Ranga (ranga) wrote in bloodclaim,

The dreaded Fic Search, and a tangentally related aside

Hey, all. I've been trying to remember the name of this fic for half an hour, and I'm getting frustrated. It was a pretty popular, schmoopy fic- Xander is split in two by Toth's rod, and Spike finds his "weaker" side at the dump. They somehow end up al lovey-dovey, but then when Xander's two halves are put back together he wants nothing to do with Spike, and Spike is Very Sad. I can't remember what happens after that, which is why I wanted to find it- I remember a scene where they're showering in the YMCA before the re-integration of Xander's two halves, if that helps.

It is NOT any of the ones where the two halves stay apart and they all have threesome fun, or the one where the "weaker" half ends up with Angel and the "stronger" with Spike. Hope someone can remember where it is. In any case, thanks!

p.s. To you who write chapter fics, I could really use some advice: I have a detailed outline for a huge plotty monster of an AU s/x fic, but every time I try to begin, I dead-end after a page because I get too bogged down in the details. Is there anything that helps you get past that? Never really written more than one-shots before, so I'm quite lost. D:
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