meretrix (laisserais) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Search: Jethro Tull

Hi All-

Here's a tough one: Can anyone tell me the name of the fic where Spike likes Jethro Tull?

ETA: I do remember that this is part of an argument about music. Xander doesn't know who they are, and Spike says that the Tull is a classic.

I believe there is a bit of angst, but mostly sweetness. It focuses on their relationship, and that they're living together in Xander's apartment, which they may have been forced to do. Also, I'm pretty sure it was a long fic.

That's seriously all I can remember. Except that it was funny, and it was S/X.

Thanks, you guys rock! (and I promise to bookmark better) ;)
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