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Flip The Script (5B/?)

Title: Flip The Script (5B/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.
This chapter ran way to long so I had to cut it in two parts.
This is part two.

While being so totally focused on a wonderfully naked Xander,
William failed to notice Xander's work boots lying in the middle
of the floor.
Stepping forward, his left foot caught on the boot and William
lost his balance. He stumbled, tripped and tipped toward his target.
Unfortunately his pants were so tight he was unable to get his
hands out of his pockets in time to catch himself.
With no way to break his fall, William fell face first on the bed.

To be more specific he was face first in Xander's lap.
Making matters worse was the fact that all that struggling to
free his hands was causing much activity around Xander's
quickly stiffining and very interested dick.

Xander's brain may have been slow to wake, but his cock was now very alert.
Xander was speechless.
Propping himself up on his left elbow he watched in horror as William rolled around wildly in Xander's crotch trying to regain some sort of balance..

The last thing William remembered before passing out was the feeling of
Xander's cock as it twitched and smacked him in the nose.

William fell to the floor.

All of the commotion had carried out to the living room, and
Willow rushed in to see what the hell was going on.

"Jesus Christ Xander! What did you do?"
"Nothing! I swear! Nothing."

William could hear the voices but they seemed to be far off and
it was taking a while for it all to come back into focus.
Slowly he realized he was still in Xander's bedroom and apparently
lying on Xander's bed. How soft it was. Also, there was something damp and cool on his forehead.

'Oh, that was Willow's voice' He remembered Willow.
Willow was nice.
Willow was Xander's sister right?
And when he remembered that, everything else came back in a rush.

William's blue eyes flew open and collided with two deep
brown ones that were filled with questions and concern
"Take it easy, Will. Xander reached down and removed the cool
cloth from William's head, then brushed a damp curl back off his face.
It was a touch that felt so intimate to William that he blushed deeply.

"Now then" Xander continued
"I'm really glad you came over to see me, but do you want
to tell me what all this is about?" Xander waved his hand up and down
in the direction of William's clothes.

Looking out of the corner of his eye, Xander could see
Willow give him the thumbs up and slip out the door.
Feeling as though he was about as humiliated as he could get William
decided to try out a little truth.
"I just wanted you to like me" He said quietly.

Xander bent down and captured William's lips in a soft kiss
" I like you just fine." He whispered. Then, before he could pull back,
William cupped his hand behind Xander's head to hold him in place, and
kissed him for all he was worth.
Because despite being as embarrassed as he had ever been,
William had come to far to chicken out now
As the kiss continued and became heated, Xander licked along the closed
seam of William's mouth. He was stunned by the power of the feeling
running through him.

William gasped and Xander thrust his tongue into the warm, wet heaven of
William's mouth.
Both men were hard and desperate, but Xander had a feeling that William
was a little to innocent for how quickly things were progressing, and he
didn't want to rush into something he wasn't ready for.

"Will, how old are you?" He ask gently.
Xander assumed Will was one of those men who, because he was
uncomfortable with being gay or possibly late coming out, had
not been with a man before. This had to be handled carefully.

Being somebody's first was a big responsibility. A great big delicious,
yummy responsibility. One Xander was more than ready to tackle. But, it
had to be done just right, and Will was more than worth the wait.

William was clearly confused by the sudden turn in conversation.
"I'm 20 why?" He ask, still trying to pull Xander's head back
down for more smooches.
"Wait a minute, baby" Xander said easing Will's hand back down.
"I just think we need to slow down a bit" Seeing the look of rejection
on William's face, Xander hurried to add
"You're worth a whole lot more than just a quick fuck, Will,
and I'd like it if we took some time to get to know each other first.
Doesn't mean we can't do some kissing and cuddling, but I'm just not
ready to do a lot more than that."
"Oh, well of course" William sat up. "We can most certainly wait till
you are more comfortable"

Xander smiled at the relief on Will's face. "Now, Will, if you go wait in
the living room while I get dressed, I think Willow will make us some
breakfast and maybe you would like to stay a keep me company for a while
this morning."

Jumping up and rushing toward the bedroom door, William
was beaming. "Yes, Xander, I believe I would like that very much"
William was thrilled. It seemed he was about to have his very first date.
A breakfast date.

How very continental.

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