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Need 4

Need 4

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Bloodplay, Rimming

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: Xander has always known what Spike needs, now he's going to make sure he gets it.

Previous parts: Previously

"You know, I've been a good little vamp all day. I kept my mouth shut, for the most part. I signed your ruddy papers, without so much as reading a line of them. I sat real quiet like while you announced to all and sundry that we were mates, which we will be having a conversation about real soon, by the way. I even helped you drag in all that shite you call possessions, without bitching." Xander gave him a look and Spike amended the statement. "Ok without much bitching. Now what I really need to know, is how the bloody hell can you afford a place like this, why is it in my name, and is some bill collector gonna come and try to break my legs when you don't pay the rent?" Spike asked, glaring at a smirking Xander.

"First things first, it's not just in your name. I had things put in both our names so that if something happened to me, you wouldn't have to worry about being thrown out of your home, and so you'd know it was just that, your home. I can afford it cause it's a perk of my new job. This building was the first one my company remodeled specifically for special needs tenants."

"Special needs tenants? You mean like people in wheelchairs or blind people?" Spike asked, curious.

"Actually yeah some of the above ground apartments are designed for those types of special needs. But mostly the building has apartments set up for various non-human special needs. For example, this is one of six below ground apartments, with no windows, and direct access to the covered parking garage. Several of the apartments are designed in larger and smaller scales, to accommodate creatures who don't fall into the human standards in size. All public facilities are warded with non-violence spells. All private residences are warded so no one intending to harm the owners, another reason to have your name on the lease, by the way, can get in the front door. Um, some apartments have alternate types of food prep areas, and several have alternate 'bedroom' designs."

"This is too bloody priceless, this is. The Slayer's brown eyed boy has been spending his nights killing demons, and 'is days building them places to live. Aren't you seeing a bit of a conflict of interest there, pet?" Spike asked, amused.

"It's not exactly like that, Spike. Yeah there might be a malevolent demon or two who take up residence here, but the end the world types tend to make their own lairs. Our buildings are designed for the live and let live crowd. Non-humans who just want their own version of the American dream. And if Buffy should happen across that sort of 'demon'... well more than one creature of the night has 'accidentally' escaped because of my clumsiness."

"That's right bloody sneaky that is, pet." Spike said with an appreciative gleam in his eyes. "So, your company caters to the non-human varieties, how does that translate into a glorified bricklayer such as yourself, affording something this posh?"

"Well glorified bricklayer isn't quite accurate these days, Spike."

"Course it's not, pet. So why don't you tell me what is accurate, yeah?"

"Well my current official title is 'Vice President in Charge of Special Projects' and basically it means any jobs in the company that fall into the category of 'supernatural' go through me. This being Sunnydale, there are a lot of projects that fall into that category."

"So how'd you go from bricklayer to Vice-president, pet? That seems like quite a leap even to me."

"I started noticing some of the unusual designs going into this place, and I got curious; figured it was something Hellmouthy. Just as soon as I could manage it, I snuck a peek at the paperwork and the plans. I got caught."


"And instead of stammering and or making some bullshit moral stand, I pointed out several places where they were missing opportunities."

"Opportunities?" Spike asked, drawn into the story now.

"Well for one thing, they had certain areas designed for larger non-humans, but the alterations that allowed for the larger spaces left a bit of negative space in the building design. I pointed out that those smaller areas could easily hold several apartments for smaller non-humans. I pointed out that several creatures didn't like sunlight and that the basement and subbasement spaces they were ignoring could easily be transformed into more apartments. I also pointed out the selling factor of wards, home safety sells, you know."

"Nice job, pet." Spike said, clearly impressed.

"You weren't the only one who thought so. My boss passed the ideas up the line, and when Gary got wind of it, I got pulled in to talk with him. He had the architect start implementing several of my suggestions in a redrafted design plan. He showed me other projects in the planning stages. I pointed out some of the things his designers missed, or didn't realize, and apparently I impressed him, cause he offered me a bonus, based on a percentage of the money my suggestions would make for the company, and a promotion. He found out I was looking for a place and offered me a choice of locations. I think I really shocked him when I picked this place." Xander said with a smile.

"Why this place then?" Spike asked.

"Because it had the best features for my mate." Xander said with a smile.

"Ok, I think we need to talk about that now, Xander. Just why do you keep calling yourself my mate. When it comes to a vampire, there are certain things we have definitely not done yet, that are requirements for me taking you as a mate." Spike wasn't sneering now, just curious and confused.

"We aren't mates yet according to your... well faith for want of a better term, but we are by mine." Xander said quietly. "Your alpha presented me to you, and you didn't refuse me. You accepted my claim bite, and you've allowed me to provide for you, to keep you safe. According to my hyena you're my mate and my responsibility." Xander finished fiercely.

"So I'm just supposed to accept this? Just supposed to allow some human to claim me as his property? And what the bloody fuck do you mean by hyena? And when the hell did my alpha present you to... Oh fuck, you mean the poof, don't you? That night in the hallway. You bleeding idiot he was offering you up as a snack... a trick snack at that."

"That doesn't matter to the hyena. And I'm not 'some human' and you're not my property. You are my mate and my equal. I have been studying you for years, planning and working so that I'd be able to give you what you need and claim you."

Spike stalked forward until he was right in front of Xander. "And just what the hell is that supposed to mean, whelp? 'What I need' What the fuck do you know about what I need? And what makes you think you could possibly provide it?" He snarled, infuriated now.

"I know exactly what you need Spike. You needed it as a human, and you needed it as a demon, and none of the idiots that had the chance could give it to you. You need to be loved and taken care of. You need to be put first by someone who loves you."

Spike opened his mouth, without any idea what was going to come out, but before he could speak, Xander continued.

"But that's not what you meant is it? I also know you've been starving since the Initiative. Not only is the pig's blood almost useless for healing you up, it's also barely keeping you alive. Buffy and Willow may not realize it, and Giles may not care, but I do, and I can finally do something about it. I know your demon was slowly going nuts being without a safe place of it's own, and I did something about that too."

Spike's leaned back and just looked at Xander for a moment, his face unreadable. "So you thought you'd provide me with all the things, right? And then what? I'd just fall into your bed? Beg to be your little kept boy?"

Instead of getting embarrassed, as Spike had fully expected, Xander smirked at him. "That's right, Spike." He said leaning into Spike's space. "I did all this so I could get in your pants. That's why I was already in them before you knew a thing about any of this." Xander stepped froward and cupped his hand over Spike's hard cock, before he continued talking. "That's why I bit you, and why I stroked you until you exploded all over my hand. That's why I got down on my knees and explored your body with my lips and tongue, and then sucked you till you filled my mouth up with your cum. That's why I did it all, right, without having you so much as touch me cause I'm just greedy like that, you know, thinking only of what I want."

In that moment, with Xander's hand stroking him through denim, and his husky voice repeating all the things he'd done, Spike had an epiphany. Not one of his lovers had ever given like the man in front of him. Angelus had been all about pain and control and frankly seemed to get even worse if he so much as thought Spike enjoyed something. Dru, ripe plum that she was, did try, but he could never live up to 'Daddy' and that knowledge leeched most of the enjoyment out of things. Harmony? Bloody chit was the epitome of a greedy lover, and for a vampire, she seemed to think a lot of things were 'icky'. How the hell could he have more than a hundred years of sexual experiences, and not have one come even close to the twenty year old boy in front of him.

He saw the hurt cross Xander's face as he finished speaking, and felt him pull his hand away. Spike did the only thing he could; He reached one hand up to Xander's neck and pulled him into a kiss. He slid his other hand out and under Xander's shirt, mapping out the body he'd barely touched before. He could feel Xander's hard cock against one hip and slid himself around until his cock was pressing against it. Xander moaned into his mouth, and Spike pulled back. He looked at Xander for a long moment. The dilated eyes, the kiss swollen lips, the panting all combined to make the boy, no the man in front of him one of the most beautiful creatures he'd ever seen.

"Which way to the bedroom, pet?" Spike asked quietly.

Xander could only point toward the proper door.

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