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Flip The Script (3/?)

Title: Flip The Script (3/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.

Just a short chapter
Feed back muchly appreciated.

The next morning William was up and dressed early .
He paced the room and looked at the clock.
It was exactly 5 minutes since the last time he checked.
Still to early to leave for work.
Although he did have the option of working almost any hours he
wanted, he had to time it just right.
Couldn't pass by to early or to late or he might miss seeing him.

He didn't know why he was so nervous.
What did he think was going to happen today?
Nothing. That's what.
Still he couldn't stop that little tickle feeling of
excitement that was fluttering about in his stomach.
It was a feeling he had not felt since....
Well, it had been years.

Maybe today he would speak.
He would wave and say "Good day Xander.
Lovely to see you"
William flinched and buried his face in his hands.
Oh God. Could he sound any more stupid.
Did Americans even say "Lovely"?
Did it sound gay?

No, it sounded pathetic.
Just like he was.
Just like his whole life was.
Dejected, William sat back down and peered around.
This was his life.
This room.
Cocking his head to the side thoughtfully, he wondered,
what would Xander think if he came here?

William looked at the small space he called home.
He saw his bed, a single.
His window, always covered.
His wardrobe, sparsely filled with second hand clothes,
and his books.

His books filled the room.
His books filled his life.
They were what he lost himself in.
They were what he lived through.
And they fed his fantasies. Fantasies that until
recently had been vague.
Just something general to masturbate to.

It wasn't that William didn't want to have real sex.
It was just probably not going to happen.
He had never been with a woman, because...well ewww.
And he had never been with a man because he had no idea
how to go about it.

He knew he couldn't afford to have a real relationship.
Not and risk someone finding out.
So, would he be happy with some nameless faceless fuck?
Yea, he could live with that.
He briefly considered paying for it, however that
scared the pants off of him.
And not in a good way.

Besides if he couldn't afford a new backpack how could
he afford a fuck?
Surely that would cost more.
So that was how it was.
William believed he was destined to be the world's oldest virgin.

But he did like to read about it. Oh my, how he liked that!
So through his books he had a pretty good idea of how it would work.
And now with Xander stepping into his fantasies they
had taken on a whole new dimension.
Just thinking of Xander and fantasies at the same
time started that tickle again.
Only now it was tickling a little lower.
William tried to imagine how it would be if Xander were here.

He had a few romance paperbacks he liked and read over and over.
Mostly because he could pretend they were about two men and not
some silly bint. So he wondered. And he imagined.
He was sure it would be like that with Xander.
Just like his stories.
Xander would sweep into William's room.
Gather him up into his arms and say,
"William, my love, I have searched everywhere for you."

William sighed and slowly ran his hand down his chest.
Down his stomach.
Lower still till he pressed the heal of his palm on the
hardness behind his zipper and allowed his daydreams to take flight.
"Please allow me to see you my love" Xander would whisper breathlessly.
At that time Xander would rip off his clothes.

No wait, he didn't have that many clothes.
Xander would lovingly slid off his shirt and pants.
William giggled as he removed, folded, and carefully
laid his clothes on the chair.
After all he didn't want to wrinkle.

"Please lie down with me my beautiful angel" Dream Xander would say.
William scooted down on the bed.
"May I touch your wonderful length?"
Xander would ask lying down beside him.
William reached into the drawer and found his small bottle of lube.

Considering his lifestyle it was one of the few luxuries he allowed himself.
Lately it had become more of a necessity.
He looked down and watched as the warm oil dripped onto the swollen
head of his dick.
He grabbed himself at the root and slowly ran his hand to the tip,
pinching it lightly.
He briefly wished his hand was larger. Stronger. More calloused.
William sighed closing his eyes.

Where was he? Oh yes.
"Please William, may I have relations with you?"
Williams eyes fluttered and his hand faultered.
No that was not right.
"Please William, May I have intercourse with you?"
No, no not yet.
"Spread your legs Will. I'm gonna fuck you till you scream, and watch you come till you pass out"

Cause yea, he had a couple of those books too.
And that was the ticket.
Will threw his head back a with a loud groan felt his balls ache, fill,
and erupt all over his hand.
Oh Yes, as leading men went, Xander was wonderfully wank worthy!
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