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Hello, everyone :) I'm Heather Lily and I'm new to this community. Browsed through about six Buffy slash communities before finding this one centered around Xander and Spike. Woo! Anyways, I've just been going through some back pages, but can't find any of the sort of stories I'm looking for :( Of course, I'll read other ones too. It's just I was looking for some where it's X and S's 'first-time' doing sexual things together. Even if it's their first time smooching or whatever. Oh! And one factor I like is where it's one of those days where they're both being really aggressive and violent with each other.

If anyone has made any sense of that and has any recommendations, I'd be so grateful. If none have ever been wrote like that then it doesn't matter and sorry to bother you all.

Love HL
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