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Dreaded fic search?

Hello everyone, lurker turned newbie poster here in order to beg the community for help... I have been trying to find a fic that I read a while ago and I just can't seem to locate it to save my bleeding life :P Any help would be very much appreciated.

Summary of what I remember:

-Spike is brought somehow to an underground cavern where he is approached by Xander. Xander tells Spike what he thinks is going on - the captives are being made to fight death matches with each other - and offers Spike a deal, he will be Spike's food(since vamps aren't given blood by their captors, the others are just given some kind of soup or gruel which has some kind of healing agent added once a day) and Spike in turn will teach Xander how to fight.

-near the end of the fic Spike and Xan are supposed to fight each other and they refuse, sparking a riot of some sort and managing to escape during it thru some kind of portal.

-they find out at some point that the games are being run by the demons for a some version of the initiative and they are doing it because the initiative is holding their prince hostage.

I think it might have evolved into a series from there but, really not too clear in my recollection from there...

again, any ideas would be very helpful and appreciated.

Marns AKA Bumpkin.
~pobody's Nerfect

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