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Flip The Script (6B/?)

Title: Flip The Script (6B/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.
This is part two of Chapter 6

The rest of the day was spent on the couch. Small talk
and silly jokes. Touches and kisses.
Morning had turned to afternoon and then early evening and
Willow still hadn't returned.

"Do you suppose everything is all right?" William asked all
tucked up under Xander's arm.
"Yea" Xander chuckled. "I think she is staying away so you
will have to stay with me."

William sighed as if he was very put upon. "Well, if I must."
With that Xander pounced and began tickling him mercilessly
knocking William flat on his back on the couch.

That's when they both realized from the large tent in William's
sweat pants, that the tickling had a definite side effect.
Slowly, and mindful of his injury, Xander lowered himself till his larger
body blanketed Williams smaller frame.

William moaned at the wonderful feel of the weight on him.
"Tell me to stop William." Xander whispered.
"Please don't stop. Tell me what to do, Xander." William answered.
"Oh, Baby, all I want you to do is relax and feel good ."

With that, Xander kissed William passionately all the while shifting
his hips till he lined his erection up against Williams.
Slowly he started rocking against him. William gasped.

He couldn't believe the feeling.
It was like a hot liquid fire flowing through his
body and settling in his cock.

Suddenly he stilled "Wait, Xander, stop. I'm afraid I'll...."
"Shhh. Just let it happen, Baby. It's o.k." Xander kissed him
deeply at the same time lifting his hips up just enough
to slip his hand down between them.

He reached inside William's pants and wrapped his hand around
his throbbing cock.
The head was already oozing pre-come.
Xander wet his hand with it and slid his fist up and down
William's hard cock.

William picked up the rhythm of Xander's hand and began
pumping his hips up and down, but before he could reach that glorious
orgasm, Xander let go.

William's dazed eyes flew open and he looked down to see Xander fumbling
with his own sleep pants to free his swollen cock.
"Only one good arm. Remember?" Xander laughed.
"Unless you want to do it for me."
William blushed furiously at the thought of touching Xander.

"Please, yes, Xander." Surprising them both, William grasped
Xander's cock and pressed it against his own. Raising up slightly,
William looked down wanting to see it.

Xander's cock was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
It was larger than his darker,longer, thicker, it felt heavy in his hand.
The feel of them rubbing and sliding together was overwhelming.

Fast was not fast enough.
Hard was not hard enough.
William arched himself thrusting up and against the heavy
hard body above him. None of the ways he had ever touched
himself felt even remotely like this.
He was drowning in the smell, the sound, all of it Xander.

Finally the familiar ache started deep in both their bodies.
William felt it first. Tingling in his spine and up his legs.
He wanted to hold off, hold back. Freezing himself on that
sharp edge of pleasure, he felt Xander's warm breath whisper in his ear.

"Come on, Baby. Let me see you come." Xander's words were
all it took to send him over the edge.
William's back arched and the look of bliss on his face as he
pumped hot come between them shot Xander's orgasm through
him like a rocket.

After catching their breath, Xander slid out carefully holding to the
rim of the condom and looked down at William
"Well, aren't you a real mess."
Will gazed up with a goofy smile. "Yes I do believe I am."

Xander rolled off the couch and held his hand down for William to grab.
Pulling him to his feet he said "Why don't you go on in and clean up.
I'll order a pizza for supper and check on Willow."

"Um. Xander, I'm afraid I have spoiled your flannels"
"You what my what?" Xander laughed when he saw Will was squeamishly
holding the wet sweat pants away from his body.
"Don't worry about it, Baby. There's a whole drawer of them. Just grab
a pair on your way to the bathroom."
Will leaned up, kissed Xander briefly on the lips and headed towards the
bedroom, never letting go of the sticky material.

"Hello?" Willow was just way to chirpy, cause yea, she had caller I.D.
"So hows it going?"
"It's going just fine, smart ass. are you planning on coming back?"
"Oh I'm sorry Xander. I need to stay here tonight to feed my cat.
You two can manage just for one night can't you?"
"Willow. You don't have a cat."
"No, but I always have thought of getting one. Love you. Really like
William. Good Luck , Sweety. And call me tomorrow. I want details!"
With that, Willow hung up before Xander even had the chance to think up
a snappy response.

He sighed and hung up the phone looking toward the bathroom.
It wasn't that he didn't want William there it was just that things were
moving too fast.
He didn't want to scare him off, and Xander knew if they
spent the night together, well, truth was Xander was a man of true
principals but limited restraint.
So after much thought he did the only honorable thing.
He ordered a pizza.

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