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Need 9

Need 9

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: D/s, Bloodplay, Rimming, Bondage

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary: Xander has always known what Spike needs, now he's going to make sure he gets it.

Previous parts: Previously

Angelus was contemplating all the things he was going to do to Xander Harris just as soon as he got out of the chains holding him down, and his pansy ass do-gooder soul wasn't trying to stop him for once. In fact his little gypsy problem was coming up with some very colorful suggestions, he was almost impressed.

First the little shit had touched what was his; claimed his childe, which was a fucking insult to the entire bloodline. Then he'd tazered him. The little son of a bitch had the gall to try and keep him chained up in a fucking bathtub. He just knew they'd done something to him while he was out, he wasn't feeling quite right. He felt weak and helpless. Harris may not get it, but Spike should fucking know better. He needed blood to heal from whatever the bastards had done, and that little cup of pigs blood was almost less than worthless. The final fucking straw was leaving him in this cold room that stank of their sex, while they were off doing who knows what.

He dozed off dreaming about all the ways he was going to kill them both.

When he woke up he smelled human blood. Bagged and 'on the hoof'. Xander was sitting on the sink counter, his feet bouncing off the front cupboard with a really annoying thunk thunk noise. There was a cup sitting next to him on the counter.

"It's about time you woke up, Angel. Spike and me were starting to worry. Well actually we weren't, cause I just don't have that kind of luck, but still, you've been out for a long time." The little fuck was smirking at him.

"Of course I was out for a long time, Harris, you shot me with a tazer." He growled.

"Well, yeah I did, but that's not why you were out this time."

"What? Why was I out then?" Angel asked.

"Oh, well I drugged your blood."

"You did WHAT! Why the hell did you do that? What did you do to me while I was out of it, you twisted little shit?" He was straining against the vampire proof chains.

"Good boy, I told Spike you were paranoid enough to get that without me spelling it out. I mean unconscious vampire," He said pointing towards Angel. "and twisted fuck who hates said vampire," He pointed towards himself. "equals unlimited possibilities for the bad."

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" He growled out.

"I could have shaved a cross into your hair, believe you me I was thinking about it. I could have just shaved you bald, that was Spike's favorite suggestion." Angel strained himself trying desperately to reach up to his hair, but the chains were just too short. "Of course what we really did, was leave you sleeping in the tub and went off for a couple beers at the Bronze."

"You didn't do anything to me?"

"No I didn't, I just wanted you to really think of the possibilities, you helpless and unconscious around someone who not only hates you and most of your kind, but who also knows all the nifty little ways to make you hurt the most. If you have any imagination whatsoever that should scare the ever loving hell out of you, Angel."

"It does." He admitted quietly and very reluctantly.

"Good, we're making a lot of progress. See after the people at the Initiative shot Spike with one of those tazers, they locked him up and the only food he'd get was these little packets of drugged blood. Once the drugs took effect, the doctors on that base were free to come in and slice him open and stir things around a bit before he woke up. Luckily, they weren't smart enough to be sure he drank it, and he managed to trick them into thinking he was doped up. He managed to get free, but he was still on an invisible leash. He couldn't eat or even protect himself."

Angel thought about that for a minute before Xander continued. "So tell me, are the accommodations everything you could wish for? Comfy in your tub? In the vampire safe chains?"

"You know I'm not, you arrogant little shit!" He growled.

"That really sucks, cause I'm thinking about keeping you around for a few months like this. Oh well, at least we have two bathrooms in this place. We won't have to haul your ass in and out all the time, like Giles had to do with Spike."

"What do you mean 'like Giles had to do with Spike'? I thought he couldn't bite anyone, why did he need to be chained up in a bathtub?"

"Well there was the fact that we couldn't be absolutely sure he wasn't faking those seizures he had, his screams of agony when the chip fired just cause he thought a mean thought. Then there was the humiliation factor, I mean Spike can be a little hard to like from time to time, he really is an acquired taste isn't he. I'm sure Giles and Buffy didn't enjoy it too too much, right?"

"How long?" Angel asked, gritting his teeth.

"Oh I'd say most of the time for three maybe four months, except for the day he spent engaged to Buffy and the little bit of time he stayed tied to my barcalounger." Xander said coolly.

"Tied to your barcalounger? Why the hell was he tied to your barcalounger? And did you say engaged to..." He trailed off stunned.

"He was in my barcalounger cause Giles had company and Spike was an inconvenience. I took him in, but I'm not stupid enough to think he'd put up with it without getting his own back. Even though I didn't want to leave him cold and chained, I knew he was still dangerous. I'm not the complete moron you people like to think I am. And yeah, funny story about the engagement, Willow did this 'my will be done' spell, and one of the things she said during the whole mess was something along the lines of 'Why doesn't she just marry Spike?' So they got engaged."

"Buffy and Spike... were engaged?" Angel looked like he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Yeah that was pretty much the group response to it, but we didn't have much of an opportunity to stop them from making out all the time, what with Willow's wonky will making Giles blind, a fact he was almost thankful for since Buffy and Spike thought his couch was backseat city, and me being a great big demon magnet. Course the spell broke and she was back to death threats the next day." Xander finished grimly.

"So what did you do to me while I was out the first time?" Angel asked. "I know you did something, I don't feel quite right."

"Just took a bit of blood to prove another point." Xander replied.

"What kind of point did you need to make that required blood, Xander? Especially if you're not gonna give me enough to heal up right, and then sitting there taunting me with a cup of human."

"Well damn, you really are a quick study, Angel. I didn't expect you to get that much the first time through. One more connection is all you need."

"What the hell are you talking about, Harris? Just get me the hell out of these chains, now." Angel looked ready to pop a blood vessel, if he actually had a pulse... or blood pressure.

"The 'enough to heal up right' part of what you said, Mate." Spike said stepping into the room.

"What?" Angel snapped.

"The whelp here is trying to point out that bein' all injured like you were, fluids running a pint or two low, an' all, you needed more than a cup of pigs blood every day or so to keep up your strength." Spike explained with a smirk.

"You know damned well we need at least a couple pints a day, even when we aren't hurt, Spike, especially since it's not human." Angel said, frustrated.

"Aye, we both know that, and I'd wager the watcher knows that. And o'course the whelp knows it now. Figured it out 'e did, by looking it up in the watcher's books."

"You mean he can read?" Angel said with a nasty smirk.

"Of course I can Angel, I had to know all about the dead pedophile in our midst, so I had motivation to learn how." Xander said quietly. Spike who'd been getting ready to take a shot at Angel, just smiled instead.

"What Spike was trying to say, was for most of the time since he escaped from the Initiative, he's been getting by on about a cup of pig blood every day or so. All while fighting along with us, and being Buffy's personal kick toy."

"WHAT? Giles knows better than that." Angel yelled.

"Like I said, we were pretty sure he did. He just didn't care. Spike was 'just a vampire' and an annoying one at that, no matter whether he helped or not."

"I didn't know." Angel growled.

"And now you do, just like I promised." Xander said before fishing a set of keys out of his pocket and tossing them to Angel. "I'll leave this on the counter for when you're all undone. There's more in the fridge when you're ready, help yourself."

Xander and Spike left quietly. Angel looked after them thoughtfully for a moment, before scrambling to unchain himself.


"I'm sorry."

Spike looked over at Xander. "For what, luv?"

"I went along with them, I don't know what I could have done, but you were helpless and you were alone in the middle of the enemy, and I shouldn't have helped make it worse."

"It's not like I would have let you be nice to me, pet. I wouldn't have trusted you then. Hell I didn't trust you yesterday. Guess I got me some 'trust issues' what with the poof and the Initiative and all. You've more than made up for anything back then, and you were never as bad as me. Hell I tried to knock your head in, threatened to kill you more than once. I'd say if someone were measuring the scales it would more than come out in your favor, so what say we just start fresh, eh?"

"Here in a minute, we'll do that." Xander said, and pulled Spike's face to his own. "First I want to make it up to you."

He kissed Spike deep and hard, and then pulled back, leaving Spike standing there, his head spinning. Xander dropped to his knees and pulled Spike's pants down. With no warning Xander swallowed his semi hard cock down all the way. It quickly began enlarging in his warm mouth and slowly Xander drug his tongue along the growing shaft. When Spike was fully hard, Xander concentrated on his head, licking and sucking and lapping his tongue around it. He worked his tongue into the slit and out, then up under his foreskin.

Spike slid his hands in Xander's hair, petting at first, and then as his balls tightened up preparing to explode, he began gripping harder, slowly pumping in and out of Xander's mouth. He kept tight hold of his control.

Xander pulled off him a moment and looked up at Spike. "Do it, Spike. Its ok, I want you to." Spike looked down at him, a question in his eyes. Xander answered it by nodding and sucking Spike's cock back in.

Permission granted, Spike tightened his hold on Xander's hair again, this time pumping in and out of his mouth a bit faster. When Xander scraped his teeth lightly up the bottom of his shaft, Spike lost some of his restraint and began fucking Xander's face in earnest. He knew somehow Xander needed this, needed to feel like he'd made some sort of amends, especially after their very intense role playing earlier and his sudden guilt at how things had been between them before, but Spike was determined to not push too far, to not take too much. It was a very delicate balance, but he had to keep it.

Xander put his entire self into this one act. This was the only way he could think of to say all the words that tumbled up inside his head, the thing that needed dealt with, despite their clean slate. Spike hadn't know he'd loved him, hadn't known Xander was planning on taking him as his mate, so Spike's actions over the years were inconsequential; he was a vampire and he'd acted as such. Xander however, had let his frustration, and his self doubt, and his belief that he'd never be good enough to claim his mate make him act cruelly, had made him say things, do things that made Spike's time with them harder than it had to be. He was as guilty as Angel, maybe worse, and he too needed to make amends.

He worked his hands around the base of Spike's cock, stroking and squeezing and rubbing everything in reach, urging his mate on, trying to force his thrusts to go deeper, to push harder. But Spike was like an unalterable force. He used Xander hard, but never harshly, taking what was being offered, but refusing to hurt Xander in the process. When Xander realized he had reached some limit for Spike, he changed tactics, he pulled off Spike's cock, and out of his hands, hands which automatically released him, almost as if he had expected the maneuver. He quickly stood, stepped out of his jeans, and threw himself over the chair behind him, legs spread and wanton.

Spike shuddered as he fought for control, struggling to ignore the clear invitation. Instead of stepping up and slamming in, as Xander clearly wanted, he stepped back and searched around for the tube they'd used before. Xander was breathing heavy and below the pants, in between them, he could make out small barely there words. Words he was sure Xander wasn't aware he was saying.

"Fix bond need mate hurt mate bad bad bad hurt mate wrong stupid fix fix hurt need hurt fix... "

It went on and on and Spike sure as hell wasn't crying over it, nope the big bad didn't cry over crazy hyena type mates who wanted to hurt them selves because of him and oh damn it all to Hell. He had planned on slowly stretching Xander, trying to reason with him, but that wouldn't fix anything, he understood that now.

Instead he slicked his cock and positioned himself behind his mate, his consort, his love, and thrust in hard and true. Below him the remnants of the hyena howled in victory. He held still, wrapping his arms around Xander, holding him close to his chest and petting him, while he gave him time to stretch and get used to his cock. After a minute or two he began pumping in and out, slow at first, but quickly speeding up until he was slamming in and out in a frenzy. He could feel the body under him tensing and sensed some struggle, but didn't get it at first. When he reached around and tried to stroke Xander, he pushed Spike's hands away, and Spike suddenly realized what the struggle was about. He was trying to make this punishment, he wasn't going to allow himself to cum.

Well Bollocks to that.

Spike pulled Xander's hands up until both were laying across the small of his back. Once he had them where he wanted them, he held them with one hand, and then reached around for Xander's hard cock. Xander tried to jerk away from his hand, while still keeping himself impaled on Spike's cock, needless to say it was a useless gesture, and Spike easily wrapped his hands around Xander's cock.

In full game face, he leaned over Xander's back, buried fully inside him, and spoke soft but firmly. "This is mine," He gripped Xander's cock as he spoke. "and you will never deny me what's mine." He released his hold on Xander's cock and slid a hand up until it covered Xander's heart. "This is mine," He said again. "and you will never make me hurt what's mine." He tweaked a nipple gently and slid his hand higher still until he cupped his claim mark. "This is mine," He said caressing his fingers over it. "and you can never, ever do anything that would make me break it."

Spike dropped his hand to Xander's cock and stroked. He began moving in him again, building back up to speed quickly. When he felt Xander's body tighten and clench around him he let go slamming in hard and fast as he felt his own orgasm being milked out of his cock by Xander's. He released Xander's hands and pulled out of him. He sat in the chair they'd been leaning on and pulled a now sobbing Xander into his lap.

"It's ok, luv, let it all out." He said, petting Xander's hair with one hand and stroking his arm with the other. "It's all in the past, and its all over now. Clean slate, remember?"

Slowly the sobbing abated and Xander tucked his head in under Spike's neck, hiding his face. "I'm sorry." He said quietly. "Thank you, Spike."

"For what?" He asked, honestly curious of the answer.

"For giving me what I needed."

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