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Flip The Script (10/?)

Title: Flip The Script (10/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

Finally with a little instruction and work the condom was on.
This time Xander had to stop. All that touching and
rolling had nearly been his undoing.

After a few moments of deep breathing and
thinking about the time he accidently caught his grandparents
together in the shower, he was able to locate that delicate line between control and total deflation.

Leaning forward, Xander dove in for a heated devouring kiss, distracting
William enough to slide this thumb into the tight hole.
This time even Xander wondered if he would fit. He had very little
experience with virgins and the last thing he wanted to do was -
ha ha - fuck this up.

Pulling out and scooping more lube, Xander slid this thumb back in
and tugged at the rim muscle.
Suprisingly and thankfully he could feel Will relax.

"Let's try, Xan. Please. I'm ready to try."
"O.k., baby. We can try, but if it hurts, we stop. I need you to roll over, Will. As much as I want to see your face we can't this time.
My shoulder is too hurt to put your legs over.
Maybe in a week or so when it heals some we can do that, but for now....."

"No!" William snapped back immediately. He knew if this was to be his
only time with Xander he wanted it all planted deep in his memory.
He wanted to see the expression on the other man's face when
they were both lost in their own pleasure.

"Please, tell me what I can do. I need to see you, Xan." William pleaded.
His face so earnest, so open. His eyes so blue and trusting.
Xander was lost.

He knew his heart was in too deep this time.
Thankfully in the past there had always been a cavernous gap
between his heart and his dick.
A fuck and a farewell.
The perfect combination, and as much as he enjoyed the company of
several of the men he had been with he had never wanted more.

But somehow William had built a bridge over that gap and was now
dancing back and forth.
The sudden realization of love flushed through Xander like molten lava.
Liquid lava that was settling in his balls and begged for the chance
to erupt through his cock.

"O.k., Sweetheart, let's give it a try."
Removing his thumb and using more lube he coated both his
condom covered cock and William's hole, inside and out.
He then lifted one of William's legs around his waist and
raised his hips off the bed.

William ran his hands up and down Xander's straining arms
just feeling the strength in the muscles. He had never known a
man like this let alone touched him.
Xander was everything William's love stories promised he'd be.
Pressing his cock head against the entrance to William's body, he asked

"Ready, Baby?"
Smiling, William answered "Ready."
Centering the sore, swollen head against the impossibly tight hole,
Xander pushed. Just as he was begining to think it just wasn't going to go, it popped through.

Both men gritted their teeth.
Xander to keep from coming and William at the sudden burn and sharp pain.
"Will? You o.k?" Xander asked, concerned by the look on his face.
"Yea, just go slow, alright?"
Smiling, Xander couldn't do much more than nod.

Slowly he began just rocking. Easing himself in inch by inch.
Finally he was fully seated.
William thought he was being split in two.
He had not imagined the pain would be so deep.
He was enormously grateful.
It meant he would still feel Xander in him for days.
Whenever he stood, or walked, or sat he would remember this moment.

Finally feeling as though he was as ready as he would ever be,
William started moving, encouraging Xander to thrust.
The first few felt good. Almost more to his heart and soul than his body,
but then Xander had lifted him just a little more or twisted him just a
touch to the side or.......whatever, but

Something inside William exploded in bright lights.
"FUCK! Xander"
Chuckling Xander asked "Is that it, baby? Did we find the good spot? Feel it?"
Xander slammed his cock into William's prostate on nearly every thrust.
"Xander, I can't hold back any more"

'Oh thank god' Xander thought. It had been all he could do not to come
as soon as he slid home.
"Come on, baby. I want to see you. Wrap your hand around your cock and
let me see you come."
No sooner had he said that then William grasped his cock in his hand
and squeezed.

He came immediately.
"Jesus, baby yea, ride it out, Will."
Xander could not take his eyes off the man beneath him as his whole body
was awash in the convulsions of orgasm.
Holding Will's hips as high as he could, Xander shoved his cock in
deep and pumped it out.
His only regret was that the condom prevented his come
from bathing the inside of Will's body, to stay in and slowly drip out for hours.

Gradually the spasms grew less and less.
Both men relaxed and fell to the bed.
Holding the base of the condom, Xander withdrew and removed it.
Tying it off he tossed it inthe direction of the trash can.
Two points.
Rolling back over to face William, he saw
the tear that rolled down from his eye.
"Will, baby, are you o.k.? Did I hurt you? Do you want
me to check and see if you are bleeding?"

Xander tried to push Will to his stomach, but he wouldn't budge.
"No, Xan, I'm fine. It was just a little overwhelming. It was wonderful.
I'm sore, but I wouldn't have it any other way,"
"Each time will be a easier." Xander yawned "Just wait and see"
Xander rolled over onto his back and tugged William up close to
his side.
Drifting off he thought he heard Will say
"Thank you, Xander. I love you"
But he wasn't sure.
I might have been a dream

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