belovedbsb (belovedbsb) wrote in bloodclaim,

FIC Search Please.

Hello, anyone can help please.

I know I just read it not long, but right now I can't remember the story's name or author's name. I try to check back from bloodclaim but can't find it, so I'm not sure if the story search here before.

All I remember...

- Spike and Xander are bond.
- In the end Spike, Xander, have to kill some big demon and Spike give some spell to Giles to break the bond. And Giles give it to Willow and it the big mistake... Spike have a soul (not sure) and Xander have hyena.
- Xander really mad at Willow and said, "You hurt my mate..." or something else..
- But the last Willow come to Xander and apologize about what happened, and Xander can't stay mad at her.
- It's happy ending.

Anyone??? Please. It the story search here before, I'm sorry, but please remind me again.

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