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Newly Formed Friends # 11

Title: Newly Formed Friendships
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Two long time, but very different, friends are caught up in a spell and changed forever. They learn to cope and must rely on each other to survive in their new forms.
Spoilers: None! Definitely AU
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.


Christmas Day was spent quietly celebrating the traditional pagan celebration just post the Winter solstice. Will was still painfully thin, courtesy of his slow recovery and the months of limited movement wasting muscles. However Will’s ability to balance was improving and the lack of brace meant that he was able to toilet himself – occasionally even standing without his cane, thrilled to no longer need the special seat.

The greatest challenge in the ensuing two months was the struggle to gradually give the boys back their autonomy and return them to their home. It was not as though Brad and Skye objected to having them around nor did they begrudge all the extras required for Will’s convalescence, far from it. But there was a lack of space and privacy – not just for them but for their charges as well, and of late with their nightly duties… It was Skye who put it in perspective one morning, just after their astral selves returned to the unconscious bodies.

She stroked down the face of the man she loved with her whole being, tracing features she knew as well as her own. The straight nose and dark eyebrows; the smile lines that had grown deeper with age and hard work, and seemed to form arrows pointing to twinkling grey-blue eyes when he was happy; the jaw that could be set with the resolve of a warrior in battle, or relaxed to give back his boyish looks; and the dreadlocks now peppered with grey and prettier for that.

Skye was just about to continue her exploration when her partner’s long lashes fluttered a little and eyes opened to greet his beloved. He smiled at her touch and rolled toward the warm soft female form, pressing his morning interest gently against her thigh and accepting her kiss and slow dance of tongues to welcome the day. Brad felt her shift in invitation, rolled and entered his partner in all things in a move they both knew so well. He then proceeded to (try to *silently*) demonstrate his adoration only to have it returned, both stifling natural sounds of gratification in deference to the two boys who were sleeping just on the other side of a blanket divider in their bedroom.

The strangest part of the exercise, in retrospect for Brad and Skye, was that the very two they were trying to ‘protect’ were, in fact, having their own amorous moment, picking up on the subtle sounds of their wonderful carers making love (not to mention the smell which for (Lex)ander with his still far better than average, ergo, utterly intoxicating).

Will’s returning mobility allowed mouths to find each other, legs to intertwine and hands begin to caress parts long neglected during the months of recovery. Mutual arousal was felt in the form of duelling tongues, caressing hands and hard shafts meeting enthusiastically.

Will’s nervous system had only just come back to fully functional, and it seemed that every neuron was firing at once.

During Will’s convalescence, (Lex)ander had learned to pleasure himself using his hands (rather than his tongue as had been his habit when he was in his canine form). At the end of Will’s first month in hospital he had been introduced to the joys of lubrication and bringing himself pleasure by an extremely shy, yet kindly Brad who encouraged relief by showing him pictures… lots of pictures. The rather larconic, caring human’s most bold move was to screw the top off the tube and squeezed the clear gel into the palm of the now aroused and painfully frustrated ex dog, and whisper, “It’s natural… Sometimes it just… helps… And trust me, the more of this, the better. Just close your eyes and try what you saw.”

Now the ex-dog used all his new found knowledge to try to please his recovering friend, and as the pair kissed, he did as he’d learned. He lubed and stroked the ex-owl as they had done before the accident but then moved his hand around until one very slick finger, then two, breached and gently stimulated Will’s prostate. Will was in heaven, every new sensation adding to the last. When his rear entrance was touched he worried a little but the human prostate was a wondrous gland, and he was soon reaching for the tube of slippery gel so that he too might bring pleasure to his dear friend.

Frustrated a little by the awkwardness of the angle of two people on their side face to face, (Lex)ander spun around. Now mouth could find erect appendage while hand could focus on delivering clenching pleasure within the tight puckered entrance behind.

The touches were nervous and a little over excited at first, but settled into glorious exploration and mutual release, before they returned to what they both liked most face to face gentle touches.

When Skye looked in on them the following morning, the bed clothes were tangled, pillows on the floor and very empty tube of lubricant was obvious on the side table. A very nude Will was lying on his back arms akimbo, with the equally unclad (Lex)ander curled around his right side, legs intertwined with Will’s. She smiled to herself and thanked Gaia and the Powers that the two innocent beings had found such happiness. They looked so content that she left them to sleep on, and focussed on making breakfast and doing a last minute check on the goods laid aside for the market that day.

Skye worried a little as she heard the long term weather report on the radio. It was as she and Brad suspected, there was no sign of rain and the drought across the region was deepening. It was only early spring and already dams were dry and streams running unusually low. If this was spring, then summer could bring disaster… and not only for farming communities – but for wild creatures also. She was about to move to make a full astral appeal when Brad arrived in from the garden, ready for breakfast and already prepared for the day in town.

He sidled up behind his rather pensive looking partner as she stood staring out the window. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled then kissed her on the neck, “Where are the boys?”

Skye leaned back and relaxed a little in the strong arms of her long time lover, “I suspect they picked up on our activities, and made their own fun. Anyone would think that someone has been giving them a hint or two?!” Despite the fact that Brad had nothing to hide or feel guilty about, Skye felt his skin warm as he blushed a little. “You’ve done well, Lover… They look so happy…”

A few consequent kisses followed before two rather sleepy figures emerged at the door of the tiny bedroom. Skye grinned at the sight of synchronous scratching of bellies and hair, and dual yawns before (Lex)ander helped his still rather unsteady friend to the table for toast and tea. It would be two days before anything was said regarding the previous evening’s activities, but the quiet ‘Thank you’ and (Lex)ander’s admission to Brad of their amour was still appreciated by their carer.

On the way to the village, as was now habit, (Lex)ander had again stuck his head over the high sides of the tray on the truck and delighted in letting the wind tousle his hair as he looked toward the road ahead. Brad seemed to spend the entire drive into town these days oscillating between demanding that the ex-dog pull his head into the confines of the truck, and being caught up in the delighted whoops and enormous grin of the brunette as the wind whipped his face and the sensation of speed was enjoyed.

It was Will’s first trip to town since his injury and he was again ensconced under an old tarpaulin between Skye’s produce and Brad’s art, but there was no performance when it came to joining the group once they were at their destination. The townsfolk all knew the story of Will’s injury and were pleased to see the young man up and about – albeit still leaning on a cane a little. Will’s speech had improved tremendously during his period of inaction, while the ex-dog’s confidence around town had increased tenfold (always walking close to Brad of course) since they had all visited together.

Will sat behind the table holding Skye’s produce, shaded by the combined canopy of a large tree and the temporary stall’s covering. He happily wrapped things when asked and even stood to serve occasionally, Skye always mindful to assist when money needed to change hands.

Mid afternoon, shortly after the market wrapped up, the four wandered down the main street, stopped to do a little shopping, then visited Beth to pick up ice-creams for the boys as they had made a habit of doing months before.

On the way back to their home, Skye was particularly quiet. Brad could see the furrow lines of worry and reached over to squeeze her hand affectionately. “’Sup sweetheart?”

She sighed heavily, before returning the squeeze and dropping her gaze to where they were joined. “It’s so dry… we need to plan on having some extra watering places for the wild things don’t you think? And maybe some food… And I guess I’m worried that we need to get the boys back to their house, and Will’s still not a hundred percent… and I just… ::sigh:: I guess I’m just tired Lover… just tired.”

Brad kept driving but drew her hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it. “We’ll rest this afternoon… and I’ll take the boys home again tomorrow – once Will can climb to his loft and they are mostly independent again, you’ll feel better. And we’ll tackle the forest issues together… OK?”

They had agreed some days previously that the return to the loft was the acid test for Will – the final hurdle to normality – or as normal as it would ever get for the four.

Arriving home the two wonderful carers were reminded of Will’s fragile state once more. (Lex)ander was bright eyed and literally bounced down from the truck, but Will was in an exhausted sleep. He had rarely been awake for more than five hours at a time even in the latter part of his recovery, so barely registering as Brad and (Lex)ander manhandled him to the edge of the truck’s tray, and certainly was instantly asleep in Brad’s safe arms.

Two days later the loft was attempted. They had attended the farm and the animals, and Skye had assisted Will with food preparations for the coming two days. Finally, after midday and with Brad behind him ready to assist or catch him were he to slip, Will climbed the ladder on increasingly shaky legs, three times having to abort the attempt. Each time he made it up two or three more rungs. On previous ventures the consequent confidence loss meant two days before the attempt was repeated, but this time, after four tries and with all the determination of a professional mountaineer, Will gripped the lip of his loft floor and with a little boost from Brad, made it to his glorious vantage point… And (Lex)ander braved the height (despite his own phobias) also to celebrate.

The loft was warm, and the bedding fresh… there was also a lovely addition courtesy of some of Skye’s friends at the market, two enormous fluffy pillows with covers made of angora so soft that it felt like the inner down of an owl. Their wonderful human carers withdrew as dusk approached, and that night Will and (Lex)ander were neither worried not afraid… Instead dinner was ignored in preference to quiet touches and contented slumber on their mezzanine bedroom. Skye and Brad both ‘checked in’ when in astral form. And all was well for three days…

But all was not well with the world, and the new year saw Gaia expressing her frustration and upset at being abused, switching from sleet and fog to near tropical heat and humidity; calm days to force nine storms; and hail borne of a heatwave swiftly replaced by icy conditions across whole regions… all within a matter of two weeks. “Record…” whatevers were being noted by the media and social and environmental mismanagement blamed… but the rhetoric, by and large, was not followed by action.

Toward the end of day twelve of the utterly un-seasonal cold snap, Skye approached the wiccan camp she had never intended to deal with in astral form. She was accompanied by a delegation of sky bound creatures, whilst below Brad in wolf/dog form led the ground dwellers, to meet with groups of magical creatures from their entire region. The brief was to stop the plunder…

It was never going to be an easy meeting…

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