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On The Mend

Title: On The Mend
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult NC17
Paring S/X
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Joss Whedon
if they were mine I would have never put them on the shelf

Summary: Xander is hurt at work. Spike nurses him.

This is my contribution for the wonderful Fall for S/X.

Damn! It's amazing how much pain comes with one of these injuries.
Xander was looking down at yet another ouchie that seemed to map out his existence.
Other people seemed to go from job to job - although god knows he has had his share of those too - or house to house, or even relationship to relationship.

O.k. all bad examples because, yea he did all that.
But still, he did seem to acquire more than his share of wounds.
And the worst part was that this one happened on his job.

Usually they only occurred during his nightly escapades patrolling the glorious Hellmouth.
Since being promoted to supervisor, though most of his job consisted of work behind a desk,and should have been fairly hurt-free.
Yet here he was again, and damn it's amazing
how much pain comes with.......


"Open up Harris! I know you're in there."
"Fuck!" Xander mumbled. "Maybe if I hide..."
"Don't even think about hiding!"
Reluctantly Xander approached the door. He knew without even using the peep hole it had to be the biggest and baddest thorn in his side.

'Why now?' He groaned.
"Go away Spike" Xander leaned in resting his forehead and
the palms of his hands against the door.
"I'm tired. I'm in pain. I'm going to bed." Listening quietly Xander
at first thought maybe Spike had actually done the decent thing and left.

Then he heard an odd sound.

Kind of a clickity tic tap sound.
Before he actually had the chance to sift through his brain and match
up sound with past knowledge, the door swung open and in he came.
Driving his Mini Cooper body in with a Cadillac attitude,
hair resembling something as stiff as a rubber Elvis wig, and
smoking a cigarette that had to be manufactured in a special way
that would cause enough air pollution to contribute to global warming.

"What..How?" Xander stood looking back and forth between Spike and
the door he had just magiced open.
"Lock picks, Moron"
Yep. That was Spike.
Man of few words. Same man who had just deposited his duster on the
back of the chair and headed for the kitchen.

Unfortunately those few words were now
"Fuck, piss water beer and where's the remote?"
Having gone from standing with his head in the fridge to
stretching out on the couch in less than one minute,
he appeared to be making himself at home.

"Get out Spike" Xander stood with his hands on his hips.
He would not be swayed tonight
"What? You think I want to be here? Was sitting over at the
Watchers minding my own when Red starts whining about you
being hurt. Begged me to come take care of you she did.
Like I got nothing else to do. Ungrateful brat."
Spike finished his beer and started to the kitchen for another.

"Hold up Florence Nightingale." Xander followed him into
the next room, watched him raid the six pack of two more
and followed him back to the couch.
"Willow knows what happened to me and I really don't think
she would send you over here"

Spike slammed down his second empty bottle, turned to Xander
and with a very determined expression on his face, announced
"Huh? What?" Xander turned to look over his shoulder
toward the bedroom.
Was his shower running?
He didn't hear anything.
Before Xander could reason out the change in conversation Spike was
snatching at the front of his shirt.

What followed was a blinding flurry of hands.
Spike undressing him and Xander trying to slap Spike's hands away.

Xander was naked.
"Gah! What the fuck, Spike?"
Sighing at having to explain the obvious was something that generally
frayed on Spike's last nerve and besides, patience was not a virtue
that Spike recognized.

" You are injured. We need to clean the injury and put you to bed"
"No, Spike, we don't. Did Willow even explain to you......"

But it was to late. Spike was already in the bathroom turning on the water.
Stomping angrily behind him Xander was stunned at the sight that
assaulted his eyes.
It wasn't the fact that Spike had laid out Xander's favorite robe,
or that he was arranging Xander's best fruity (no pun intended)
shower gel, or that he seemed to know where all of that
was kept that bothered him most.

Although this was definitely something he would think about later.

No, what shocked him most was the fact that Spike was also
naked as the day he was born.
Xander stood frozen in the door way desperately trying to
get the reset button of his brain to kick when he noticed a whole new problem started to arise.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!'
There was no way Spike was going to miss Xander's dick's simple
response to a complicated situation.
"Water's hot. In we go." Spike waved his hand in the direction of the shower.
By this time Xander was frantically trying to catch up and falling further behind.

'O.k. class. Let's review. Naked vampire, check.
Horney human, check.
Imminent disaster, check.
"Harris! Get in the damn shower!"
Knowing what the hold up was, Spike looked
down at a very eager and happy Lil' Xan.
Lil' Xan liked the idea of a shower very much.
A little to much if big Xan thought about it.

So he didn't.
Think about it.
He continued to stand there like an idiot.
Sighing, Spike attempted to put him at ease.

"Look, Xander no big deal, is it? Good looking bloke like me.
It's a man thing. Get naked. Get hard. Don't worry about it.
Now get your ass in the shower before we both freeze to death"
Well now this was more like it. Back in the comfort zone of petty insults.
"First, already dead Spike (Yea, weak, but classic)
Second if I am hard it has nothing to do with you. I must have been thinking about um..."

He was coming up blank.

Fuck! He was also apparently on autopilot because he had just climbed
into the shower and was reaching for the soap when he found himself
slammed up against the shower wall.
Spike dove in.
Tongue, mouth, teeth, lips.
It was the most thoroughly searching kiss Xander had ever experienced.
Lil' Xan was ecstatic. It was the kind of kiss you had to respond to.
It was the kind of kiss that was over way to soon.

"What the hell, Spike. Were you counting my taste buds!?"
"Nothing personal Harris, just checking for infections. Vampire senses
and all. Nasty injury, that. Can taste diseases and such.
Wasn't like I was kissing you, ya know."

"Oh, yea, sure." Xander couldn't explain why that left him disappointed,
but since there seemed to be no logic in any of this, Xander decided to
file it away for later because right now he had bigger fish to fry.

And the trout in question was at this point trying to reach for Spike's
matching - wait a minute.
"Spike" before Xander could put his new concerns into words he was spun
around to stand with his hands and forehead against the wall.
Xander braced himself for the worst. It came in the form of a soft cloth,
a lemony smell and a deep massage.

"Oh my God" Xander groaned.
Knowing Xander couldn't see behind him, Spike relaxed and smiled.
Yea, this was working out better than he thought.
He had really expected to be either out on his ass or dust by now.

Spike continued to rub down Xander's back. Lower back. Buttocks. Between.
"Eep" Xander woke from his stupor. "Kinda personal there Spike"
"Hold on. Don't like the way you jumped there. Let's check for any other injuries"
and in a flash Spike was on his knees, Xander's ass cheeks pulled apart
and Spike's tongue inserted.

"Holy Shit!"
Xander jumped like he was shot. His brain was scrambling to locate
some reality, cause it's not like he had ever had any kind of fantasies that traveled down this road.

O.k. maybe there had been one or two something like this.
O.k. maybe they had been exactly like this.
Yea, road well traveled.

"Jesus, yea, Spike might be some infection there. Don't give up till you find something"
There is a certain point in any given situation where you cross the line
between fighting it and deciding just to go with the flow.
Xander was now flowing nicely. Spike could feel Xander slither, melt and
roll over the line and he knew his goal was finally in sight.

At first Spike did not believe any one could be as oblivious as Xander
appeared, but as the weeks went by and Xander still hadn't realized he
was being pursued, Spike was becoming frustrated.
Then today when the witch had mentioned Xan's work injury
Spike was thrilled.
It couldn't have been more convenient if Spike had wounded him himself.
All that was left was to scoop up the remains, so to speak.

Spike continued to lick suck and nuzzle the warm pink puckered hole.
He let his hands slowly roam up and down
Xander's thighs, thumb nails scraping the crease between thigh and groin
on each up stroke.
Xander arched his back and spread his legs to give Spike
a better area to inspect.
Finally feeling like Xander's defenses were as low and his
cock as high as either were going to get, Spike stood up to
reach for the slick he had hidden there earlier.

"Whoa there buddy, You sure you didn't miss anything down there?"
Xander looked back over his shoulder wondering what had caused the
sudden disappearance of that golden tongue.

Spike smirked 'Oh yea, line nicely crossed' He thought.
"Not to worry, pet. Just concerned the injury might have gone
a little deeper. Be a good lad and hold still while I check things out"

Somewhere on the peripheral vision of Xander's brain were words
floating around.
Words like gay, straight, vampire, and human.
Trying to focus on them, Xander did the only thing he could.
He bent at the waist, lifted his foot up onto the tub ledge and
waited for his life to take a whole new turn.

He didn't have to wait long before the signpost of that turn was
now prodding at his back door.
Spike only needed to knock once or twice before
Xander would open the door and welcome him in.

And yea, Xander knew that was a pretty bad simile, but it
somehow made his first time sound a little more romantic than simply yelling
"Come on Spike. Fuck me now! I'm as goddamn ready as I'm gonna get!"

Surprised, Spike broke into a big grin and answered
"Well o.k. then. Here we go" And he slid in. Not realizing he had said
that out loud, Xander was stunned by the pain, the burn, the shock,
and the need he felt . There was so much emotion that went along with
another person actually being inside his body.

He had no idea.
If it had been anyone but Spike he didn't think he could stand it.
And didn't that realization surprise him.
Before he had a chance to get lost in the feeling, though Spike moved. Xander now knew this new path he had just taken was a road he
would want to revisit often.

As in what is Spike doing later today, tonight, tomorrow....
Spike slowed, held Xander flush against him and whispered in his ear
"Come on love, move with me" Spike reached around and
began stroking Xander's cock.
Xander threw his head back and slowly started moving his hips
back and forth fucking himself on Spike's hand and cock.

Spike's other hand slid up and pinched first one then the other nipple
causing Xander to moan and push back harder.
Spike leaned his chest flat against Xander's back placing
his hands on the shower wall on either side of Xander's head.
He then laid his forehead on the nape of Xander's
neck and just reveled in the feel of his boy frantically fucking
himself back against him.

Feeling Xander start to lose rhythm he knew it wouldn't be
long for either of them. Spike took over, stilling Xander with a hand on his hip.
Spike lifted his foot and placed it on the ledge next to Xander's.
The extra leverage enabled him to pound in even deeper.
Spike reached down between Xander's legs and gently cupped his balls.
He didn't have long to wait till he felt them harden and pull up tight.

" Let it go, pet. Let me feel you come."
Xander couldn't have stopped it if he wanted to.
The sudden rush felt so good it hurt.
Hurt in the 'please hurt me again' way.
That was when he felt Spike flood him with his own release.

After standing there for a minuted or two to catch his breath,
Xander realized he had just experienced what has been called
"The blood loss theory" This is the theory that says the body only contains a certain amount of blood.
When the dick becomes hard and all the available blood rushes to the groin,
the brain ceases to function.
When the blood is no longer needed in the dick it then rushes back to the brain.
The brain then reacts with the first thought being,
"What the fuck did I just do?"

Spike could see all this rushing over Xander's face in the flash of ten
different expressions and he wasn't having it. It had taken him too
long to get Xander over that line and he was not allowing him to cross back.
A concern he didn't need to bother with considering the final look
that had settled on Xander's face when the wheel of feelings had
finally stopped spinning.

He immediately shut off the water, and began briskly toweling them both off.
"Right" Spike announced "Let's get that injury into bed and tend to it properly."
Grabbing two handfuls of butt cheek Spike hustled Xander into the bedroom.
"Hold up, buddy" Xander took a stand. Arms crossed over his still pink and naked body.
Spike stepped back apprehensively.

"I understood a vampire exam included a blowjob. Where's my blowjob?"
Spike laughed, scooped him up and threw him down on the bed.
"Oh I got your blowjob all right, but I'm only so generous. If I give something away I expect it back again"

Xander smiled. "I guess I could give one back. Just one question, Spike.
Did Willow happen to mention that my injury was only a paper cut from an envelope?"
Spike smirked and shrugged "Yea, might have said."
He then dropped down for a demonstration of his generosity.

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