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so I need help

and I wonder if I will be able to get it. Yes, this is a mighty, mighty fic search.

Me and my friend were having a very intellectual discussion about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the level of homoeroticism throughtout the series. And this came up.

likeCryptozooids: i've read spander post-dirty girls where xander was all angry about missing an eye and having sex with spike to feel better
likeCryptozooids: hahah i've read xander/caleb before as well lol
BrettsOs: haha, you'd think a guy who'd just had his eye gouged out would want to avoid things called "Spike" for a while
likeCryptozooids: hahahaha
BrettsOs: haha, and yes, if i recall correctly, i have hit up the xander/caleb myself
BrettsOs: haha, it might've been xander/caleb, xander/spike haha

Right. So. Of course, I immediately needed to read this "xander/caleb, xander/spike" fic. She says she's not sure if it exists, but says, "BrettsOs: hahaha, if this doesn't exist and i just came up with it one lonely night i might have to gouge my own eyes out".

So lets hope, for both of our sakes, it really exists.

I guess, to simplify this, I'm looking for some Xander/Caleb, Xander/Spike fics, or maybe just some Xander/Spike fics centering around "Dirty Girls".

Thanks in advance!
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