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Author: Thea_Zara (aka 50ftqueenie)

Title: Before the Battle

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights to BtVS or AtS, they belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy

Spoilers: Post Series / Mid NFA

Warnings: Pre-slash

Summary: Just a little pre battle conversation. This is a prequel of sorts for a story I'm currently working on.



"OK, I give."


"I give up."

"What the hell are you blathering on about?"

"I give up guessing why I'm here."

"OH! Right, sorry. It's about the bit."

"What about Dawn?"

"I know I didn't go looking for her since I came back, and I got my reasons."

"Really. You have reasons to avoid the one human who ever loved you unconditionally and without wanting anything back except your companionship. This I gotta hear."

"Shut it, Whelp. We both know I wasn't any good for her. Bad influence, dangerous to have around. Besides that, I wasn't sure the First was done with me, now was I. I would do anything to not hurt her. Besides that, I knew Buffy didn't really love me, and what with her being with that right bastard, the Immortal, now I was afraid it would cause even more problems."

"You are a bastard, Spike. I've spent the last month consoling her cause you were alive, and Dawn was convinced you must hate her since you didn't even want her to know. All I wanted to do was make you pay for hurting her, and maybe, just maybe, give you a black eye for the irritation, and now I can't."

"Why the bloody hell not... er not that I'm saying I want a punch in the eye mind you."

"Because you were trying to do what was right for her. Granted in a totally stupid, half-assed and generally idiotic sort of way, but still you tried."

"Er... thanks... I think."

"So why now?"

"Well this may well be my last chance. Things are getting right tight here, and I have to know someone I trust will be looking after the bit."

"And I'm here because?"

"Don't be an arse, Harris. When it comes to Dawn, I trust you completely. You'd just as soon give up your other eye as let her get hurt. I know that, and despite our illustrious history, I know I can ask you to do this and you will."

"What do you need me to do, Spike."

"I need to hear you say you'll take care of her no matter what. Buffy needs to get on with some kind of life now, but we both know you can't take the fight outta that girl, and one of these days she's gonna lose and stay gone. Red has always been all over the place and for awhile was something we needed to protect the bit from. Rupes isn't a young man anymore, and I'd just as soon mop the floor with ol' Andy, the kid killed his best friend. Reformed or not he's a wanker and I don't trust the bit in his care. You're the only one left. I'd have trusted Tara too, but she didn't make it, and you did, so here we are."

"I can't say that I totally agree with your assessment of the group, but yeah Andrew is a bit of a wanker. The point is, yes I do and will take care of Dawn no matter what. She might as well be my little sister too."

"I know."

"So what trouble has Deadboy gotten you into?"

"No trouble, not really. Just felt like I should take care of things, you know. L.A. can get right deadly for an undead bloke sometimes, you know? What with all the sunlight and... and you're not buying this are you?"

"Not even if you put it in the half priced bin and coated it with chocolate."

"Well now, I thought I could get you to swallow just about anything if it was coated in chocolate."

"You'd probably be surprised."

"Well, well, our little Xan has grown up, and realized he liked boys?"

"Men, and yes occasionally... and stop trying to change the subject. Just why are you all 'today is a good day to die'? You may have the forehead of a Klingon, but the noble death thing has been done enough in our little circle of fiends, don't ya think?"

"Maybe it has. Still that isn't exactly the plan. I'm just gonna help Angel with a little project and as usual the Poof has set his goals high. I just thought the time was right."

"Are you sure that's all there is to it?"

"Trust me, Pet, this is nothing except another chance for Peaches to play High Lord and Master. I just wanted to make sure about the bit cause you never know, right?"

"Right. Okay, Spike, it's been.... well it's been. I've got another new slayer to find, so I'm outta here. For what it's worth, Dawn's not the only one who was glad you were back, and hurt that you didn't want us to know, so if the whole 'honorable death' thing doesn't take this time around, it might be time to come for a visit. Oh and hey, just thought of a spot on the bright side of your whole resurrection gig, you get to spend all your time annoying the fuck outta Angel. That idea alone gives me the warm and fuzzies."

"Get on outta here ya git."

"Bye, Spike. Take care."

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