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Flip The Script (11/?)

Title: Flip The Script (11/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

It was one of those picture perfect mornings.
Birds singing, sun shining, bed still smelling of sex. Yea, doesn't
get much better than that.
Xander stretched cautiously to test the amount
of pain he was going to feel from his injury and was delighted
to find that it was not much more than an ache he could
easily live with.

Eager to share the warm glow he was still basking in,
Xander reached over to pull Will in close to him.
Who knows, maybe an early morning wake up call might be
on the menu of the Let's Suck a Dick cafe.

Frowning, Xander found only empty space and a cold bed.
Will must have left a long time ago.
Xander sat up and looked around the room.
The spot on the floor that had contained William's clothes was empty.
Which meant he left still wearing the sweat pants, but took his own clothes.

'If he did all that in the dark of last night, he really couldn't wait to get out of here.' He thought
Confused and disappointed, he jumped up to pull on his pants and head to the kitchen for coffee and a serious rethink.

Padding barefoot out of the bedroom he jerked his foot back when he realized he had stepped on something.
'What the hell is my wallet doing on the floor?' He wondered
Only after picking it up did he see that it wasn't his at all.

'Damn. Will must have been in a hell of a hurry to get out of here.'
Xander stood in the middle of the room for quite some time trying to
decide what he should do about both last night and the wallet.
After much consideration, he did the one thing he always did.

"Hi. Willow, it's me."
"Hey you. What happened last night? Was it wonderful?
I'll bet it was wonderful.
Was it? Come on, tell me everything. Hey.
Why are you up early and not snuggling?
Xander. What happened?"

"Well if you would give me a chance I'll tell you. First....."
"No! Stop! This is face to face stuff. I need to see your eyes when you tell this.
Put on the coffee and I'll be there in 15 min."

Thank God for Willow. He really did need her here for this. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he got.
Generally he couldn't throw them out fast enough, now when he wanted someone to stay they slipped away in the night like a thief.
Shit. Was it that bad? Was he that bad? Had he read the whole situation wrong?

15 minutes later found the coffee perked and the knock on the door.
"Good Grief Willow!" Xander laughed. "You could have taken time to get
dressed and combed your hair."
"Yea, well you have seen my flannel jammies before and my hair will fall into place eventually. This is more important. Spill, Xander!"

Taking in the sad look in his eyes and the fact that he was alone,
Willow knew something had not gone as planned.
She placed her hand over his and ask quietly, "What happened Honey?
Did something go wrong?"

Xander dropped down into a kitchen chair and fought hard to keep the
tears at bay as he told her everything that had happened - well almost everything - finishing up with the part about finding the wallet on the floor.

Willow poured the coffee and sat down beside him.
"It was perfect, Wil. He was so sweet and innocent. He had never - you know - before.
After, we kissed and cuddled. It all felt so right. I know
it's only been a short time, but I think he might be the one.
I thought he felt the same way.
Then this morning he was just gone. Why do you think he left?"

"Maybe you should go ask him."
"How am I supposed to find him?"
"Oh for heaven's sake. You have his wallet Xander. Didn't you even look inside?"

Surprised he hadn't even thought of it Xander jumped up from the table and rushed back into the bedroom.
Returning to the kitchen, he held it in his hand as though it were gold.

"I feel kind of funny snooping in it." Xander said turning it over and over again.
"Then give it to me. I'll do it" Willow reached to try to snatch it out of Xander's hand, but he was to quick for her.
"No you won't." He said snapping it back away from her.
Then carefully, and reverently he laid it on the table in front of him, and pushing his cup of coffee away, he opened it.

First thing he noticed were the pictures. Or lack of them. There were two.
One was an older picture. A woman
She had William's delicate features and light hair.
Although the picture was black and white, and worn from age, there was no doubt that this had to be his mother.
She was young in the picture. Young and happy.
The other picture was tucked into the same clear folder. Back to back.

It took only a moment for Xander to recognize the picture.
It was him.
It was Xander's own face that smiled up at him.
It was his senior picture that had obviously been cut out of the high school year book.
It would not have been hard to find.
There were copies of the school book everywhere. In libraries, schools,
he had even seen them in the local flea markets.
It didn't even matter to him where William had found it,
only that it was there.
Xander wanted desperately to understand the implication of it.

He wanted - no - needed to find William.
Willow was standing behind Xander and watching as he looked through what must have been an accurate resresentation of William's life.
Her heart ached as something inside told her he was as empty as this wallet.

It seemed appropriate that it was Xander who opened and discovered it's state.
Empty, yet the pictures showed a need to love and have someone fill it with
hope and promise.

Further examination found $2.00 and a small slip of paper written in Larry's hand.
The paper contained Xander's phone number and had been carefully folded and
tucked away.
There were three items in the card section.
A library card from Sunnydale University in the name of William Barton
An employee identification card from the same place and issued to Will
The last card was a California drivers license listing all the information
Xander had been seeking.

Also interestingly enough was the fact that all three cards had been
issued only last year, so apparently Will had not been here in California long, but that was something that was low on Xander's list of questions to be answered.

Right now he had feeling that Will needed him and that time was of the essence.
With everything lovingly and carefully put back where it was,
Xander closed the wallet and laid it back down on the table.

"Give me 10 minutes to get dressed. Oh, and Willow, go put on some
sweats and a t-shirt and comb your hair.
As much as I like the jammies with angels and devils on them,
I don't want to upset Will any more than he already is."
Sticking her tongue out at her brother, Willow did as he asked.
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