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Need 3

Need 3

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Bloodplay, Rimming

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: Xander has always known what Spike needs, now he's going to make sure he gets it.

Previous parts: Previously

Despite passing out and waking up with Xander's mouth on his cock, Spike knew quite a bit of time had gone by. He could tell by the changed quality of light that meant it was nearly sunset. He could also tell by the new state of the basement. Before he'd passed out, the room had been full of character; knickknacks and pictures that spoke volumes about the person who lived here. Now despite still being furnished, the basement looked bare.

Xander rasped his tongue over the head of Spike's cock one more time, drawing a groan from the blonde vampire, then pulled away and started gathering Spike's clothes. He helped Spike dress with the speed and efficiency of a well trained valet. After helping an unusually subdued Spike into his duster, Xander pulled him close and gave him a long slow kiss before leading him out of the basement and to the packed car. Once there, he chivalrously opened Spike's door, and after he was settled in, shut it with a smile.

They sat in companionable silence until after Xander finished depositing his paycheck via ATM. This done, he drove towards a shabby looking building on the outskirts of the UC Sunnydale campus. The sign over the door proclaimed it to be the Sunnydale Blood Bank.

Spike quirked and eyebrow at Xander and finally broke the silence. "I didn't know this sort of place made withdrawals."

"Yeah well, along with the time honored tradition of providing poor college students with beer and laundry money, they do a healthy bit of business with lots of the non-violent demons who need human blood." Xander climbed out of the car. "Come on, Spike. I'll make the introductions."

Spike heard the unspoken 'Let me do the talking.' and decided to let the whelp lead, for now. He followed Xander into the building, quietly watching him all the way inside. They didn't see anyone else on the way in until they came to a worn out looking waiting room where a rather stoned looking girl was sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen ignoring them. After more than a minute without her acknowledging their presence, Xander spoke, his voice quiet, but firm. "We're here to see Mr. Varlin about setting up an account."

Her attitude couldn't have changed faster if Spike had vamped out and growled in her face. She became professional and attentive as she stood and smiled at them. "Of course, right this way, Mr..."

"Harris," Xander supplied in the same quiet firm voice. "And this is my mate, William the Bloody of the Aurelius line."

She shook both their hands and led them to a nondescript door Spike had rather assumed led to a supply closet. Instead it opened into a long hallway that looked to be in much better repair than the waiting room. She led them down the hall to the last door on the left. She stepped inside and Spike could hear her announcing them exactly as Xander had introduced themselves to her.

Suddenly, a heavyset man was rushing out to greet them. "Mr. Harris, Mr the Bloody, please won't you come in." He led them into the room and waited as they each sunk down into the two leather chairs he'd indicated. "Now, gentlemen, what can I help you with this evening?"

"I'd like to set up an account and arrange a standard delivery plan, as well as emergency accessibility for my mate twenty-four seven." Xander pulled out a bank card and slid it across the desk. "There should be more than sufficient funds in that account. Also, at some point in the next few weeks, I'll also be needing storage for several pints of vampire blood. I was informed your service could handle the mystical requirements for long term storage, is this correct, Mr. Varlin?"

The man nodded ecstatically. "You were informed correctly, Mr. Harris. We can certainly take care of all you and your mate's needs."

"Good, I'll be sure to let my boss, Gary, know just how helpful you were, Mr Varlin. Here's the address for the first delivery. I'd like to go ahead and take our first shipment tonight, and start delivery in two days, and every other day there after."

Spike, who was struggling against his very nature to keep quiet while his brain worked overtime to figure out what the hell Harris was playing at, noted the red faced man pale considerably when the whelp dropped his boss's name. Interesting that. He tried to remember anything he might have heard the boy say about his latest boss, but couldn't recall anything. That in and of itself was weird now that he thought about it. The whelp made bitching about his bosses an Olympic sport, he did, but not one word had been said about this one.

"Certainly Mr. Harris." He pushed a button on the fancy phone that graced his desk. "Nancy, please arrange a two day supply sufficient for a Master Vampire, and then start the paperwork for a new account."

Spike could clearly hear her muffled reply of "Right away, Sir."


All in all, they had spent a little over a half hour in the blood bank, and Spike felt the whole thing was handled far to much like an actual bank for his tastes. Paperwork finished, Xander was presented with a Styrofoam disposable cooler. He passed this off to Spike and then led him back to the car.

They were now parking in front of an apartment building in what Spike considered the posh part of Sunnydale. A petite woman rushed over to meet them.

"Mr. Harris, I have everything ready just as you requested. I'll need a signature and a drop of blood from each of you in the appropriate places, of course, and then it's all yours."

"Rita, we worked together on this for months, you can call me Xander." He said with an easy grin.

The woman blushed prettily and suddenly looked years younger, but rushed to speak, "Thank you Mr. Harris, but it wouldn't be appropriate protocol considering. At least while we're on the clock."

Instead of arguing his point, Xander smiled understandingly. "Of course, Rita."

As she produced two sets of paperwork, Xander pulled something from his pocket and before Spike realized what he was doing, proceeded to slice open a small cut on Spike's right index finger. He quickly pressed it to an x on one set of papers, then repeated the process with his own right index finger and the second set of papers. This done he sucked the finger into his mouth for a moment and then signed the page next to the smear of his blood. He handed the pen to Spike who signed next to his own blood smear without taking his eyes off Xander sucking his bloody finger. The minute he was done, both sets of papers were whisked away and a large brown envelope was pressed into Xander's waiting hands.

"Thanks, Rita." He said, before retrieving the cooler from the car and pulling his horny, and very confused mate towards the building in front of them.

Spike followed Xander to one of the elevators. Xander pulled a card out of the envelope and slid it through a reader next to the elevator. The door opened and they stepped inside. Instead of pushing any buttons, Xander just waited as the doors closed and the elevator began to move.

When Spike realized they were traveling down instead of up he sneered towards Xander. "Another bloody basement, eh Whelp?"

"Yeah, something like that." Xander said with a serene smile. Just then the doors opened and the pair stepped into a short hallway with only one door. Xander pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the door. He stepped inside without a word to Spike and left the door open behind him.

Spike stared stupidly at the parts of the apartment he could see. Thick lush carpeting lined the floors, there was a gleam of metal from the kitchen that looked to be stainless steel appliances, and the showstopper, a set of sumptuous leather love seats, a couch, and two recliners, all gathered around a mounted big screen TV. Spike was in Heaven. Almost.

Xander stood a few feet inside the apartment with a cooler full of blood, and all those nifty new toys, and he hadn't invited Spike in. Spike couldn't look at him, refused to give him the satisfaction of begging. Nothing was free and he knew the whelp would certainly want something big for the three words that would grant him access to the wonders taunting him just on the other side of the thresh hold.

Xander watched him for another few seconds before he spoke. "I'm not going to invite you in, Spike."

That brought Spike's eyes to his. It was one thing to make him earn entry, but to show him all this, and then outright deny him, that was more cruel than he gave the bastard credit for.

Spike was trying desperately to pull tatters of the big bad around him, a sneer, an insult, anything, when Xander spoke again. "I'm not inviting you in, Spike, cause your name's on the lease."

Xander enjoyed the stunned stupid look on Spike's face for a moment, before carrying the cooler into the kitchen. A minute or so later, he heard the sound of leather on leather and a vampire falling into lust with a large screen plasma TV.

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