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A Funny thing happened clicking through my bookmarks...

Oh wow!  For no particular reason, I decided to look at the website on a S/X fanfic writier I had given up on, but to my amazement, there had been an update!  That's right folks, the stupendous Immortal Katharina is ALIVE!  If you don't know who that is, does the series "Bargain" ring any bells?  If even that doesn't make any sense, go HERE to read the fic that brought me to the Buffyverse (and Spander!) and also has been a addition to nearly EVERY Rec list I have come across from this communitiy.  While "Bargain" itself is, sadly, still stuck on Part 15 as it as been for at least 2 years,  (although she has mentioned a part 16 soon to be updated to her website *waits not-so-patiently*) I am happy to recommend to all the lovely Spander fans here at Bloodclaim, her new (un-betaed) Price Series.   While not for the faint of heart, and most certainly not a fluffy story, it looks to be another wonderful read.  *Sighs happily* my day is now complete.  *skips off happily to go read "Price" again for the third time*

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