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Suzerain's Companion # 12

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.


The violence and anger may have fooled the rest of the meeting, but Mistress Janet recognized it for what it was, a performance to protect the Companion. She noted with some satisfaction, that Alexander now bore a Claiming mark on his throat in clear view of all comers. After filing out with the rest of the cartel leaders, she headed for her dojo as expected, then doubled back, once out of sight of the others, and made for the Suzerain’s private quarters.

The minion guarding the door of the suite nodded to her grimly, rather pleased to see the Mistress, as her visits always seemed to calm the Suzerain. Everyone in the stronghold had already heard about the earlier proceedings and, without exception, were fearful. If the Suzerain considered severing his favourite Childe’s member fair punishment for an *almost* misdemeanour, then what might he do to a mere minion for a real one? If the Mistress could calm him then all for the better, but he did not envy her the task.

Once inside the suite, the Mistress could hear the anguished sobs coming from the bedroom and rushed to Spike’s aid. She found him mixing his own tears with his dribbling blood all over Alexander’s abused back and buttocks. The human himself seemed conscious but hardly lucid.

Noting the human’s complete lack of reaction to very raw wounds being touched, she understood the deception. Touching the Suzerain’s shoulder lightly she whispered, “You drugged him?”

Spike stopped his ministrations for a moment to look up at the diminutive woman with tear-filled crystal blue eyes and gave the husky reply, “Had to… can’t hurt the boy… not now… lumbar puncture… slow acting, and some pre op meds.” Mistress’s gaze dropped to what should have been a badly damaged anus then realized that Spike’s apparent rough lubing with blood had in fact disguised a very well lubed and prepared entrance – and the fact it was Alexander’s own blood meant that observers interpreted it as internal damage consistent with the apparent violence of the taking.

There was damage to his back, welts and cuts striped all over the previously unmarked flesh, but they were already beginning to disappear as the combination of vampire saliva and the Suzerain’s blood healed him swiftly. There was still no sensation at all in his lower half, so Alexander lay blissed out and compliant. He had been fed enough of the Suzerain’s blood to feel the Claiming link and truly knew the love the Suzerain had for him.

“Would you sit with him Mistress. I must attend my poor Childe. Unlike my dear claimed, his pain was very real.” Janet simply nodded and replaced Spike on the bed, stroking Alexander’s hair as he fell asleep.

The scene in Angelus and Lisbeth’s rooms was far less peaceful. A physician had been called and had stitched the damaged flesh as best he could. Angelus was still a grey colour and obviously in intense pain, despite his dear Lisbeth’s best efforts to lick the wound and feed him.

Spike pulled the girl to him and she sobbed into his chest. “Why there Suzerain? He is hurting *so* badly… Why there?”

“Shhh Pet… ‘twas the most logical place, now let’s have at the boy and sort him with some Sire’s blood yeah?”

Lisbeth nodded meekly then moved aside to let Spike tend his Childe. He bit his own tongue and laved the wound on the neck and the bloodied shaft, then sliced his chest deeply, just above the left nipple, and pulled Angelus up to suckle like a newborn, all then while stroking him and telling the Childe he was loved.

Lisbeth sourced some blood for Spike and watched as three pints were syphoned through the Suzerain’s system and into her dear mate in less than thirty minutes.

Eventually the grey tinge left Angelus skin and he fell away from his feeding position. He burped once then fell asleep. Spike gently eased the unconscious brunette onto his pillow then offered his wrist to Lisbeth, who took but two long drafts before joining her Sire on the bed to keep vigil as he healed.

A day later saw Alexander able to move his legs again, but kept on pain medication while the flesh on his back slowly repaired. Angelus too was improving, and by the third day, genuinely enjoying the Lisbeth’s ministrations as she laved his injured member. By the fifth day her ministrations resulted in him climaxing – a little painfully but very welcome.

Alexander was completely healed by day six and it was planned that he would accompany the Suzerain to the meeting on the following day.

That afternoon he had been allowed to return to his usual sparring and gym session with Mistress Janet, followed by an amorous shower with his Claimer. But the Suzerain staid his hand as he moved to dress in his usual black attire, instead the vampire pulled a large box from under the bed.

“Lie down and be still Pet, just gotta make you look the part.” Spike began by tugging and stroking his Claimed almost to climax then quickly dressed the boy’s erection in a full black leather binding that had a silver ring that slipped neatly around his scrotum. He gently lubed and prepared Alexander’s rear before applying a comfortably sized plug with hip straps to hold it secure.

The diaphanous white ‘harem’ pants that went over the top were made of material so sheer that anyone would see the bindings underneath. Spike then added jewellery – three silver bracelets and an anklet. Finally he applied kohl and mascara, dressed his hair and sprayed the Companion with the sweet scent of vanilla. Other than the bindings, Alexander felt wonderful, swiftly deciding that if being the Suzerain’s pleasure pet meant this everyday then he could stand it.

Spike spoke to him quietly as he dressed him. “You will be required to wear a lead Pet, and though I know you have been well trained as a Companion, you must follow my instructions in all things now. Ignore the audience and focus on me – no one else will touch you.”

Alexander had no doubt about that! He only had a vague recollection of his beating and the two days after, but Mistress Janet had ‘filled him in’ on the very terrifying events and the reactions of the other leaders.

As soon as they exited their rooms, the Suzerain and his disgraced Claimed Companion, now to be used as a Pleasure Pet, adopted their public roles. Alexander walked behind Spike on the lead pulled short and tight that he was almost jogging as the Suzerain swept through the building to the meeting room. Alexander was tugged into the room then pushed to the floor by the snarling Suzerain who then demanded, “Prostrate yourself to the cartel leaders and beg permission of your betters to stay.”

Alexander raised a little from the full down kneel, his hands locked behind his back and head down, long locks falling forward over his face. He thought for a moment before beginning “Esteemed Cartel leaders, though I am not worthy to be in your presence, I beg your permission that I may remain in the room for the Suzerain’s pleasure.”

The leaders simply nodded and shrugged. Many had Companions themselves, yet despite their fearsome reputations, none would treat such a well known, prize human in such a demeaning way, it was obvious that the Suzerain would make this poor Claimed Companion earn his way back into the supreme leader’s favour and who knew how long that might take with the unpredictable vampire.

“Seems they’re feeling magnanimous O ‘treasured’ human of *Mine*.” The last statement positively dripped with sarcasm and contained an unveiled threat to the audience that needed no further explanation. Alexander really only listened to the ‘mine’ and knew he was loved. “Kneel between my legs and put your head here.”

Spike opened his legs enough to make room for Alexander who did as instructed and rested his head on his beloved Suzerain’s crotch. The effect was delicious, his cheek resting on the vampire’s hardening member, and for Alexander it was mere minutes before the room fell away. His Claimer was idly stroking his hair as he dealt with matters of the cartels – this one was struggling because a drought was cutting their income; that one because of dissent in his ranks (no surprise the advice from the Suzerain involving dusty or bloody endings as appropriate); and yet another presenting a citation congratulating the Suzerain’s entire group for their assistance with the feral human problem in the previous year.

As the third speaker rose to address the meeting Spike had undid his belt, button and zipper freeing his erection. Alexander was thrilled. The pale hardness was for him – only for him. He ignored the meeting and began to lick and suck the prize in front of him, eventually rising to deftly swallow the entire cool shaft down a willing throat, past the gag reflex and into bliss. He worked the Suzerain enthusiastically, all the time wishing the angle was better, but delighted when a grunt from above signalled release and his stomach was filled with cool seed. He had felt the soft petting, then hands in his hair grabbing the locks tight as climax approached, and finally the Suzerain completing within him. He hummed quietly around the softening shaft, and with his back to the audience, was safe to raise his eyes to allowing Spike to see the look of love and devotion, and the subtle smile, before he pulled away and took a full down position facing his Claimer.

His audience saw something different and some trying to concentrate on the matters at hand were more than a little distracted by the ‘show’. With his back to them, they could clearly see that his rear was filled with a false phallus and that it was strapped in place – most had already noted the cruel full bindings covering the human’s groin. They saw the Suzerain filling the boy’s mouth with no more attention than might be afforded an appropriately sized bottle. They watched his hands tangling in the hair, apparently forcing himself deeper and pushing past the Companion’s gag reflex, all the while, keeping up the dialogue of the meeting. It was callous in the extreme. Even the most senior of leaders were shocked as he concluded, slamming into his Companion’s mouth one more time then obviously releasing with no more acknowledgement than a single grunt then pushing the hapless human back down to a full kneel.

After the final display, one of the younger demons in the audience excused himself and moved swiftly to the toilet facilities to throw up. He treated his own Companion with kindness… but then his father claimed that to be a weakness – but the alternative – one he was witnessing – was appalling. He resolve to continue *his* practice of treating his human with care and compassion and request that his younger brother represent their cartel at the meetings in future.

Once more three present understood what they were seeing, others misinterpreting. Mistress Janet’s smiled a little at Alexander’s obvious enthusiasm despite the public, carnal act.

Toward the end of the meeting, Alexander was nearly asleep when the Suzerain’s order came to kneel by the chair and present his behind. He did as instructed for the remainder of the meeting and focused entirely on his Claimer, and the role he had always had – that of listener - as behind was caressed apparently absently. Had his manhood not been bound Alexander knew he would have come at least twice as stroke after stroke moved the slim dildo ever so slightly and brushed prostate.

Eventually the group filed out, the last two turning to observe the Suzerain stripping the Companion and removing the plug in one swift move then taking him hard on the floor, fangs and penis buried deep in the boy. What they missed seeing was the loving touches, the whispered words of adoration, and Alexander’s manhood being released. Nor did they see the kissing, stroking and loving once the Suzerain had his Companion back in the suite after a second mutual climax.

An hour later, Angelus and Lisbeth were summoned to the Suzerain’s private rooms but waited until they heard the shower cease before requesting entry to the suite.

They were welcomed in by a very satisfied looking Spike leaning against the high side of a chaise lounge smoking, his darling Alexander all but asleep cradled in his beloved Claimer’s lap.

They debriefed a little regards the meeting before Spike raised a topic from *way* out of left field . “You reckon we could trace ‘is line… He’s gotta be a descendant of the whelp… too good hearted not t’ be. ‘s not a big priority – just be good to know don’t you think – after all you did give him to me the first time we re-met… remember?”

Angelus squeezed Lisbeth’s hand and smiled at Spike, “Yes Sire, I remember. What would you have us do?”

“Just see what you c’n find is all. Oh and get that breeder to bring the lad’s family in for a visit again would you? Now come – take some blood from your Sire, you too Lisbeth.”

Both took some of the precious fluid before taking their leave to seek out Alexander’s origins.

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