke of his tongue in and out of Spike's mouth. Very slowly he increased the tempo, driving Spike mad as he was slowly teased into a frenzy. Just when Spike thought he couldn't take it any longer, Xander broke the kiss and moved up to lick his earlobe.

"Cum." Xander whispered in his ear. Spike did as ordered, exploding with a scream. Xander stroked him slowly until Spike's orgasm passed, and then put his cum covered hand at Spike's mouth. Without being told, Spike began licking the long callused fingers clean. When he finished Xander tucked him back into his pants and led him over to the bed without saying a word.

Once they were settled, Spike laying with his back pressed against Xander's front while Xander held him, Xander spoke into Spike's ear softly. "I told you, you needed me."
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