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Deadwood Dick 5 Lincoln County (5/5)

Deadwood Dick 5
Lincoln County (5/5)
Author: BmblBee
Rating : Adult - overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story. I
just saddle them up and take them for a ride.

As always feedback is much appreciated.
Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander and ex-saloon boy. Together they travel west.

Opening night had finally arrived.
Joyce rushed around preparing the sitting room.
Setting up liquor bottles and helping the girls with
their hair and make-up.
Andrew seemed to be the most calm..

He was dressed in his tight black church pants and a clean white shirt.
He had made himself at home the first night and taken to the
training like a fish in water. While everyone else rushed around he
sat quietly on the sofa and waited.

8 p.m. Xander stood inside the front door facing the group

"O.k. people this is it. We may not get a lot the first few nights,
but as word spreads we should pick up so don't get discouraged.
Just remember to smile.
You can do whatever the customer wants as long as
you are safe and most important -
only let him pop once unless he pays again."

Everybody in the room nodded eagerly and Xander opened the door.

The flood of cowboys, miners, farmers and business men was staggering.
They all pushed their way into the sitting room and began fighting for position.
The girls, who were slightly overwhelmed, stepped back and hesitated.
Xander was attempting and failing to organize some control over the situation when calmly Andrew stepped forward and smiled sweetly.

"Who's first?" He asked cheerfully
Ten bodies shoved their way toward him, grabbing at him and
pulling at his clothes.
Spike knew if he didn't stop this soon things could get dangerous.

"Right then." He shouted. "All you gentlemen step forward and give
Miss Joyce your name. She will give you a drink and you'll be
working your dicks in no time. Anybody that doesn't act the gentleman
in here don't never get to unbutton his britches." Well those must have been the magic word. The crowd settled immediately.

Spike stood between Andrew and the clutching crowd with his arms
crossed over his chest.
The combination of his demeanor and the fact that he was
wearing his side arm left little question as to who was in charge.

After that the evening settled in nicely. The customers were literally coming and going in a constant stream.
The girls were keeping up as well as could be expected, and
Andrew alone was doing almost as much business as the other three.

Xander had already determined 1 a.m. to be the cut off.
No sense in wearing out the whores.
After all a sore pussy does not a happy worker make.
Just as the last man was buttoning his britches and smiling his best toothless grin,
Xander closed the door.

Before he could turn the key in the lock, however the door
was pushed back open.
"Billy? What do you want? We're closed Come back tomorrow."
Xander was tired and just wanted the very drunk outlaw to
quietly go away.
No such luck.
"This here's a whore house ain't it? Well I want to fuck a whore!"

"The girls are tired Billy. We are closed." Xander repeated as calmly as
He knew Spike was busy in another part of the house and he didn't want
to get into a pissing match with an angry, drunk, Billy the Kidd.

"Don't want no stinkin' wet pussy hole!
I got a stiff cock and you're the whore I plan on stickin' it in."
With that he reached out and grabbed Xander roughly by the crotch.

"Whoa, easy Billy." Xander tried desperately to remove Billy's hand without causing himself any permanent damage, but his grip was solid.
He noticed that Billy was still wearing his six guns and realized
the situation was rapidly getting out of hand.
Xander was starting to panic.

"May I be of service?" The soft voice asked from the doorway.
"I think I could take on just one more customer.
Especially someone as big, strong, and handsome as this."
Andrew winked one baby blue, and stepped forward.
Billy's eyes glazed over and he shoved Xander out of the way.
Standing at the side and ever the businesswoman, Joyce told him firmly "Dollar a pop. Payment in advance."

Billy never hesitated and his eyes remained fixed on Andrew.
He dropped the coin in her hand and followed Andrew upstairs.
20 minutes later as Billy came downstairs to leave, he paused by the door.
"Andrew says if I want to see him again I gotta say sorry for bein'
such a fuckin' drunk asshole." He turned and smiled back at Andrew
who smiled and nodded once. Billy then walked back to him,
kissed Andrew on the cheek and walked out.
Xander locked the door behind him.

"Well I do believe I have a regular" Andrew drawled, turned
and went to bed.
Laughing, Spike tossed Xander a silver dollar
"What will that get me Xan?"
"One hell of a fuck, Spike. Let's go" And the boys raced
each other up to bed.

After that night business was a huge success. Ethan Rayne stopped by often
but was discouraged to find he was not entitled to free services. According to their cyphering it would take Joyce less than a year to pay off the mortgage.

On about the fifth night a customer came in and Spike knew he had found
their bouncer. He had entered quietly and requested time with
Miss Wendy.
An ex gold prospector, 6'5" and a good 250 lb. of muscle
Spike was little concerned because of his size,
but when they were done he overheard her telling the other girls
how his size was also present in the length of his fingers,
feet, hands, cock, and tongue.
Miss Wendy was thrilled.

Everyone giggled and Spike offered him the job.
Best of all he treated the girls respectfully and needed the work
Said his name was Adam and Joyce was more than satisfied.
She offered him the small maids room off the out kitchen so he
collected his belongings the next morning and moved in.

"Everything seems to be running smoothly, don't you think, Spike?"
Xander asked one night while they laid together in bed.
"Smooth as silk, pet." Spike answered. "Hard to believe it
has all fallen into place so quickly"

"Really wasn't that quick" Xander said rolling over onto his side to look at Spike.
"We've been here for almost a month"
"Actually, 29 days, 5 hours and 16 min." Spike had consulted his pocket
watch then snapped it closed.
"Longest time we have been anywhere"
"So what are you saying, Spike? You want to leave?"
"Well if you think about it, the house is squirtin' money like come from a dick.
Miss Joyce and Adam are workin' together both in and out of the bedroom.."

"What?!" Xander sat up. "Nobody ever tells me anything!"
Spike chuckled and continued.
"Anyway, the girls are happy, and Andrew seems to be
blooming under the watchful eye of his lover."
Xander laid back down and put his hands behind his head thoughtfully.
"Who would have ever thought that would work.
Kinda an odd combination. Gun fighter and saloon whore."
Laughing Spike pounced on him and started tickling.
"I'll show you how well it works"

The next morning they made plans to leave.


The next story is the last of the series. It is not a comedy like the others and is entitled
"End Of The Trail" Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me for so long.
I never intended this story to go on this far. The rest of you probably think. Finally!
I am a slightly obsessive person when it comes to finishing things which is why
I posted so often. Thanks again.

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