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Flip The Script (2/?)

Title: Flip The Script (2/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.

Feed back muchly appreciated.

Xander was strapped, wrapped, and on his way to the hospital within minutes.
The rest of the crew were stunned. All eyes, angry and suspicious, turned
to Lindsey. There were few secrets on this crew and everyone had seen
the introduction play out this morning between Will and Xander.

They had also watched Xander and Will look for each other every day
as Will passed by. Most had been present during the time Lindsey had
shamelessly persued Xander. They knew about the fling and had
hoped things would fade out quietly when it ended. But they hadn't, and now this.

Lindsey stomped and fumed around the site.
'Goddamn people always tryin' to set me up for trouble'
He thought, trying his best to set aside the idea that maybe this time he
had gone to far. Nervously rubbing the back of his neck,
unconsiously feeling for the rope he had just used to hang himself with, he took the stand he always took in times of fuck-up.
Anger and accusation.
Defiantly facing the crew that had stopped all work, he put his hands on his hips and asked,
"What the fuck are you looking at? Now I suppose the goddamn
union is gonna want a safety inspection and report.
Well fuck!"

You all might as well call it a day and go home" Lindsey waved them off dismissively
"Don't think this is over, Lindsey We all know what you did." Larry glared at him.
You want to keep your job I suggest you remember who the boss is around here"
"Oh I remember, Lindsey" Larry replied calmly " I remember everything"

Larry turned, dropped his toolbelt and walked off the site. He was followed closely by all the other workers who were fed up with Lindsley and his bullshit.
Every one on site knew the only reason he was the boss was because his uncle owned the contract company that had bid the job. The investigation promised to be both interesting and informative.

"Son of a bitch!"
Wasn't this a hospital? Where were all the good drugs they
were supposed to have to make the pain go away? Yea, he knew the doctor
wanted x-rays first, but FUCK! This hurts like hell!

"Well Mr. Harris. Looks like you cracked your collar bone. Painful,
but no permanent damage" The doctor, all 300 lbs. of him, stood there
with the x-ray in his hand, a big smile on his face, and a very poor hair
transplant on his head. Why the hell he was in such a fucking good
mood Xander could not fathom.

"You're on drugs?" the smile faultered, and changed into something resembling confusion.
"No" Xander gritted his teeth and tried to sound calm.
"You are supposed to give me drugs. Aren't you? Either that or just shoot
me now, but somehow put me out of my misery."
Now the smile was back full force accompanied by a snorting attempt at a giggle.
"Oh of course. We will give you a shot and a perscription, but I hope you
have someone who can drive you home".

Just as he was beginning to think the worst was over, in came a gorilla
of an orderly to bind, wrap and immobolize his arm.
Apparently pain was still on the menu.
At last he was bent over and stuck in the ass.
Considering he generally topped and the fact that the mood was really not right,
Xander was gratefull the stick was a shot of demerol.

Damn, as much as he didn't want to do it he knew who he had to call.
First because she would be hurt if he didn't and secondly because he thought all the guys were still working at the site. There was no one else.
Fishing through his belongings on the floor, Xander located his cell and
speed dialed the number.

"Hey, Willow its me. Hey can you do your big brother a favor?"
"Sure Sweety, Whats up?"
"Well there was a little accident...
"Oh My God Xander. Are you O.K.?"
"Yea, not to bad. I'm at Sunnydale General. Can you come and get me?"
"10 minutes tops. Love you Xan."
"Love you too Willow, and thanks"

By now the shot was starting to kick in and Xander could feel himself floating on a cloud of pain free happiness.
"Oh Yea! Now that's the stuff"

True to her word 9 1/2 minutes later Willow burst through the doors of
the emergency ward. After much signing, receiving instructions, and
fussing, they were finally on their way. He knew if anyone could get him out of there quickly it was Willow. She was total organization and efficiency bundled up in a compact package, and nobody could toss an order like his Wil.
He knew this because from the time they were both little it was usually
him that was jumping to those orders.

Luckly it was a short drive to Xanders apartment as he was fading fast,
and at 5'3 and 100 lbs, Willow knew she couldn't support his bigger body all by herself.
"Come on Xan. Stick with me" Willow watched him out of the corner of her
eye as she pulled up into the parking lot at the front of his building.
"O.K. Willy" He giggled

Willow could see that time and Xander were both running out. She jumped
out grabbed him by the arm and began dragging him out of the passengers side.
"Whoa! Damn Willow. Hurt guy here." Luckly though, the little flash of pain had brought him around enough to get him on his feet and out of the car.
The walk into the apartment seemed like the long last mile of a condemned man, and each step got slower and harder to take.

He then made it as far as the bed and was finished. Willow pulled off his
boots and jeans. The hospital had made short work of his shirt and the
boxers were fine right where they were. Even though he would be out for hours,
Willow decided to wait till morning to run to the drug store for the perscription and then go home to pack a bag. She would stay with him as long as he needed.
After the car accident that had claimed their parents, they had gone from close to devoted to each other.

All that day Willow had lounged around Xander's apartment. He slept most of the afternoon, waking only to use the bathroom and return to bed. The pain shot had done it's job.
Finally as the evening wore on she made a bed on the couch and set a small alarm for morning.

Being a naturally early riser, she had gotten up and out before 7, and was hoping to be no more than an hour or two.
Now Willow was quickly becoming frantic. She had left Xander
sleeping in bed an hour ago and was still on an errand that should have taken no more than 30 min. She would have sworn the whole day was a giant
conspiracy worthy of J.F.K.

It all started with her landlady, Mrs. Scott jumping out of the grassy knoll.
Er.. rather her apartment
"Willow, Sweety, I haven't seen you in the longest"
"Oh, Hi Mrs Scott. No, I've been kinda - you know" Willow fussed
with her skirt, her sleeve, her hair slowly all the while backing away.
She knew the real danger was looking the sweet older lady in the eye.
"I've been on the shopping channel again" Mrs. Scott bubbled
before flinging two chubby hands, directly under Willows nose.

Without thinking Willow looked up, and -BAM- there it was.
Those lonely eyes. Eyes that had seen so much life and now just
looked tired. Just looked to someone for a little time and conversation.
Willow sighed. ' O.K' She thought. Just a minute or two.
"Oh Mrs. Scott. They are beautiful" Willow gushed over the
rings snugly attached to each stubby little sausage like finger.
"Oh I know I shouldn't waste my money so, but Henry does
love them."

Henry, the poodle, loves her rings? Oh what the hell. Someday
I'll be old and need someone to fuss over me. Even if it is the dog.
Please, Lord, just don't make it a dozen cats

"Well you must keep Henry happy." Willow smiled and relaxed a bit.
"Now I really do have to go. My brother isn't feeling well and I'm
going to stay with him for a few days"
"Oh dear, I do hope everything is all right" Mrs. Scott stepped forward
and softly petted Willow's hair. "I always did like your brother.
We need to find him a nice girl."

"You're right, Mrs. Scott, that's exactly what we need to do. Gotta go. Bye"
Willow turned and ran on to her apartment, laughing at the thought.
Of all the things that would make Xander feel better right now, a girl
wasn't one of them.

Finally packed up and back into her car, the drug store was next on her list.
She knew when he woke the pain pills would be the first thing he would need..
All right. Not a lot of traffic. Good parking space. No line at the
pharmacy desk. Willow started to hand the prescription to the
technician when -

"Do You Mind!?" Willow looked around and down. There next
to her stood a very irate, very short -midget.
'Oh God' Willow thought 'Is midget the PC term to even be thinking?'
'Should it be "Little pissed off person"?
"Get out of my way! I was here first. Just push past me and
take advantage of the fact that you are a gigantic bully."

"Oh dear God No." Willow sputtered
"I'm so sorry" she tried not to tear up at her shame.
How could she have been so thoughtless and cruel?
"Please go ahead. Is there anything else I can do for you?" She fretted and fussed.
"No thanks. You have done enough." With that the midget had
to turn his angry face away so Willow wouldn't see him smile.
Yea, he knew she was first in line but so what. That little speech
always worked on these bleeding heart softies, besides he was
in a hurry and those choice handicap parking spaces were not
enough compensation for the boot life planted in his short rear.
After all he was the one who had to go through life busting his ass
every time he stepped off the curb.

Now here it was nearly an hour later and she is stuck in traffic.
Another strange accident on the Sunnydale interstate. Looked like
a truck full of laxatives, prune juice, and denture cleaner headed for the
drug store had overturned. Both lanes of the highway had to be closed down
when all those senior citizens flocked in. Who would have thought those electric chairs could move so fast.

Just two miles from the apartment.
'Please, God, I hope he is still asleep'
Finally Willow pulled into the car park. She grabbed her bags,
ran up the stairs and rushed into the room. When she peeked into
the bedroom she was pleased and relieved to find he hadn't moved.

Willow crept to the kitchen, made a cup to tea and relaxed
down to wait. Xander woke with surprisingly less pain than he
expected. Still, he was grateful for the pills and especially to
be able to sit down with his younger sister and enjoy a light breakfast
and a long talk. Something they had both missed lately. Willow told
him how well her business was doing now.
Designing web sites was something Xander knew nothing about,
but he could still feel himself getting caught up in her pride and excitement.

She was the smartest person he knew and one of the things he loved about her was that she was smart enough to include him without making him feel stupid.
"But enough about me. What's been going on in Xanderland?"
Willow asked as she got up and headed to the coffee pot to pour them
each a second cup.

"Well....." He started hesitantly as he stared at the back of her pretty
red hair.
"Oh God Xander! You met someone. Didn't you?" Willow spun
around and searched Xander's face for the facts.
Finally he couldn't hold back any long and he told her about the daily
ritual, and how much he looked forward to seeing Will each day.
"I don't know, there is just something about him" He said.
"In fact today I was going to ask him out. I'd have done it sooner,
he just seems so shy. I really think he might have said "yes."

"Don't worry Sweety, I'll bet he will still be there when you get back,
and I know he will say "yes". How could anyone resist this handsome
She pinched his cheeks for emphasis and kissed his forehead.
Xander looked at the clock and sighed. He knew that in just a few
minutes Will would be walking by the site.
What rotten luck that this should happen now.

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