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Deadwood Dick 6 The Trail Ends (4/5)

Deadwood Dick 6 (4/5)
The Trail Ends
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story.
I just saddle them up and take the for a ride
Summary : End of the road for our cowboys

For once Xander was up and washing with no grumbling or
Spike waited for him to finish and together they headed downstairs.
Miss Bea had a small dining room in the rear of the hotel
behind the stage where roomers could get small meal at
a reasonable price.

Miss Bea, herself served them. Eggs and pancakes.
Also keeping their coffee cups full and fussing after their needs.
"Anything else I can get you boys?" She asked as they had finished.
"No thanks, ma'am. Think we have everything." Xander wiped his mouth
on his napkin and they both started to get up from the table.

"Gonna be a big day around here." Miss Bea said casually, stepping in front of them stopping them before they could leave.
Spike frowned "Yea? Why's that?"
"Oh you know" She continued. "First of the month.
Sheriff gets all the new wanted posters. Tacks them up on the board in
front of the jail. Anybody with a price on their head likely will get it blown off for the reward. Best thing innocent folk like you two can do is to stay out of the way."

Finally looking them in the eye, Miss Bea winked knowingly, took the
dirty dishes off the table and walked away. Xander leaned over
and in a panicked whisper said "Fuck tomorrow, Spike.
I want to go now!"
"Calm down!" Spike hissed. "I'm going to the stable to get the horses.
You go back to the room and throw our shit together.
We leave today."

Relieved, Xander rushed off upstairs.
Trying to appear nonchalant Spike dropped the money on
the table and started out the back door into the alley that would
lead to the barn.
First thing that caught his attention was the activity at the end if the alley.
A short cowboy stood, shoulders hunched, with his back to Spike,
but it was clear what was happening.

Kneeling in front of him was a working girl earning her living.
Spike smiled. 'Guess somethings are universal.
Maybe we are worried for nothing.'
Just then he saw the cowboy jerk the head of the girl back by the hair.
Quicker than a blink his other hand came out of his pocket and
with a flash of the blade he sliced her throat and let the
body drop to the ground at his feet.

Spike's heart and stomach both froze in his body. Staggering
out onto the street, it was all he could do to keep the barely digested
breakfast from returning with a vengeance.
Blindly, Spike ran for the stable.
As soon as he could get Gunn paid, he was going to collect the horses
and return to the hotel.
It made no difference if Xander had their things packed up or not.
They were leaving now.

Pushing open the barn door, Spike paused and tried
to catch his breath from running the three blocks.
"Gunn!" He shouted, but got no response.
Spike was only slightly concerned that the blacksmith was
nowhere to be seen.
He knew people around town had him tending to their
horses and it may be a while before he returned to the stable.

Having made his decision, Spike headed for the stalls.
He would leave the money and go.

"Ain't stealing them horses are you?"
Spike spun around and faced the puss covered grinning smirk
of George Long.
In a split second Spike realized this was also the figure he had
seen the back of in the alley just moments ago.
He really regretted now that he had allowed Xander to talk him out of killing this piece of shit when he had the chance.

"Get the fuck out of my way" Spike took both the horses by their
reigns and started toward the open doors. Before he had taken
two steps Long had a gun pointed at Spikes face.

"Who's gonna piss his self this time?" He laughed.
Hoping to catch him off guard, Spike kicked out at Long's extended arm.

Startled, by the action the gun went off.
The pain of the bullet slammed into Spike and he fell back landing in the
used straw of the stall floor.
Dropping to his knees beside him Long searched Spike's coat for any
valuables, found the treasured pocket watch, and stuck it in his britches.

Before he had the chance to find anything else, he heard the blacksmith return.
"Hello? Someone here" Gunn called out.
Long jumped up from where he was crouched over the fallen gun fighter
and ran for the exit.
"Hey!" Gunn shouted as the slimy figure pushed past him and ran off.
Dashing to the back stall to see what he was running from Gunn looked
down at the crumpled figure

"Oh, shit! Mr. Spike"

Xander frantically shoved anything and everything into the saddle bags
they had just unpacked hours ago.
He didn't know how long it would take Spike to get the horses
and return, but he planned on being downstairs waiting when he did.
Loaded and heading for the door, Xander was startled when he heard
the knock.

Confused as to why Spike was knocking, Xander dropped the saddle bags and rushed to open the door.
"What......" Suddenly the door was pushed
open and quickly slammed behind the person who had shoved his way
into the room.
Laughing at the shocked look on Xander's face, George Long
walked casually into the room and dropped down into the chair.
Xander started again for the door, but froze when he heard the
gun cock behind him.

"Going somewhere?" Long asked.
Slowly Xander turned to face him.
"You know as soon as Spike gets back here he is going to kick your ass again"
Xander crossed his arms over his chest and stood up straight, trying to fake a show of courage he knew was looking weak.

Snickering Long picked his black teeth with a dirty fingernail and answered.
"Don't think so. Less his ghost is gonna save you.
Cause I just left his body collecting flies in the stable."

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