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Suzerain's Companion # 11

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.


Alexander woke the following day, late afternoon to a pale hand gently stroking through his longish locks and crystal blue eyes staring lovingly at him, the contentment of the quiet moment just… perfect.

Finally Spike leaned forward, kissed him chastely on the lips before rolling away and making to get up. Assuming it was to bathe, Alexander knew that he should attend to his Suzerain as any good Companion must, so made to rise but his claimer stopped him.

“ ’Preciate your willingness Luv, but let’s just sit up ‘n sort what’s gonna happen today. ‘Cause, my pretty Claimant, now everyone can see, and we’ve renewed the vows truly and willingly on both parts… and I’m bettin’ that right now you can feel me yeah?”

Alexander had already shifted to a kneel beside his claimer and now bowed his head as he focused on the love he felt flowing from the vampire. “Oh Suzerain. It is wonderful!”

“Every vampire will smell it on you and feel some sort of a tingle, and you can bet your boots the bloody cartel spies will pick the mark from a mile, so I need you to listen, Pet. Gonna ask you to act for a while, can you do that? Not just today but maybe for months to come… you know like we do with my Childe Angelus and his bird Lisbeth. We’ll out you, but you’ve gotta remember… *anything* that happens publicly from then on is *only* an act. Story’s gonna be I was drunk and claimed you in the throws of passion as you’re such a bloody good shag.” Alexander blushed a little, if the previous night’s activities and declarations were anything to go by, there were no lies in the last part of the statement!

“But ya gotta trust me Luv…” Spike stroked down his pretty claimed’s jaw line. “I might have to hurt you in front of ‘em. Just to get those bastards to leave you alone… So I want you to take these now… and I’ll inject you just before we head to the meeting, it will block the pain until I can get you back here to heal after.” Spike handed his Claimant two capsules.

Alexander was utterly confused, “But Suzerain, if I am drugged, how am I to react in this ‘role’ you will reveal to me in the meeting.”

Spike grabbed his lover’s hand and held tight as he explained, “The premeds are just ta relax ya pet. You’ll still function. The local anaesthetic medication will be administered just prior to the ‘main event’, numbing your torso and legs. We need the timing right ‘cause you’ll lose function with loss of feeling… but just remember… You *must* react to the cruelties as you might were the words and actions real. When you hear the whip crack or hear me declaring that I will bugger you, beg as you would, cry out as though in pain, and submit as you might were you truly forced to such a position. But please Luv, my darling Alexander… Please remember… all through this day and the many to come… to the cartels, you, like Angelus and Lisbeth, might be in or out of my favour at any given time where they are concerned – but privately *nothing* changes. I love you and adore you and would have you safe. We are forever, you and I…forever!”

Alexander nodded, he knew the farce that was monthly played out with the Suzerain’s Childe and his Mate and the associated reasons.

“No-one else will dare touch you as you are introduced – but I will arrange for Angelus ‘risk it’, after which I will beat him publicly, then you for admitting his attentions. The ‘punishment’ must appear harsh to protect you, but please Pet… You listenin’?” Spike waited until he saw the adoring brown eyes meet his, then continued in an almost whisper, “*Know* in your heart that every time I snarl ‘Mine’ at you, I am telling you I adore you; every hateful word that is uttered is to keep you safe; every grunt as you pleasure me or I enter you, is only a small indication of how much I love you… deeply and truly…” Spike paused in his speech looking for acknowledgement from his Claimant. When Alexander nodded again and stared at him with utter trust and devotion, Spike let out a deliberate sigh, what they were about to do was going to challenge them both and he had only *just* re-established their relationship.

“You will not appear to the cartels for five days following today, and then you must dress and act as a ‘pleasure pet’ for a time… knowing full well that you are my Companion, my beloved and my willingly Claimed. Ergo, you may be required to attend my needs in full view of any present at court, willingly and swiftly. Can you do this Pet? Can we do this?” Spike’s last question was really directed to himself.

Alexander was caught in a moment of simply wanting to reassure, and moved more swiftly than the vampire could have predicted. The Companion kissed Spike hard on the lips before pulling away and sliding off the bed into a fully prostrated position in front of the Suzerain Spike. He was taken lovingly and both came simultaneously.

Spike’s own maelstrom of emotions did not prevent him scooping up his wonderful lover and carrying him to the shower. Alexander took the drugs as instructed, washed down by the blood from an open wrist. And by the time the half hour of soaping and mutual pleasuring had passed, Alexander felt someone had removed him from reality ever so slightly. He stood compliant as Spike bent him over onto the bed and lubed him extremely well, then attached an elaborate leather and steel contraption to his half erect member and scrotum. Fancy collar was replaced a chain collar and lead – one that might remain loose or choke at any moment depending on the fancy of the owner.

Alexander now sat on the bed looking definitely subdued, if a little dazed. The Suzerain swiftly dressed him, then tugged Alexander to his feet. The meeting would begin in fifteen or so minutes, just enough time to brief his First Angelus and mate Lisbeth.

Alexander followed his Claimer down the hall on the leash.

Though initially shocked by the Companion’s attire, Angelus saw the bite and smelt the fullness of the claim so understood and was unsurprised by the plan. A little pain for Sire was worth it for the rewards later.

“So you want me to have a go at him Sire? How far?”

Spike could not help himself and growled at the thought of even his favourite Childe touching Alexander. “Do as you see fit – but you hurt him and the flaying afterward will be no act.”

Angelus nodded. He knew that if someone were to harm Lisbeth or Sire then his own reaction would be no different. “Understood Sire… So when?”

“Tonight… Meeting starts in five, let’s make a show of it around ten minutes in – gonna inject the lad just before we’re in.” Spike reached over and pulled his First into a tight hold then released, pulled open his shirt and scored his chest. “Drink Childe, and know that you are my First, my favourite. Know that I love you, and what you do for me this night is for the safety of us all.” Angelus drank long and deep knowing that the Suzerain would likely take what was his in the meeting.

And so it was.

The instant before the Suzerain and his Companion entered, Spike whispered, “Showtime pet, gonna inject you so just hold still and don’t you bloody well make a sound."

With all the skill of a top surgeon, Spike bent the relaxed Xander over a nearby couch and in a parody of sex, used the position to both cover the act from his own security cameras and find the gap between two vertebrae in the lumbar region, pressing home the needle that carried the slow acting anaesthetic then swabbed the human's mid back with mild local anaesthetic just for good measure, before dropping his own blood onto the area and disguising the medicinal scent with his own.

Angelus and Lisbeth moved from the antechamber into the meeting room. Spike waited another minute then whispered, “Showtime pet.” before striding into the room dragging the Companion behind him by a now overly tight, chain and leash.

Alexander went a little red in the face as his breathing was cut off. Spike realized belatedly and loosened it with the flick of a wrist that could have been interpreted as an act of annoyance that he was holding anything at all, growling “Now you bloody well stay there until we address this!”

The Companion stood in his usual place near the wall until looking understandably white and visibly shaking. Spike knew full well that those closest to him could smell the Claiming and see the angry claiming mark on the side of the man’s throat. Cameras built into suits and accessories recorded the scene.

The meeting progressed swiftly until a break in proceedings, around ten minutes in, gave Spike the opportunity he needed and also aware that any longer and the Companion would fall down.

“Come forward Companion and admit your misconduct… Strip!... And bloody well prostrate yourself!!!! Before I make it impossible for you to stand ever again!”

Alexander did as requested, collapsing down with relief as his legs began to wobble and give out, despite his best efforts to control them. The brunette called out repeatedly in genuine distress as much at his loss of function as the 'act'. “Please Suzerain… Please!”

To the room of shocked cartel leaders, Spike was apparently in a blind rage and about to reprimand a Companion so publicly that it was indeed an extreme measure, consequently, they all waited in silence.

Spike continued in full game face snarling, “Your efforts last night were priceless. Have me drink then take you and wait for the right time then prompt the bite as I came? And a *Claiming* bite no less! You have proven yourself too sickly to be my guard but now this? Perhaps whoring is better to your taste. Were it not for the fact that you are now *mine*, I would sell you to Knarr for one of his brothels!

“As it is, I wonder if anyone here would enjoy your tight little arse and a nibble, because Pleasure Pet is what you are.” Spike stared around the room challenging each cartel leader until there was only his Childe and Lisbeth left. The young female dropped her gaze immediately but Angelus had apparently taken the hint. It was time for his ‘performance’.

The leaders were amazed as the Suzerain’s First stepped forward, grinned a feral grin at his Sire and said “I’ll do the honours Sire, so long as you are happy to help with the nibbling.”

Before anyone could blink, Angelus had moved with vampiric speed, had his pants open and lifted Alexander’s bare backside that, unbeknownst to his audience, was entirely numb. Angelus was just about to enter him when the Suzerain tackled him snarling to the floor, biting first his neck savagely then, before the First could regroup, bit down hard into his erect member, almost severing it. The Childe Angelus could do nothing but scream in agony then hold the injured – and now very limp and bloodied - appendage before curling into a sobbing ball.

The audience were stunned by the treatment of a favoured Childe, yet even more shocked as the Suzerain turned on his *claimed* Companion.

Spike stripped off his belt and began to beat the hapless human, who had returned to a collapsed down position and repeatedly begged forgiveness until finally the bloodied form simply whimpered a little with each stroke. Meanwhile, Spike kept up the mantra of “You are Mine! Hear me! You let him touch you!! And you were willing… but you *are* mine to destroy!”

The Suzerain eventually ceased the beating in preference to entering him using the blood from the Claimed’s own back as lubricant. He grunted and snarled as he rutted violently then bit down hard over the Claiming mark as he released inside the utterly compliant Companion.

In his haze, Alexander knew to whimper a little, then be silent. The beatings had not hurt nor the entry, but he also remembered that every time the Suzerain said ‘Mine’ it meant he was loved, and that was worthy of any whimper. Finally, near drained, the Companion passed out.

The room of ‘unshockable’ Cartel leaders were indeed shocked by the display, and all thanked their luck that they were not a part of the unpredictable Suzerain’s own household.

With the Suzerain apparently calming, Lisbeth approached and offered her neck. The Suzerain took what was rightfully his, then pushed her roughly toward her Sire. “Clean the bastard up, and I’ll deal with him *properly* later.”

None in the room missed the tears as the desperate youngster Lisbeth engaged the assistance of four minions to move the agonized figure of the First from the floor to a gurney, then carried him to their private quarters.

The Suzerain levelled cold eyes at the remaining minions, nodded at the bloodied figure of Alexander, then growled, “Now… remove this filth – put him in the ‘bed chamber’ when he wakes I will remind him of his position once more.” They hurriedly did as asked.

Spike waited until all his family were absent, then turned to the rest of the meeting and in a deadly, calm voice said, “My apologies… family!... But… Um… Anyone else care to defy the Suzerain? I’m *quite* in the mood.”

The very pregnant pause said everything. Yet it was followed by, to everyone’s amazement, the supreme leader of the Cartels choosing to continue the meeting as though nothing had happened. The shocked group sped through the remaining agenda and all departed within mere minutes of the meeting ending, relieved to leave the now blood soaked meeting room.

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