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Flip The Script (6A/?)

Title: Flip The Script (6A/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.
You know the drill. Yadda yadda chapter too long.
Part 6B tomorrow.

Chapt. 6A

The rest of the morning was surprisingly relaxed.
Xander talked about his work on the construction site, and
William told him about the library.
They both spoke highly of Willow and William commented how
wonderful it must be to have brothers and sisters.
Xander watched his face as he spoke and wondered if loneliness
was the source of the sadness Will had in his eyes.

As if on cue, Willow came out of the kitchen and
announced she needed to run back to her apartment to take
care of some things.
Xander tried to give her a questioning look, but she
refused to meet his eye.

"I know it's asking a lot, William, but would you mind staying with
Xander till I get back?"
William smiled broadly "Yes, Miss Willow. I would be honored to do
that for you."

After she left they settled back in on the couch.
Eventually Xander noticed William scooting from side to
side on the couch. When it finally occurred to Xander what the
problem was he did his best not to snicker.

He would not have done anything to hurt William's feelings, but
at the same time, he didn't want any equipment damaged.
Equipment that might be needed later.
"William, I have a pair of sweat pants that should fit you. Why don't you change.
You might be more comfortable."

Blushing, William had to admit at this point it was either get out of those skintight
pants or cause himself permanent injury.
He was also trying his best to hide the almost constant hard on
he has had ever since Xander first kissed him.
A hard on Xander was well aware of because he was dealing with one
of his own.

Xander laid out the pants and left the bedroom to give William
some privacy. After a minute or two, though he realized he should have
given him a t-shirt also.
Actually, Xander liked the thought of his clothes covering William's body.
Xander returned, pushed the door slightly open and started to step into the room.

What he saw stopped him in his tracks.
He knew he should leave or speak up, but he couldn't tear his eyes away.
William who was standing with his back to the door had not heard Xander
William was naked from the waist down, revealing the most perfect
ass Xander had ever seen.

Suddenly the term 'untapped riches' popped into his mind.
Along with a whole string of adjectives.
Adjectives that tumbled over each other fighting for order of importance.
Adjectives like soft, round, firm, pale, and high.

Then as if in slow motion, William bent at the waist to step into the pants.
The movement caused the cheeks of his ass to part slightly.
Now Xander's brain took on a whole new vocabulary.

Sniffable, kissable, biteable, fuckable.
Just when he thought he could take no more, God help him,
the unthinkable happened.

William dropped the pants and squatted -SQUATTED - to pick them up.
And there swinging between his legs were the sweet soft fuzzy balls of
Xander's dreams.

Xander could picture himself running into the room, throwing himself onto
the floor, and sliding on his back between those pale legs.
Right into home base.
Right where he could screech to a stop and look up to heaven.
Thankfully before he could act on these urges, time sped up again
and the pants were on.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Xander tapped on the door.
William turned and smiled "Oh Xander, thank you. They are wonderfully soft."
He was sensually rubbing his hands down the front of the flannel pants with
a look of absolute rapture on his sweet face.

'Shit' Xander thought 'Who knew innocence could be so sexy'
"Come on, Baby, let's find you a t-shirt"
"I'm not a baby." William insisted, but the protest was weak and came
with a smile. It was wonderful to have someone fuss over him, especially
after so many years alone.

He felt as though Xander was truly a white knight.
But, he wondered, was he William's white knight.
And could he really save him? No, he knew not even
Xander would stand by him if he ever found out.
William shut that thought down.
He would not give in to it today.
Today was for the right now.
No yesterday, and no, William sighed, no tomorrow.
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