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Flip The Script (4/?)

Title: Flip The Script (4/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.

William's step had a little extra bounce in it this morning.
He was still feeling relaxed and mellow from his earlier self
help session, and his confidence buoyed.

"I really will speak to him today" Will thought.
"Make a proper conversation"
He hadn't felt this good in a long time. He hiked up his backpack,
reached up feeling for the condition of his unruly blond curls, and
smoothed the front of his shirt. He was ready.
He thought about it, rehearsed it and practiced it.

William approached the site slowly, eyes searching.
Xander wasn't sitting in his usual spot. He glanced down checking
his watch. 11:59. Right time.

He walked slower.
William looked all around. Most of the faces he recognized as
the regular crew he saw there each day.
Everyone seemed to be the same, but no Xander.

'I'll bet he's hiding so he doesn't have to see me' He thought.
'And why wouldn't he? I must have sounded like a complete fool yesterday.
Oh, dear. He was probably playing with me.
I'll bet they are all laughing.
How could I have been so stupid?'

Now deflated and horribly embarrassed, Will hung his head and
started away quickly. He kept his face down hoping no one could see
the shame and humiliation that he knew was causing him to blush a bright

"Hey you!. Hold up."
William froze then reluctantly turned back. "Are you talking to me?"
He asked as the other man approached.
William recognized him as the man that was always cursing and yelling at
Xander to get back to work.
He already didn't like him.

"I'm Lindsey. I'm the boss here." Lindsey just reeked of arrogance,
chest puffed out and standing in shoes designed to make him appear more than his 5'8".
"William" He answered curtly, taking a step back and wrapping his arms
defensively around himself.
This man had no authority over him, and William
would not be intimidated. Or at least he would try not to appear so.

"Well - William. I've noticed you parading yourself by here every day.
I'm not sure what you want, but I can pretty much guess."
Lindsey sucked his teeth and made a show of looking William up and down slowly.
"I think you ought to know that getting yourself involved with Xander Harris is a big mistake. Not that I care. Just doin' you a favor is all."

Frowning, William arched his eyebrow and looked the man up and
down in a way that mirrored Lindsey's action.
This was not a conversation he wanted to have, especially with a crude heathen such as this.

Still, he was intrigued as he asked
"Is it now? And why would that be?"
"Because" Lindsey replied confidently "Xander is a him-hoe."

"A what?"
"A him-hoe." Lindsey snorted. Not sure if William was really that innocent or just fucking with him, he continued, spelling it out for him.

"You know. A gay guy that fucks any thing and anyone he can.
Just look around"
Lindsey waved both arms in the direction of the work site.
William's eyes followed the gesture, not sure what he was supposed to be seeing.
"Xander has fucked half of the guys that work here. A couple of them weren't even gay till he got to them" Lindsey huffed out, obviously disgusted.

William paused thoughtfully before asking,
"So what you are saying then is that Xander is very experienced and not very choosy about who he involves himself with. Am I right?"

"Exactly!" Lindsey smiled, hooked his thumbs in his belt loops and rocked
back on his heels. He could tell by the shocked look on Williams face that he had hit the right cord.

"Well thank you so much for your concern" William answered, regaining his composure.
"I will certainly take heed of your information" He hesitated momentarily wanting to question Lindsey further, but not trusting him or the answers he would give.

Without another word Will turned and started to walk away.
His brain was tumbling around his head.
He was so caught up in his own musing he got almost to the end of the block
before he heard the footsteps running to catch up.

"William - wait" "Hi. I'm Larry, a friend of Xander's. Hey, don't listen to anything that asshole Lindsey has to say. It's his fault that Xander got hurt yesterday."

"Xander's hurt?" That got William's full attention.
"Yea. Cracked collar bone. Lindsey didn't tell you? Said it was an accident but don't none of us believe it." Larry growled.

"Are you sure he is o.k? Is that why he's not here?" As soon as he asked the question William blushed. "Not that I noticed of course."
Larry smiled, "He's all right. Or will be with a few days rest. That's why he is home this morning."

"How did you know my name?" William asked
"You kidding? Xander told everyone that he finally talked to you yesterday. He really likes you."
William could hear the sincerity in Larry's voice and felt like he could trust him to tell the truth.

"Larry" William started slowly "Has Xander had a lot of relationships?"
"Relationships? No I wouldn't call them that. What did that prick Lindsey tell you?"
"Oh nothing really. Nothing Important."

Larry's avoidance of a direct answer just confirmed in William's mind that yes, Xander had been with a lot of men.
"Anyway, look man maybe I'm reading you wrong but I kinda thought you were
interested in Xan.. If you are here's his phone number. Just in case you want to call and see how he is doing."

With that Larry winked and slipped the piece of paper in to William's hand.
William took the paper, tucked it into his pocket and hurried on his way without looking at it.
His brain was in overdrive. His life and contact with other
people had been so limited since coming to the States that all this was simply more than he could process.

He needed time. He needed solitude. He hustled on to his refuge at work.
All the rest of the day he could not get Lindsey's words out of his head.
"Xander is very experienced"
"Xander will fuck anyone"

Xander may just be the answer to his prayers. Someone to take this pesky
virginity but not ask a lot of questions about a past that William was not prepared to answer.
It also didn't hurt that Xander was the most beautiful man in the world.
William sighed and ran his hand down his body.
Suddenly remembering he was at work, he mentally slapped his palm
with an imaginary ruler before his dick could react the way it always
did to thoughts of Xander.

The only question in William's mind was how would he deal with it when
Xander moved on to someone else. He thought back on some of his
romance books. What did the star of the book do when the passionate affair ended?
Usually something pathetic like throw their head back with the back of their hand to their forehead.

Then swoon and fall to the divan in a crumpled heap and sob.
Yea, he could do that.
But, he decided he just wouldn't worry about all that now. He had to get
into the affair before he could think about being out of it.

As soon as William got home that evening he did what he always
did when he had a problem.
He went directly to his books to develop a plan.

Late on the second day after his accident Xander found himself feeling extremely moody and irritable.
His collar bone was aching and Willow's cheerfulness was
grating on his last nerve.
He loved her to death but for Gods sake.

Xander was feeling cooped up, claustrophobic and frankly worried
that he was missing his window of opportunity with William.
Xander knew he had dated a lot of guys and it certainly
wasn't that he didn't enjoy it.
A lot.
A whole lot.
But William seemed different, and Xander was at the point in his life that he wanted something more out of a relationship.

A fuck was fine, but he wanted someone to really know him.
He wanted the next day. He wanted someone to talk to and cuddle with.
O.k. so he wanted a boyfriend. Just thinking the word caused Xander to flinch.
But it was true.

"Lunch time" Willow cheerfully called out as she brought in a tray with soup,
sandwiches, and happy face cookies.
'Good God' Xander thought as he smiled and thanked her.

William had stopped on his way home from work and picked up a sandwich
and a salad. He really wasn't hungry, but in case he was later he didn't want to interrupt his research to go out.
He sat on the floor in front of the part of the bookcase that held the biographies.

He had tons of them. There should be something here to work with.
'Let's see' He thought. 'Who can I fashion myself after that will capture Xander's interest enough to get me into his bed and him into my arse?'

George Bush? - To bigoted
The Pope? - To straight.
Johnny Depp? - to gay.
Stephen King? - to scary.
Bob Dylan? - to 60's.
King Arthur? - to pure.
Hitler? - WTF?
Cary Grant? -' Hey, now we're talking. Smooth. Could be straight. Could be gay.
Confident, Definitely not a virgin'

William sat back thinking of all the movies he had seen Cary Grant in.
He really liked those kind of movies because truth be told
William was a true romantic.

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