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Flip The Script (20/31)

Title: Flip The Script (20/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

Reluctantly Xander eased the bathroom door open and peered in.
The room assaulted his senses.
William had lit two vanilla scented candles and placed
them on the vanity side board.
The lights were dim and the shadows of the flames danced on the walls.
The air was warm and steamy from the heat of the water in the tub.

Unable to force his eyes away, Xander looked down at the bath.
William had slid down and was so totally ensconced in bubbles that
his face was the only thing that could be seen.
The lavender of the foam blended with the vanilla of the candles making
the fragrance of the room smell as though one was rolling
in a summer field.

"This is absolute heaven, Xander."
"Um, yea. Looks really nice."
"Your tub is very roomy. It could easily hold two people comfortably."

William was slowly swishing his hands through the water,
watching the ripples it created.
The subtle movement was hypnotic. Xander's eyes followed as though
watching a slow motion tennis match.

"Yea, had the bathroom redone a couple years ago. Thought about getting
a smaller one, but you know, ya never know when you might have a
really fat visitor, and well, ya want 'em to be clean."

William frowned and finally looked up. "Actually I was thinking two
normal sized people might want to bath together.
If that were to happen this would be the perfect tub for it."

Xander briefly wondered if William knew how innocent he looked
when he opened those baby blue eyes, and pouted that fat bottom lip out.
Almost as though he had practiced in front of a mirror.
Xander shook his head. What a silly thought.

"So, anyway, there are towels on the rack and a back brush hanging
off the shower, so if you don't need anything else..."
"Oh, of course, Xander. I'm sorry to be so much trouble. Please don't
let me keep you any longer. I thought perhaps you would bath with me,
but that was so presumptuous. So forward. Please forgive me." William
hung his head and his voice became very small.
Xander felt like shit.

"No, no, Baby" Xander began stripping as quickly as possible.
The thought of hurting William's feelings overrode any concern
or conviction he might have had about showing excessive affection.
Just before stepping into the tub, Xander turned away to scoop
up his clothes and throw them into the hamper.
Raising his eyes to Xander's back, William smiled.

"O.k. Chubby, scoot up" Xander prodded at William's back and
slid into the hot soapy water behind him.
William was right, it was glorious.
Huffing in false outrage William leaned up to make room. "Chubby?
I'll have you know I am very fit for my height."

Settling down, Xander reached around and felt William's cock. It was already
starting to grow and fill. "You're right, Baby. You are the perfect size."

"I love your hands, Xander. They are so strong, and big, and rough."
Suddenly like a slippery eel, William rolled over and slid his wet chest against Xander's, causing the water to roil and splash from the tub.

"Could we have sex here? In the water? Please?" William was rubbing his hands across Xander's chest and down to his stomach, all the time pressing his groin into Xander's thigh.

"I'm desperately hard and would like very much to feel you enter me."
"Jesus, Baby I have never heard anyone talk so dirty so properly
before in my life. You can't imagine how hot that is! But we can't.
I don't have any condoms or lube in here."

Before the last words were out of Xander's mouth, William reached down
and flipped over the bath mat. Hidden underneath were two foil packs.
Laughing, Xander reached down "Two? Wasn't that a bit optimistic?"
"Well I wasn't sure how things would go, and I felt it best to be prepared.
Better two and needing one than one and needing two."

"I don't know Will. You've been through a lot, and Willow thinks..."
In response, William began digging through the bubbles searching frantically.
"Will, what the hell are you looking for?"
"I was searching for Willow. I didn't realize she was in here with us."

William took Xander's laughing response as approval and laid his body
flat on Xander's, kissing him soundly.
Will was an apparent quick study because it was a kiss that smacked
of passion and experience. It shot straight to Xander's toes and
ricocheted back up to his already straining cock.

Enjoying the slippery, wet, bubbles sliding between them, Will continued
to roll his body over the one below him as he kissed, licked and bit at
Xander's lips, ears and neck.
Reaching over the side of the tub, Xander reached for one of the condoms.
Stopping him, Will picked it up. "I know how to do this.
Please, let me do it."

Gasping and trying desperately to retain some intelligent thought Xander
looked around "Lube?"
"I wasn't sure if your lubrication was water soluble, so after checking the contents I believe we will use conditioner." William reached for a bottle on the tub ledge.

"Christ! Baby, I love it when you talk dirty!"
With the lube in one hand and the condom in the other, Will sat
back on his heels between Xander's legs. Xander put his feet on the bottom of the tub and canted his hips upward exposing his waiting cock to the cool air.
"It's so beautiful" Making no further move, William asked "Xander, may I please taste it. Put it in my mouth and see how it feels, how it tastes before I cover it up?"

Xander's cock twitched, eagerly trying to reach William's mouth. Xander nodded enthusiastically.
Cautiously Will leaned down and placed several quick kitten
licks across the head.
"Mmmm. It's wonderful. I just knew it would be." Encouraged,
Will dove in and devoured the cock straight down as far as he
could take it.
Happily sucking, Xander looked between them and watched.

Still holding the preparatory items in his hand, Will was not
touching Xander with anything but his mouth.
It was gloriously frustrating. Xander also was not touching.
Both his hands were gripping the sides of the tub, straining to
maintain a small amount of control.

"Stop, Baby, stop." Knowing from personal experience what a cock felt like
just before it exploded, Will instantly backed off.
He knew there would be plenty of time later on to bring Xander to
completion with his mouth.
Truth was, he was still a little hesitant as to the pros and cons
of spitting vs swallowing.
He sat up and smiled.

Slowly he positioned the condom on the head of Xander's cock and rolled it
down, caressing and squeezing as he went. Xander groaned and jerked his hips upward.
Then applying the conditioner to both the covered cock and reaching around, himself, Will wiggled forward.

Instead of the cock he expected, William felt Xander's fingers enter his waiting hole.
"You're still to new to this to be in a hurry." Xander continued to
lovingly prepare Will, stretching and finger fucking him slowly,
brushing randomly over his prostate.

Never taking his eyes off Will's face, Xander watched him till he could see the glazed blue eyes turn almost black with passion.
Feeling Xander remove his fingers, Will stopped rocking and smiled
into the face of the man he loved.
Holding himself still, he felt the head of the cock slide into position.

"Take it at your own pace, Baby. Go as slow as you need." Xander hoped that
sounded sincere, cause God knows the truth was he wanted to slam home and
fuck like a grizzly bear.

William knew the head was the hardest part, and took more than a
few minutes to squeeze it through.
Finally in, Xander began slowly pumping his hips upward till Will's
balls were settled nicely on a nest of Xander's pubic hair.

After the first few thrusts, Will knew to try different angles till Xander hit the right spot.
Xander knew instantly when that happened. He felt Will stiffen
and saw his cock twitch.

Arching backward Will moaned "That's it. Right there. Oh, God Xander, that's it."
Feeling they were both rushing to crest at the top of the roller coaster, Xander wanted them to take the plunge together.
Xander grabbed Will's cock roughly using the slippery bubble bath
to lube the grip.

"Come with me, Baby. Come all over me."
Unable to wait, Xander let go and tumbled into the bliss of orgasm.
Feeling the cock swell and jerk inside him was all it took to cause William
to fulfill Xander request.
He did indeed spurt all over Xander's hand and chest.
As the spasms slowed, William laid back down across Xander's chest and whispered
"I love you, Xander."
Xander froze.

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