Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in bloodclaim,
Debris K.

Spanderish chat, anyone?

Hi y'all,

I had a great time chatting this weekend in another fandom and thought why not get folks together for a Spanderish chat session, as well?

After some playing around on my site (tSFAMA) I got a chatroom going here. This is its first public appearance, so don't be surprised if you find it completely empty.

Anyone interested? Please check out the tSFAMA chatroom before passing judgement on it. Thanks.

Now, to find out if and when a chat session could take place.

Take the poll and tell me what you think.

ETA: I've added a time table for the proposed chat times here. Make sure you know which timezone is yours.

darkhavens, I hope this is OK. If not, I'll be really really repentant and never do it again, promise!
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