turtlepower4eve (turtlepower4eve) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fick Serch!

I'm sorry for this but it's driving me nuts!
My computer broke down five months ago and i lost everything.:(
I just got it back(actually i bought a new one)
And since i apparently developed amnesia i can't remember title nor author.
It's not Spander per say (at least not yet). Xander and Spike rescue a demon child and as a reward they get there deepest desire.(or something like that) Xander get's turned into a baby and Spike his caretaker.Fearing the Scoobies reaction Spike runs away with baby Xan, but a sickness makes him seek help at Angel. The Story is a WIP and the last chapter was a Halloween fick. Oh and Spike is dating Lindsey witch Xan don't like at first.
I really love this fic and hate to have lost it. I know it's supposed to be in this archive somewhere but i just cant find it.
Help Please!!!!
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