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Need Pt. 2

Need 2

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Bloodplay, Rimming

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: My little PWP is trying to go and grow a plot on me... luckily it's still making with the porn too.

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For the first time in so fucking long, Spike woke up feeling both warm and safe. He couldn't remember the last time he woke up warm, and he hadn't felt safe since the moment he realized what the bloody Initiative bastards had done to him.

Warm arms wrapped around him, held him close, and he snuggled back into them, refusing to think about where he was and who's arms were currently holding him. He couldn't quite remember yet, and remembering hadn't ever brought any kind of good in the past so why try and shake away the good to discover the utterly shite? No, he was going to enjoy whatever, and whoever, this was just as long as he could. Then a warm mouth found its way to his shoulder. Just that quickly, he was hard, and he remembered everything.

Xander Bloody Harris. He was wrapped up in the pathetic git's bed, and in his arms, and what's worse he'd let the little shit control him last night, let him bite a master vampire for Christ's sake.

Suddenly the arms tightened around him. "Someone is thinking too fucking hard for this hour of the day. Quit worrying about last night and get some more sleep."

Half of Spike wanted to curl up and purr at the command and the other was opening it's mouth and... "Get the fuck off me, Harris."


The calm cool and short response threw Spike for a bit of a loop. How did one argue with a two letter reply? Apparently by trying to get loose.

He tried to pull away from the arms locked around him, struggling to get sat up, then stood up, then just bloody well away, but none of those things happened. The arms tightened around him and the teeth that had been pressed against a bite mark on his shoulder bit lightly instead.

"I said 'no' Spike. Stop fucking struggling, its not even close to sunset and you need to rest." Xander said when he removed his teeth from Spike's slightly bloody shoulder. He didn't sound angry, or even that deceptive calm that Angelus liked to use before a particularly vicious punishment. Xander sounded amused, affectionate, and more than a touch sleepy, but not upset in the least.

Spike stopped struggling and lay in the warm arms, his mind trying to figure out what this meant, and where he stood. After what seemed like forever, but was actually three and a half minutes, Xander nuzzled into his throat, kissed where his pulse point used to be and then released his arms.

"I can see neither of us is gonna get anymore sleep today, Spike. The sound of your brain in overdrive is keeping us both up." Before Spike could respond or climb to his feet, Xander was up and over him and moving toward the dingy kitchenette. He pulled a bag from the freezer, tore it open on one corner with his teeth and put it in the microwave. He set the time, and sleepily adjusted himself in his boxers. He peered at the microwave's counter blearily for a moment before slipping off to the bathroom for a 'morning' whiz.

Spike watched all this from the bed, more than a little confused.

Xander wandered back into the kitchenette a little more awake and reached into the cupboard for a cup and a bowl. Shuffling to one side, he pulled out two boxes from another cupboard. Another two feet to the left and he opened a drawer for a spoon. This done he opened one of the boxes and poured himself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, before sliding back to the fridge for the milk. That done he retrieved the bag from the microwave and poured it's contents into the cup. He set the box and the cup on the opposite side of the table and sat down to eat his cereal.

With one foot he shoved out the chair on the opposite side of the table. "Get your undead butt over here and eat, Spike. I don't do breakfast in bed when the breakfast in question is O-positive."

Wrapping the 'big bad' around him like a security blanket, the confused vampire sauntered his way to the table, realizing only halfway there that he was completely naked. Instead of letting the whelp see him uncomfortable, he settled in and slurped his blood, then proceeding to very nearly spit it out when he realized it wasn't the expected pig blood. "This is human!" He said in a shocked little voice.

"I picked up some awhile back, just in case you got hurt. I need you running somewhere at least close to full strength if we're going to get everything done today. I'll see if my source can get more later after I pick up my paycheck."

Suddenly Spike's face closed down, letting no emotion escape. So that was it then, Droopy needed him for something, hence the whole seduction scene last night and the blood today. Well fuck the little bastard, it took more than a handjob and a little bribery to buy off William the Bloody.

"Spike put a fucking stick in those gears, now." Xander said watching him. "I'm not fighting and arguing with you to do me a favor, or bribing you into doing my bidding. Just as soon as the sun sets, we are going to deposit my paycheck. Then we are going to pick up your new blood supply. After that, we are going to meet with a guy I know, to pick up two sets of keys. And in the..." He stopped a moment and squinted at the microwave clock. "five hours we have until sunset, I am going to fuck you senseless, and then pack up anything in this pit worth keeping and load it into my car."

Spike could only stare at him stupidly.


After breakfast Xander pulled him to his feet and led him back over to the bed. With a quick push Spike found himself sprawled across the mattress, with Xander squatting between his spread legs.

When Spike reached for him, Xander caught his hands and held them. "Lay back on the bed and put your hands over your head, Spike."

Spike did as he was told, and suddenly felt Xander lifting one of his pale sharp feet. A finger trailed along the bottom, mapping it with light teasing strokes. Warm lips followed the fingers and kissed the arch of his foot before moving on to his ankles. After the hands and the mouth explored one bony knee, they moved over to his right leg and repeated the process.

When he finished with each lower leg, they were placed on the mattress, feet flat, knees up and spread out, leaving two long stretches of pale inner thigh open to exploration. Xander slowly licked up one thigh and then down the other. The cock laying in the split of those pale thighs was hard and leaking.

Avoiding it entirely, Xander laved his tongue around the heavy balls that lay below it. He slowly sucked each into his mouth, tongue swirling around them for a moment before releasing them with a small plop sound. He reached one hand up to lightly knead and fondle them, as his tongue explored behind them, dancing over the sensitive skin. Spike moaned and reached towards him.

Xander pulled back and looked up the tight body until brown eyes met blue/gold eyes. "Put your hands back over your head, Spike, and don't move them again." There was no anger or threat, just a command given and fully expected to be followed. Spike dropped his hands back over his head, gripping the edge of the mattress to keep his hands in place.

Xander sunk his head back between those pale thighs and began teasing his tongue across the tight hole. He lapped across it slowly, pressing in slightly every few licks. Eventually his hands were massaging each ass cheek while his pointed tongue was slipping in and out of Spike, while the master vampire groaned and struggled not to move under the attention.

Once his vampire was relaxed enough, he slipped his tongue out of his hole and replaced it with a slicked finger. Almost simultaneously, one hand found the right spot inside Spike while the other latched around the base of Spike's cock and started stroking. Half a second later, Xander's hot wet mouth sucked Spike in halfway. He stroked both inside the vampire and along the bottom half of his cock with his fingers, and worked his tongue around the head and foreskin. When Xander pressed that spot inside hard, and grazed the vein on the underside of Spike's cock with his teeth at the same time, the vampire came with a scream before passing out.

Xander licked him clean, tucked the vampire into the bed, and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. That done, he started moving around the basement, packing anything he deemed worthwhile.

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