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Xander Mania at Fang Fetish & Just Rewards Launch

We have opened Round Five of the Fang Fetish Awards .

Exclusive to round five we have a character corner dedicated to Xander. Nominate all your Xander-centric favorites in Best Spander, Best Xander characterization, best completed, best sex, etc!

Today is also the grand opening of
Just Rewards

A new archive for award winning fanfiction and authors from the Fang Fetish Awards! The rules are simple: any fiction which has won at the Fang Fetish Awards is eligible and authors who have won three or more seperate awards are invitied to become showcase authors.

The website has 3 catagories to search in and each fic is clearly labeled.
&bull Fiction by Award. Want to see all fics which won best Spander?
&bull Fiction by pairing - Spike/Xander section
&bull Fiction by type - While our biggest categories are canon fics and alternate reality - we also have a smaller selection of supernatural AU, Human AU fics and more!

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