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Deadwood Dick Epilogue

Title Deadwood Dick Epilogue
Coming Home
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story
and make no money off them. Or anything else unfortunately
Summary: 35 years later we see where the trail led.

Xander tipped back the brim on his cowboy hat and sat high in the
saddle. He had stopped his horse up on the ridge that looked down into
the place that had for years now become their home.
Hopping down to the ground , it never ceased to amaze him
how far they had come.

He had laughed at a saying he had once heard
"master of all he surveys", but he couldn't help feel it a little as
he sat up here in the hours of sunset and reminisced over the
events of his life that brought him this far.

He was a world away from being that young carpenter from
Pennsylvania. And now they had one of the most successful
ranches in the newly founded state of California.

Gazing down directly below him was the main house.
A home he and Spike had added to each year since arriving in the
valley so long ago.
Starting out as a two room shack it had finally emerged as a sprawling
four bedroom ranch.

On both sides of their home were equally large family houses.
Houses that were booming with activity and love.
Together they had built a life that suited them both very well.
The reward money collected for Xander's shooting of the infamous
gunfighter, William the Bloody, had purchased the land and a
few head of good cattle.
Hard work a few sacrifices, and some years later found them
able to purchase the adjoining acres and double their herd.

Realizing early on that they would need help, Xander had contacted his
sister Anne, who along with her husband Wes and their three sons and a
daughter were thrilled at the idea of coming west and helping on the ranch.

That had been so long ago and worked so well that they all remained.
Even as the children grew they married and stayed to build their
own lives in the green valley that Spike and Xander's love had made.

It didn't take long to find a balance.
Each of their strengths and weaknesses complimented and
counter balanced the others on the ranch.

Annie and her daughter ran the household. Sometimes with an iron hand,
as Spike found out when he continued to leave his britches on the floor
after being told about it twice.
Xander still snickers when he remembers the look on Spike's face
when he realized all his pants had been confiscated and would only be
returned in exchange for the sworn promise of always being hung up properly.

Wes was foreman and handled the herds with the help of most of the sons
and grandsons.
They tended them during the spring and summer, and drove them to
market in the fall.
Spike was every bit in charge. He had turned out to be a very astute
businessman and handled all the accounts personally. All financial matters
went through him. No exceptions.
Few people made the mistake twice of being late on paying a bill owed to the
Sunnydale ranch.
Xander never questioned his methods.

In the beginning Xander was not sure what his strength was till Spike had
encouraged him to build a workshop and rediscover his first love.
Carpentry. They were especially thrilled when the oldest grandson,
Jessie had expressed an interest in becoming his apprentice.
Now not only were their own houses filled with their quality hand
made furniture, but through word of mouth they had built a very
successful business, shipping their creations by train to several of the larger cities on the west coast.

Spike and Xander loved all their family unconditionally, but found
themselves especially fond of Jessie.
Jessie who had finally admitted to being in love with a young field
hand on the next ranch.
A field hand who was offered a job, a home, and an opportunity to
live openly with Jessie just as any other young couple on the ranch would live.

"Thought I would find you up here. What'ch looking at love?"
Spike slid down out of the saddle and walked over to where Xander stood,
slipping his arms around Xander's waist.
Sighing Xander leaned back against Spike's chest and clutched the
arms that held him so well and so safe all these years.

"Looking at our life, Spike. How did we get so lucky?"
Snorting Spike rested his chin on Xander's shoulder.
"Wasn't luck, Xan. It's been 35 years of hard work."
"Yea, but how different would our lives have been if you hadn't come
into the Guilded Rose that day in Deadwood and bought me?"

"Wouldn't have mattered, pet" Seeing the frown and confused expression on
Xander's face, Spike hastened to continue.
"Just mean I believe in fate, love. If it hadn't been that day or week or month somehow or somewhere I would have found you.
We belong together, Xan. Can't be any other way."

Turning in Spike's arms he found himself being kissed.
Deeply, and with a surprising mixture of the comfort that comes
with a very familiar touch, and the excitement that always
accompanied Spikes caresses.

Xander marveled how hard Spikes body still was.
Arms, chest, stomach, and, Oh Yes, cock.
Pressing the heal of his hand against the straining bulge in Spikes
new Levi denims he knew he would never get to old to want this.

Xander laughed as Spike's hand instantly started unbuttoning
both their shirts and jeans, pausing only temporarily to fight
with the oversized buckle he always wore so proudly.

Finally naked, Spike began wrestling Xander down to the ground.
Making a weak attempt to wriggle away, Xander asked
"Right here? Right out in the open?"
Determinedly Spike crawled up Xander's body
"Damn right we do it here. Right fuckin' here on our land.
All the little ones are in bed and anybody else comes up
here they are just gonna get a free show.

This is our land, Xan, and I want to fuck you right here on our land"
Xander moaned and jerked his hips upward.
It always went straight to his cock when Spike talked like that,
and he couldn't imagine that ever changing.

Diving in for a deep wet kiss, their tongues, like their bodies dueled to
see who would win the chance to be king of the hill.
As usual, Spike won. Something that surprised neither and pleased both.
"Lift your legs for me, love. Open yourself up so I can see how
much you want me."

With no further persuasion, Xander laid back and pulled his legs up
hooking his elbows under his knees.
"Beautiful. Just fuckin' beautiful."
Then unexpectedly Spike jumped to his feet. Pointing to Xander he
ordered "Don't move!"
And Spike disappeared into the woods.

Still holding his legs Xander lifted his head and called after him
"Uh, Spike? You coming back? We still doing this?"
Off in the distance he heard Spike answer back.
"Be right there, love. You better be just as I left you."
Sighing, Xander dropped his head back down
and continued to expose his hole to wink in the cool mountain air.
Truth be told it felt kinda good.

It took only minutes before Spike was back, a handful of green
plants with muddy roots clutched in his hands. Laughing, and still
holding himself open, Xander watched him drop back
down beside him.
"What's with the bouquet? Really isn't necessary, Spike. I'm pretty
much a sure thing."

"Aloe, pet. Nice and sticky. Gonna rub it all over your sweet
warm little hole so I can slide my hard cock deep inside you.
Then I'm gonna smear what's left on my hand, grab your dick and
hand fuck you while I pound your ass into the green green grass of home."

The entire time Spike was making his speech, he was casually
snapping and oozing the aloe onto the palm
of his hand. Xander was totally speechless, his mouth hanging
open and his eyes big as saucers. When he finally found
his voice his breath came out in a whoosh.

"Jesus, Spike how can you talk like that and not come right on the spot,
cause I gotta tell you I'm struggling to hold on here"
Kneeling between Xander's leg, Spike slid his hand down Xander's
cock slowly till he got to the base then squeezed.

Feeling his orgasm retreat, Xander relaxed as Spike's finger entered
his hole. After so many years together Spike knew Xander's body
better than Xander did, and he played it like it was a fine violin.
He picked it and plucked it and strummed it and hummed it.

Finally prepared, Xander felt Spike slide snugly into him. Both men moaned at the familiar, edgy feel.
Taking his time to find the right angle, Spike started to pick up the pace.
Xander grasped his cock and held it up from his body so that each time
he ran his hand up it the head would smack against Spike's body as he
pushed forward.

Their timing and movements were practiced to perfection.
Each knowing what the other wanted and needed. And just as usually
happened they reached their completion together. Spreading their
seed into and on to the only other one it would ever be shared with.

Slowly pulling out, Spike laid down within the circle of warmth of Xander's
body and love. As they curled up together their semen ran off themselves
and soaked into the fertile earth beneath them.
"I'm to tired to ride back to the ranch, but I'm to cold to stay here.
What are we gonna do, Spike?" Xander yawned.

Reaching up, Spike pulled the wool saddle blanket off his horse
and covered them both up.
"We're gonna sleep right here, Love.
Right here in the center of our universe."
"My hero." Xander mumbled, as they both drifted off.
This epilogue feeds my obsessive need for completion. The sweet
and wonderful Petxnd has suggested that I post short chapters in
the Deadwood 'verse to look at their years on the Sunnydale Ranch.
They will be few and far between, but I believe I would like to do that.
Stay tuned if you are so inclined.

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