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Flip The Script (18/?)

Title: Flip The Script (18/?)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

Not a fucking thing on this fucking site has gone right since we
started this fucking job.'
Lindsey fumed as he paced back and forth in the trailer that had
been set up as his office.

'First I have to deal with that damn William character coming by the
construction zone every day causing a distraction, flaunting himself and
trying no doubt to get someone to step up and offer to butt fuck him.

Then that goddamn Xander not watching what he was doing and causing
me the paperwork of an accident.' The memory of that did cause him to
cringe, but only briefly and only slightly.
'An accident that OSHA has been sticking their noses in.
Making threats and writing reports.'
It had been all he could do to keep them from interviewing any of the workers.

'If those assholes shut this project down it will cost us a fortune.
We are so over cost projection now we will never be able to come in on bid.
Now Larry has the other workers all acting pissy and somehow trying to put
the blame for all this on me.'
Lindsey's rant continued as he tossed papers and slammed books.

'It just ain't fuckin' fair! My uncle gets wind of this and it could cost me my job.
Well, damn it I'm the boss here and I don't intend to let any one forget that.'
Storming to the trailer door, Lindsey jerked it open and stuck his head outside.

"Larry! Get your fuckin' ass in here."

Most of the workers were on the eastern edge of the work site loading
lumber into two separate stacks.
One of the stacks was to be used for the main foundation wall area
construction while the other pile was only to be used as fill in and scrap.
The reason for the separation was that the side stack of wood was of inferior quality, or what was referred to in the trade as "seconds".

It was a cost saving procedure that none of the more experienced workers
agreed with or approved of. Most had expressed concern, but their issues had fallen on disinterested ears.

It was something that was not unheard of, but it was also a practice that the more reputable contract companies would never engage in.

Larry stood up slowly, placing his hands in the small of his back, he stretched backward as far as his sore muscles would allow.
He had been separating this lumber for two days and it was back breaking.

He briefly considered pretending he couldn't hear Lindsey screaming for him, but knew it wouldn't make a difference.
He would just continue on yelling till Larry finally went over to see what the fuck the problem was now.

Ever since the accident with Xander, things were falling apart quickly.
Moral was low and the work schedule was quickly falling behind.
They were short handed before the accident, and now with Xander gone the
other men just were not able to keep up.
Along with that, as their union rep Xander had been able to keep some semblance of safety on the work site.
Now Lindsey was ordering the men to violate every known security procedure
agreed to in the original contracts.
It wasn't a matter of if, but when the next man would be hurt.

The union had hoped that when the investigation was complete all of Lindsey's undercover dirt would come to light and he would be fired.
Now it seemed the inspection was stalled and it looked like his skill in
"cooking the books" and covering his tracks would save his sorry ass again.

Walking towards the trailer, Larry took off his hard hat and wiped the sweat from his face with the back of his forearm.
Taking a deep breath and bracing himself for more crap, he climbed the stairs and entered the trailer.

"What do you want, Lindsey? We are short by at least three men and I need
to get back out there to help finish sorting that lumber."
"That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Stop separating the grades and get back to work on the foundation walls.
I have another load of seconds coming in on a truck today and I want it
all used as first."

Larry couldn't believe what he was hearing.
Surely not even someone as irresponsible as Lindsey would do that.
It went beyond bad business, beyond immoral, it was now possibly leaning
towards criminal.

"Are you fuckin' insane? Half of those seconds are still green.
You put that in a stress, load bearing area and the whole building is
going to be unstable."

No way could Larry relay an order like this and expect the men
to follow it.
In a flash Larry's mind sifted through his bills and debts and
wondered if he could somehow manage for the few months it would
take to find another job.

"Don't even think about it, Larry. You raise a stink over this
and I can make sure that not only will you lose this job, but no other construction company in the area will hire you."

Lindsey stood firm with his arms crossed in front of him in a stance that left no posibility for discussion or argument.

"Now, with Xander slouching off work for the next two weeks you are the union rep out there so you have a choice. Tell the men to follow my orders and get caught back up on this project, or you are out of a job and I will put Vern Webster in the position of on site manager."

"Vern Webster? He's not much more than a kid!
He's been here less than a month! He's - oh. He's your wife's nephew."

Knowing his point had been made, Lindsey smiled and returned to sit at his desk.
Studing the papers in front of him and without looking up, Lindsey waved his hand.
"You better get back out there. The men need to get the change in plans and get to work setting those walls. When the lumber truck arrives tell them where to put it."

Walking out of the trailer and slamming the door behind himself Larry muttered,
"I'd like to tell them where to put it alright."

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