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Deadwood Dick 6 The Trail Ends (2/5)

Deadwood Dick 6 (2/5)
The Trail Ends
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story.
I just saddle them up and take them for a ride

Summary: This is the last story for Deadwood Dick (Finally. Right?)
It is not necessary to have read the others to read this
one, but it helps.
Spike is a gunfighter & Xander an ex-saloon boy.
It all ends here.

Entering Tombstone the next night was not at all like when they had
arrived at other destinations. There was none of the feeling of fun and excitement.
Instead, they were both cautious, watching all sides and their backs as they entered Main street.
Ordinarily Spike would have sent Xander off to tend the horses while
he looked for the cards and booze.
This time, however, he went to the stable with him, feeling like,
for now at least, they needed to stay close.

Walking the horses into the huge red barn they were met by a mountain
of a black man who was leaning over a fire hammering horseshoes into shape.
"Evening mate," Spike stepped forward to greet him, leaving Xander
a few steps behind.
"Got a couple horses need minding for a few days."
"Yes, sir. No problem. My name is Gunn and I take very good
care for you."
Gunn smiled and Spike relaxed considerably.

He had a good feeling about the blacksmith, and Spike was usually
an excellent judge of character.
"Thanks, mate. Need brushed, fed and reshoed."
Gunn nodded.

Spike handed him the reigns as Xander slid down
off his own horse and also handed over his lead.
Out of the corner of his eye Spike had watched Xander
dismount and was concerned to see him still flinch in pain.
A cracked rib, no doubt.

"Me and my partner are looking for a decent place to stay.
Any suggestion?"
Gunn looked the two over and after some thought answered.
Got a flop house over on Gulch road called Willy's,
but you'ens look like you can pay better.

Double B saloon got rooms to rent. Fair price.
Or if you want fancy there's a big hotel down on the next block.
Imperial Palace. But I'm thinking if you two just want a clean room
with out a whole lot of notice Double B might be best.
Hope I ain't speaking outta turn, Sirs."
Gunn dipped his head and focused his eyes on the floor.
Spike smiled and held out his hand to shake.
"Thanks, mate. You've been a big help."

Gunn, lifting his face, returned the smile, shook Spike's hand and answered.
"You need anything, either of you, you know where I am."
Spike and Xander unpacked their horses and threw the saddle bags
over their shoulders.
Spike briefly thought about offering to carry Xander's
but was met with a look that definitely screamed "Back off." so he did.
Sometimes a man's prides gotta carry a bigger load than his back.

Together they went off in search of the double B.

It wasn't hard to find. Brightly lit and full of noise.
Not bad really, considering some of the shit holes they had
been in lately.
Girls looked clean and the music was in tune.
As they walked through the swinging doors they took it all in.
Off to the left running a good 20 feet or more was the bar.
Clean polished hard wood.
Crafted in a way that a carpenter like Xander could truly appreciate.
Backed by a modern big city mirror and what looked like hundreds of bottles of whiskey.
Right side of the room was card tables.

Tables all full with more men standing waiting for a seat.
Straight ahead filling the entire end of the saloon was a huge stage.
This was where the music was coming from.
The piano played as five frilly dressed girls whooped danced and
jumped in the air throwing their skirts up around their barley covered tits.

Just as they were about to go to the bar in search of information
regarding the rooms they heard a violent argument explode at the first table.
"You're a fuckin' cheat!! You goddamn cocksucking cheat!"
The player with his back to them had jumped up. Apparently his problem
was with the well dressed man still calmly counting the chips on the table in front of him.

Not getting the response he wanted, the accuser fumbled for his gun.
In the blink of an eye the well dressed player drew his six shooter
and put a bullet between the eyes of the man who was dead before
he had the chance to be surprised.

Quickly as the body hit the floor, it was dragged out of the way and one of the waiting crowd sat down in his place.

Spike felt Xander tense and heard his breathing get ragged.
"Don't stare, Xan. Just turn away, stay calm and mind your own."
Xander's horrified eyes snapped around and focused on Spike's
deep blue one's.

"Let's go find a room, yes?" Spike asked, maintaining what he hoped was a reasonable tone.
"Yea, sure, o.k. right." Xander followed him trying to calm himself down.

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