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Flip The Script (5A/?)

Title: Flip The Script (5A/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.
This chapter ran way to long so I had to cut it in two parts.
The second part will be posted tomorrow.

He smiled. He now had a plan of attack.William stood thoughtfully.
First, how would Cary Grant dress? Seductively of course.
His options were limited, but he did his best
with what he had.
Digging through his wardrobe he found a pair of really tight
black dress pants.
Next he decided on a long sleeved white shirt that he would only half button.
With everything laid out carefully all he needed now was a hot shower
and a good nights sleep.

William grabbed a towel and headed for his bath. The bathroom was small.
Nothing more really than a converted closet.
It had a toilet a shower stall and small corner sink.
No tub, but it was all he really needed.

William tried not to miss the hot soaking bubble baths of his childhood.
Temporarily allowing himself to remember, there were so many other things
his heart ached for from the past that a tub was barely on the list.

Jumping in he was grateful that at least tonight the water was hot.
His thoughts wandered dreamily as his soapy hands slid all over his lean body.
Being a solitary type of guy had at least one benefit. William's own hands
always knew exactly how to pull, pinch, and poke to get the maximum pleasure.
William spread his legs wide, and dipped his head forward.
He liked to watch himself.
Liked to see how his cock looked when it was really hard.
William scraped his thumb nail harshly down the crease between his groin and thigh.
He gasped. Would Xander know to do that for him?
He imagined Xander standing behind him and he watched as dream Xander reached around, stripped his cock and rolled his sack almost painfully.

William's hand sped up. He released his balls and slid his fingers further back till he felt the soft puckered skin of his hole.

"Yes, Xander. It's yours to take. Please do it now" and with that William
pushed a finger roughly into himself.
Grunting, he jerked forward and came heavily against the shower wall.

After a few minutes of winding down he threw his head back and sighed.
Because surprisingly, that was less satisfying than he had expected.
He knew now he wouldn't be happy till he got the real thing.
He wouldn't be happy till he had Xander.

By the next morning things around the apartment continued to be tense.
Xander was still feeling out of sorts. Partly because of the pain.
Partly because he was still stuck inside and in large part because
his right hand was the one strapped down.

Even with Willow fussing around he had enough privacy that he could
have quickly relieved his tension. It was just hard to get a smooth regular
rhythm going left handed.
As a twice a day guy he found the situation grossly inconvenient.
Still he thought he might give it a try.

"Didn't sleep good. Going back to bed. Don't call me unless it's an emergency"
He yelled.
"That's a good idea Sweety" She called back.

Willow stood wiping the kitchen counter.
The breakfast dishes were done and she had picked
up the mess of papers, bottles, and food containers that were strewn
about the livingroom. There really wasn't anything else, and Xander's
irritability was staring to become infectious.
She loved him to death, but when he was sick or hurt
he could be such a baby.

Bored, Willow sat down with a second cup of tea and tried to think
of something that would cheer him up.
Deep in thought, she jumped straight out of her chair, startled, when the phone rang.
She reached for it quickly, hoping to catch it before it woke Xander and made him even grumpier.

"Hello?" She chirped
'Well that was unexpected' William thought. 'Didn't picture Xander living with someone'
"Hello?" Willow repeated.
'Wife? - no. Girlfriend? - Lindsey said "a lot of men" not women. Sound to young to
be his Mum'
"Is anybody there?"

Finally snapping out of his musing, William answered in his best movie voice.
"ello Pet. Is Xander about?"
"Ah, he is, but he's napping. Can I take a message?"
"You most certainly can" He answered in that short choppy
Cary Grant type of way.

"You call tell him William called to check on his condition" Oh God!
That made it sound like I think he's pregnant. William shuddered.
"William? As in walks by the work site, William?" Willow considered calling
Xander to the phone, but he did say "emergency"
"That would be me, Darlin." Well whoever this was, she knew about him.
That meant Xander had talked about him. What did he say? Should he ask?
William clutched the phone firmly telling himself 'Please don't giggle.
For God's sake don't giggle'.

"Hey, I've got a great idea. Why not come over and see Xander yourself.
I just know it would cheer him up" Willow was thrilled. This would snap
old grouch pants out of his mood.

"Oh..Ah..Yes. Of course." The blood in William' veins froze.
'Well this is what I wanted isn't it?'
He tried his best to keep his voice working as Willow gave him the address
and sat in stunned silence still holding the phone long minutes after she had
hung up.

William stood across the street staring at the nondescript brick building.
Three floors. Four apartments each floor. Twelve apartments.
William did the math.

'One of these is Xander's' He thought 'He's in there right now.'
Hard as he tried,though William could not make his feet move to cross the street.
He stood, frozen, in pants so tight he could hardly breath.
Luckily he was so scared that his balls were trying to crawl back up into his
body, so at least that part of him was not pinching.

"Bloody hell!' He scolded himself. 'Stop being such a coward and go in there.
After all, I've got a proper invite from whoever the hell she is'
Taking a deep breath, William forced his right foot to take a step.
Then his left. Then right again.
Before he had time to think, he was standing in the building's lobby.
The phone voice had told him it was number #104. Easy to find.
Yep, there it is.
Right there.

William tried to run over everything in his head that he had practiced at home this morning.
The voice, a walk, he even had tried out several poses in front of a mirror to see which one looked most like a movie star.
He was as ready as he would ever be. With all that in mind
William turned around and searched for the nearest exit.

"Hey, I thought I heard someone out here. You must be William."
Willow had opened the door so quickly he was to startled to deny it.
She looked him up and down. Yea, there was the blond hair and those were
the beautiful blue eyes Xander had described, but the rest was not what she expected.
Frankly he looked a little like the rent boys that walk around down on Walnut street.

'What the hell' She thought. 'If this is what Xan wants, it's all good with me'
William, too was a little hesitant.
This woman still hadn't said who she was and what she was doing living
with his Xander. She did seem friendly enough though,
so composing himself William recalled his plan and threw himself into character.

"Well, well, well my pet. Aren't you looking delicious today." He drawled.
Willow's eyebrows shot up then back down as she quickly tried to cover her shock.
"Oh, ah, thanks. Please come in. Xander is not up yet but I
know he will be thrilled to see you"
Willow stepped to the side and watched him walk in. She was surprised this new guy appealed to Xan.
Sure he was cute, but frankly his personality seemed to border on sleazy.
Though each of them clearly had separate agendas their goal was the
same so William went willingly when Willow grabbed his hand
and headed for the bedroom.
He was slightly stunned when she opened the door without
knocking and stuck her head in.

"Xan. Xander, Sweety, wake up. I've got a surprise for you"
With that brief announcement Willow shoved William into the room and shut the door.
'Holy Shit!'
William was horrified.
There he stood just three feet away from the half awake, obviously naked
(judging by the tent on the oh so thin sheet) object of his fantasies.

Struggling now to wake up and comprehend the situation Xander found himself totally confused.
Was he dreaming?
Was this really William standing in his bedroom?
If so, why the fuck was he dressed like a Chippendale?
Hard as he tried, Xander could not get the fog in his brain to lift.

He generally felt like someone had just dropped him off on the corner of
Okedok and WooWoo to wait for a bus that left 10 minutes ago.

"William?" He croaked. Oh good. At least his mouth was starting to function.
A point Xander was infinitely grateful for.
William took a deep breath. This was it. His goal was in sight. He tried to recall everything he had practiced.

'Here we go' He thought.
"Xander, love. Heard you were hurt. Been busy, but your little red head begged me to pop in to see you"
'What am I forgetting?' William fretted 'Oh yes. The pose'
Casually William leaned against the door frame. One foot on the floor one foot against the wall.

He then stuck both hands in his front pants pockets.
No easy task considering his pants felt like they had been painted on.

"Willow? My sister called you? How did she know who you were?
Where did she get your number? What's going on William?'
'Sister! Of course'. That fact boosted William's confidence a bit so he
decided to move in a little closer. Pushing off the wall with his foot he took two steps toward the bed.

And that's when it all went to hell.

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