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Flip The Script (9/?)

Title: Flip The Script (9/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret.

Xander sat up first on his knees then back onto his heels mirroring William.
Facing each other on the bed, Xander decided that he was going to make
sure Will's first time would be wonderful.
None of the pain or embarrassing fumbling he had gone through
as a teenager with his next door neighbor, Andrew.

"Your body is beautiful, baby.
I can't wait to touch it, taste it, smell it,
and hear you when I make love to you."

Xander leaned forward and ran the back of his finger
up the underside of William's cock.
Will's breath hitched and his cock twitched .
William couldn't take his eyes off of it.
He had always liked to watch his own cock, preferring to
only jack off with the lights on and imagining it was someone
else holding him and pleasing him, but now it seemed like the
most important thing in the world to watch because now he was
watching Xander.

Every nerve in his body was focused on the feel of his cock,
which was now trying to nod it's little head in Xander' direction.
Will almost expected Xander to put on a turban, pull out a flute and
start blowing a tune in his direction like a snake charmer.

Did he just think 'blow?'
"Oh God" Will groaned.

"Wait till after and see if I have earned the title" Xander chuckled
Reaching over Xander cupped his hands behind Will's head.
They both rose to their knees and pressed their bodies together.
Xander kissed him deep and hard.
Thrusting his tongue in Will's mouth, it didn't take
long before Will was trying to devour Xander's tonsils.

Together they tumbled down, surprisingly with
William landing on top.
Xander slid his hand around and cupped Will's ass
squeezing the cheek while grinding their cocks together.
Using his feet flat on the bed as leverage, Xander pushed up
and flipped them both over.

Grasping a handful of blond curls roughly in his fist, Xander turned
Will's head to the side so he could kiss, lick and finally
bite a trail from ear to neck to shoulder.
Using his hand to then pin Will's wrist to the bed, Xander
started working his way south.
First stop on the map was nippleville.
Xander licked and sucked the left one to a hard nub.
He then drove next door and started on the right.
After he had them both wet and stiff, he went back and flicked first
one then the other with just the tip of his tongue.
The light tickle feeling against nerves that were screaming was maddening.
Instinctively William spread his legs further and jerked his hips upward
trying for some contact and relief.

"Xander" William breathed
Xander looked up and was caught off guard by the look of worship in
Will's face.
Returning his focus to the job at hand, Xander licked a stripe down the
center of William's chest to his belly button.
At first sight it had seemed William's body was almost hairless,
but Xander's tongue could taste and feel the fine blond hair.
It was amazingly erotic.

Scooting himself down, Xander planted the same type open mouthed kiss
on Will's belly button that he had given his mouth.
Finishing it off with a nip to the skin just below.
William jumped at the slight pain of the bite.
A jerk that caused his cock to bump Xander's chin.

Leaning back, Xander took the time to really examine the
gift in front of him.
It was perfect.
Straight, pale, hooded (which was unexplored territory for Xander)
and bubbling fluid at the tiny pink slit.

"Are you just going to just look at it?"
"What did you want me to do with it?" Smiling, Xander asked
William blushed from head to toe. A lovely pink hue that made
Xander want to gobble him up.
Which really he planned to do anyway.

"Say it William. I want to hear the words come from your lips"
Summoning up all his courage William looked straight into Xander's eyes
and said
"I want you to suck me, Xander.
I want to feel you wrap your lips around my dick and
slide it into your mouth."

"Oh holy fuck!"
'Well that was unexpected' Xander had to look away to keep
from coming right on the spot.
Hearing those words come out of that innocent mouth was causing
Xander's cock to threaten mutiny if it wasn't going to be allowed
to shove its way into Will's ass with in the next 5 min.

Calming himself the best he could, Xander continued with the task at hand.
Slowly he licked a strip from root to tip pressing his tongue against
the thick vein.
Opening his mouth, and without further hesitation, Xander
swallowed him down.

Pulling his knees up and placing his feet flat on the bed
William gave himself over completely to the need of his body.
Both hands grabbed handfuls of Xander's hair, and he held
on as Xander's head bobbed up and down.
Sucking the shaft down till the head bumped his throat, Xander
held it there.

Reveling in a smell that he knew was entirely William, Xander let
it slide back out till only the head was gripped firmly between his lip.
Dipping his tongue into the slit he hungrily tasted the come that
was steadily dribbling out.
Gripping his hair tighter now William harshly whispered "Stop"
'Oh hell no. Please don't tell me he changed his mind' Xander prayed.

"Please, Xander. I'm trying so hard not to come."
That's when he noticed William was tense to the point of trembling.
He released William's now nearly purple cock from his mouth
"Shhhh" Xander backed off "Let's slow it down, baby"

Leaning in Xander kissed Will deeply, searchingly, but not
touching any other part of his body. Reaching over to the
bedside table Xander opened the drawer and took out a condom
and small tube of lube.
He made sure William could see them, but didn't detect any fear
or hesitation so he continued.

"Ready?" He asked.
"Yes, please. I don't even care if it hurts."
"Oh, baby, I'll do my best not to hurt you."
"Yes, well, so far you best has been more than satisfactory."
William chuckled, easing the tension.

Xander reached down and held William's sac in his hand, slowly
rolling the balls and feeling their weight. Releasing them, he then
scooped some thick lube onto his fingers and smeared
it down the soft skin between balls and ass, pressing on that skin as
he went.
Finally reaching his goal, Xander circled, pushed and teased the
hole without ever entering.

William felt like he was being swept along on a flood tide.
Drowning in feelings and emotions he'd had never delt with before.
How often had he read in his books how all this worked?
He knew all of the mechanics of it.
He had masturbated to the illustrations of it.
Nothing had prepared him for the reality.
Nothing could prepare him for or compare to Xander.
Sensing he was drifting off somewhere, Xander paused.
"Stay with me here, baby."

William's eyes shot open "Oh I am very much with you"
He answered, his breath coming in short pants.
"Good" Xander smiled "Cause this is a participation sport.
How about you join in by sliding this on me." Xander handed
the condom to William while never removing his fingers
from William's tight hole.

Looking back and forth from the condom to Xander's cock,
William was at a loss.
This was one thing he had never researched.
Xander groaned, each step reminded him that this was William's first.
Each thing Xander did had never been done to William before.

Xander had an overwhelming urge to spurt come all over
William then possible pee on a tree and mark all territory in the
neighborhood as his.
He was feeling very much the king of the jungle

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