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Transgression: One and Two, by piratepurple, NC 17 eventually

Title: Transgression (1&2/?)
Author: piratepurple
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC 17 eventually.
Warnings: This might be crack. It wasn't meant to be.
Notes: Betaed by the always wonderful tsavoritegarnet. The song Xander sings in the first part, "Please" is by Head Automatica. Suspend your disbelief, pretend Xander wrote it. :) Also, if this completely sucks, please tell me. It really seemed like such a good idea when I started it. I promised someone on bloodclaim a rockstar!Xander fic a long time ago, and it seems to have mutated.
Summary: "We've got nothing but that's alright
Nothing could be something if the feelings right
Holding onto something doesn't make it mine
Got to get to heaven but we don't have time."

Transgression: One.
Transgression: Two.

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