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Need 7

Need 7

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Bloodplay, Rimming, Bondage

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: Xander has always known what Spike needs, now he's going to make sure he gets it.

Previous parts: Previously

Xander expected Angel to make it to Sunnydale that night. What he didn't expect was for Angel to make it to his front door that night. After all, none of the gang had actually been to his new place yet, and only Willow and Tara even knew he was planning a move. He certainly hadn't left a change of address with his parents.

He had underestimated the ability Angel had for being a pain in the ass. He'd spent the rest of last night brooding over his wayward childe, and most of the day harassing his minions, and boy did Xander so not want to be the one to inform Cordelia that most demons saw her as a minion, into doing a locator spell. Well actually several locator spells, since Angel couldn't figure out just how Spike could be moving so much during the day.

Having just gotten off his barely used cellphone, Angel rushed his souled ass right to Spike's last known location. Unfortunately he couldn't beat Spike's where abouts out of the building's security guard, thanks to the no violence spell. Instead he'd offered three insulting, and one well over the top bribes. Instead of a location, the guard dialed up the buzzer in their apartment, and informed a very irritated Xander that he had company in the form of one Mr. Angel, who was in fact looking for a Mr. Spike.

Xander ok'ed Angel's entrance into the building, asking the guard to give him directions and to activate the elevator. Xander started back across the living room, naked, but then a smirk slowly formed on his face and he went to the front door and opened it wide. That done, he walked into the bedroom with a smile on his face. He left the bedroom door open and proceeded to tease and torment a tied up and gagged Spike, until they both thought they'd burst.

The pair, drenched in each other's pheromones and probably more than a little bodily fluid, sauntered back to the living room together a half-hour later. Both wore similar half buttoned jeans, bare feet, and satisfied smiles. Smiles which grew in the face of one irate master vampire, glaring in at them from the other side of the doorway.

"I'd invite you in, Angel, but it wouldn't do any good right now. The wards keep out anyone planning on doing harm to the owner, and well right now you look like you're just overflowing with harmful thoughts." Xander said before dragging a stool from the counter over in front of the door. "So, how's L.A. been treating you?" He asked in a polite, yet bored tone.

"Harris, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Angel hissed at him.

"Right now? I'm making small talk with my vamp-in-law." Xander said with a smirk.

"Harris!" He barked again.

"I'm guessing you haven't come to give me and Spike a wedding present. So that just leaves 'coming down here to stake Spike', since you figure he's got his chip out and is a danger to your pet slayer. Well let me just save you the time, Deadboy. Spike's chip is working just fine."

"How can you say that, Xander? Spike made you his consort, that means he had to bite you to do it."

"Have you always been this stupid, or is there something in the smog in L.A.? First off I let him bite me. In fact, the first time I put my wrist in his mouth, after I bit him. And second, the chip only works on humans, something I haven't been for a long time, if ever. After all the Harris family tree has a lot of twists and knots along the way."

"Xander, he's dangerous, and if he can bite you..." Angel trailed off when he saw what the pair were up to.

Spike was pressing his back against Xander's stomach. Xander had one hand twined in his wavy hair, holding his head to one side, while he ran his tongue over a bite mark on Spike's shoulder. When Xander bit down, drawing blood, Angel's demon rose up. 'How dare that arrogant little shit bite his childe?'

With a smirk towards Angel, Xander pulled back and ran his tongue across the bloody wound. He spun Spike around so they were facing each other and tilted his neck to one side, offering Spike his claim. Without hesitation, Spike bit down hard and true. He took a mouthful and then licked across the mark. Without so much as a glance in Angel's direction, their lips met and they shared a bloody kiss.

Angel stood at the door in gameface growling.

Xander broke their kiss and sneered in Angel's direction. "Considering you're the one who started all this, Angel, you might wanna put a sock in it."

Shaking off his gameface, he growled at Xander, "What do you mean I started this?"

"You presented me to Spike. Spike didn't refuse me. He became the hyena's chosen mate. It just took me awhile to become worthy enough to claim him."

"The hyena? Your possession's back?" He started pacing in the hallway.

"My possession never left completely. I'm no more possessed today than I was last month or last year." Xander said calmly.

"Last year you weren't biting vampires and taking them as mates." Angel countered.

"Of course I wasn't, idiot. I just told you I had to become worthy to take my mate. My hyena bits require that I can provide for my mate... that I can provide for him, and that I can protect him."

Angel sneered at Spike. "So that's it huh, Spike? This is what's to become of the 'Big Bad'? A neutered house vamp?"

Before Spike could respond, Xander was at the door with his hand on Angel's throat. "Come in Angel." He said before jerking the surprised vampire into his home and punching him in the face. "You don't talk to him that way." He said quietly before throwing Angel to the floor and stepping back. "Not that it's any of your business, asshole, but Spike is my equal, my mate, just like I'm his equal, his consort. But then again I guess you would think that way. I mean Buffy... Cordy... Darla... Remind me again, Deadboy, who wore the pants in those relationships?"

Spike wore an expression somewhere between utter devotion and intense glee, as he watched his consort tear his sire a new one. The only thing that could make this show any better would be a tub of popcorn... and maybe a few hot pokers for old time's sake.

Angel was back on his feet and charged towards Xander, infuriated despite himself. This time it was Spike who threw him to the floor. "You don't go near him, Peaches." He snarled, all traces of humor gone in the face of a threat to his consort. Xander stepped up to stand next to Spike, their bodies unconsciously moving to compliment each other.

"Spike has been helping us for months now, picking up the slack you left by running off to L.A. Despite Buffy beating the crap out of him whenever she's PMS'ing, and the rest of us treating him like shit, he stayed. The chip didn't have crap to do with it. 'Ooh he can't hurt a human' So the fuck what. The fucking master was trapped behind a magic wall for who the fuck knows how long, and he still managed to run Sunnydale. Spike could easily have taken back this town and just ordered up our heads on a platter. He had the kind of inside information any non gel wearing idiot could easily use to destroy Buffy's entire support system, even if he didn't take out the slayer herself, and he didn't do it.

Instead, he stayed around; he helped, in his own snarky way, mainly cause if he just gave us the information Buffy wouldn't believe him. He put up with the threat of the Initiative, being chained up in Giles' bathroom, starving on barely enough pig's blood to keep a mosquito alive. He went out night after night to help us, despite the fact that he was completely helpless to any human who felt like giving him a hard time. Through all that he stayed, he helped. Meanwhile, you can't get a leg over with Buffy, and you run away. Still wanna sit there like the better man?"

"But he's not a man, is he, Xander?" Angel asked, from his spot on the floor.

"He's a man with a demon, Angel. Just like you."

"He doesn't have a soul."

"And yet I still trust him without a soul more than I do you with a soul... funny that. You seem to be missing a major concept here, Angel. I know exactly who and what Spike is. I know the things he's done, and I know the things done to him, and most important of all, I know that I love him. Nobody's getting hurt here, Broodboy, and you're not needed to swoop in to the rescue."

"I don't know why I even bother." Angel said bitterly as he climbed to his feet.

"Because you want to impress the Buffster, cause you're a glutton for punishment, or maybe cause your a sanctimonious prick and you just really like to seem all heroic and manly, by keeping your children under your thumb." Xander said with mock cheer.

"Xander, it's not like that, with vampire childer." Angel started, but Xander cut him off.

"It's exactly like that. I know a few things about crappy parental figures, Angel, and you definitely qualify for the title. And I don't mean the normal run of the mill childe, sire stuff. Cause for vampires, that stuff is normal. But you abandoned them. You let that bitch Darla run you out and left them, you could have helped Dru without Spike having to force your hand, and later you could have saved Spike months of being in that fucking wheelchair, but you chose not to. You could have rode your sorry ass down here to look into the Initiative, and if you couldn't bring yourself to unchip him, you could have at least made sure he was getting fed. But no, Angel, you sat on your oh so fucking precious laurels, while your childe was being terrorized by the food, while he was starving and prostrating himself to the enemy to survive another night."

While he was ranting, Xander had been pacing around the room, getting angrier and angrier. When he finished talking he stood behind the counter and glared at the vampire standing guiltily in front of him.

"I did what I thought was right." He started, trying to avoid looking at Spike or Xander. "How was I to know things were that bad for him here?"

"You're right, 'how were you to know'. I mean it's not like you could, oh I don't know, call and ask, right?" When Xander spoke again, his voice was totally cold. "I'm going to help you out, Angel. Cause I really think you deserve help with this. I mean they say knowledge is power right? So I'm going to make sure you know what he went through."

Angel jerked his eyes up to look at Xander just as the Initiative issue tazer in his hand went off.

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