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Deadwood Dick 6 The Trail Ends (3/5)

Deadwood Dick 6 (3/5)
The Trail Ends
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story.
I just saddle them up and take them for a ride

Summary: This is the last story for Deadwood Dick
Spike is a gunfighter & Xander an ex-saloon boy.
It all ends here.

Dropping his saddle bag at his feet, Spike slid down onto a
stool at the bar.
"What you fellas want?" The bartender asked.
"Whisky. Double shots for both." Spike waved his hand back and forth
between Xander and himself.
Watching the bartender pour their liquor. Spike spoke up
"Had a little problem over there. That happen often?"
Not waiting for and answer Spike threw back the first drink and
set his glass down for another shot.

"Yea, happens to anybody stupid enough to play cards with Doc Holliday.
Or to any body stupid enough to insult him."
The bartender chuckled at the last part.
Spike gulped the second drink and tried to force his body to relax
as the warmth and burn of the whiskey filled his gut
He knew if he was shook his boy must be half way round the bend.

"Who do we see about a room?" Spike asked
Tilting his head to the side the bartender answered
"Gotta see Miss Bea over there. She's the owner."

Sitting at the end of the bar in deep conversation with a tall
man in a dark suit was a middle aged woman.
Dressed in a flouncy lacy dress that was somewhere between respectful
and dance hall slut, she was clearly in charge.
Her body was still trim and firm but the years and stress showed in her eyes
and the wrinkles marred her face.
A face that would have been attractive if she hadn't felt the need to paint
it up like one of the dancers 20 years her junior.

The conversation she was engaged in, while not an argument, was clearly
not one between friends.
As Spike and Xander approached, the dark man turned to leave.
That was when they noticed the badge pinned to his lapel.
Spike turned his face away as the lawman walked by, and looked up only after
he was out the door.

"Spike?" Xander questioned.
"Never mind, pet."
Spike answered in what he hoped was a reassuring voice, casually glancing
over his shoulder to make sure the man had left.

"What can I do for you boys? Need a room?" Miss Bea asked.
She had been watching and picked up on Spike's reaction to the sheriff.
"Yes Ma'am" Xander stepped in front of Spike and spoke for both of them.
Noticing Spike still watching the door, she answered his unspoken questions.

"That was Wyatt Earp. Sheriff here in Tombstone.
Not someone to be messed with.
Is it going to be a problem with you? Cause if I rent you a room I
don't want any bullet holes in the walls when you leave."
Understanding her meaning, Spike shook his head.
"No Ma'am. No problems. Just need a room for a day or so,
then we are moving on."
Xander looked back at him with a mixture of surprise and relief
on his face.
'Not soon enough' He thought.

Xander accepted the key and they headed upstairs being
careful not to touch or even brush hands. They both knew instinctively
that this was not a tolerant environment, and the consequences could be
more than just a little name calling.

Finally settling into their room Xander locked the door and they unpacked,
undressed and stretched out on the bed.
"So we going to move on?" Xander asked quietly.
"Was a mistake to come here." Spike answered, knowing he didn't need to
offer any more of an explanation than that.
"We get some rest. Couple days of good food, and care for the horses,
then we hit the trail.
After we put some miles between us and this town then we can stop and
decide what to do next."

Xander was clearly shook by Spike's words and the uncertainty behind them.
He had never known Spike to be afraid of anything.
Xander knew Spike had taken the blame for those men's deaths in
Abilene, but he never asked what that meant in terms of the law looking for him.

Suddenly Xander had a desperate need to feel Spike.
Feel him surround him.
He needed to have Spike fill him and fuck him so hard he would still
feel it when they rode away two days from now.
Unexpectedly flashing through his mind were Spike's words
Live together, ride together, die together.
The feeling of doom hit him so hard in the stomach, Xander whimpered.

"S'all right, love. Shhh. Everything is o.k."
Spike did his best to reassure both of them.
Rolling over on top of him, Spike began kissing Xander slowly.
Forehead, eyes, tip of nose, and finally mouth.

When his lips touched Xander's, Xander opened his mouth and
let Spike dive in.
Hot, wet tongues licked, and rolled together. Tasting, teasing,
and sweeping across teeth and finding every corner.
Finally pulling back to breath, Spike brushed the hair back
from Xander's forehead and asked
"Can I fuck you, Xan? Climb up in you. Bury my cock so deep
you'll be able to feel it in the back of your throat?"

Xander moaned, threw his head back and his left leg up around
Spike's waist.
He put his right foot flat on the bed for leverage and thrust
himself up till his cock ground roughly against Spike's.
Spike leaned forward and snatched the jar of ointment
off the bed stand. Luckily it was one of the first things they always unpacked.
Scooping a small amount in his fingers, Spike grasped Xander's
cock firmly in his fist and pumped it slowly, pinching and pulling the foreskin just the way he knew Xander liked.

Supporting himself on one hand above Xander he gave
his cock one more squeeze. Pre come oozed from the tight slit.
Spike swiped it off with his thumb and mixing it with the same
from his own cock, brought it to his mouth.
Never taking his eyes off his lover, he licked the stickiness off his thumb
then leaned down to share the taste with Xander.
"That's us Xan. See how good we taste together?"

Xander groaned and continued to suck every morsel off Spike's
fingers and tongue.
Spike slid his hand lower rolling Xander's balls back and forth with his fingers.
Pausing briefly to tug and pull on the sac.
"Jesus-fuck Spike. Please. Do it now!" Knowing Xander's heart was
ready sooner than his hole, Spike continued to move slowly.

Taking more ointment from the jar, he reached below the balls.
Lower than the soft skin behind.
Down to that tight puckered entrance.
Using two fingers, he circled that wonderful warm haven.
Desperate now, Xander reached down between his own legs,
he grasped Spike's wrist firmly and held it in place while he thrust
himself up impaling himself on Spike's fingers.

Continuing to hold Spike's hand tightly Xander rocked up and down
fucking himself frantically trying to reach that elusive satisfaction
and reveling in the burn.
"Help me, Spike. I need more. Please"

By now, Spike's neglected cock ached.
Xander's actions had Spike so anxious to ram his cock home it
took all the patience he could muster to grab some slick and rub it on himself.
No longer thinking of anything but both their need, Spike lifted Xander's
hip and lined up his cockhead. Xander held the cock against his hole
and looked Spike in the eye.

"Do it, baby. Now. Please" Spike slammed it home.
The welcome pain shot through Xander's body.
Spike paused. He had never been this rough with his lover before,
but this time they both needed it, so after waiting mere moments, he
began thrusting.

Spike pulled back till just the swollen head was still in. Reaching down
he rolled Xander till he was almost on his side, then he plunged his
cock in again. This time with the different angle he hit just the right spot.
"Yea, hell yea, that's it Spike. Right there."
Xander clutched the bed sheet and held on while Spike used his body
for both their pleasure.

Spike pounded Xander's prostrate again and again till Xander was a
babbling mess.
Just as he felt Xander tense and his balls tighten, Spike grabbed
Xander's cock and pumped it in time with their fucking.
When he felt the first twitch and spurt of come, Spike
leaned his head forward on Xander's chest to catch and taste the
hot sticky flavor.

With his senses of taste and smell overwhelming him,
Spike arched and shot his own come deep into Xander's body.
The warm salty come stung Xander inside telling him he probably
had a small tear or two, but he didn't care. All he wanted was Spike
and this feeling for ever.

Holding himself in deep for a few more minutes, Spike slowly pulled out
and laid down behind him. Curling up together, they finally slept,
still clinging desperately to each other.

"Xan. You awake?" Xander opened one eye and saw Spike already
dressed and standing by the bed checking his pocket watch.
"Come on love. It's late in the day. Need to get some food and check the horses.
I still want to be out of here tomorrow."

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