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Navigating Rough Waters Ch 2

Title: Navigating Rough Water
Author: tempestsreach
Chapter: 2/20+
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult
Feedback: Love it!
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters, etc.
Warnings/Squicks: Rape, non-con S/Aus, illusions to child abuse, M/M
Summary: Spike and Xander, with life not easy for either the two bumpy paths cross and lead to an unlikely friendship and more.
Notes: Set in season two during the Angelus phase.
Notes 2: Thanks once again to my fantastic and ever hard working beta sublimatedangel and to 50ftqueenie for the support.

Chapter one

Chapter Two

Xander sat on the ground, his hand muffling the sobs racking his body as tears slipped down his face unchecked.

After a few minutes, the silence of the room behind him began to intrude on his conscious mind. Roughly wiping away the tears still lingering with his shirt sleeve, he stood back up.

Gazing once again through the gap, he saw Spike hadn’t moved from where he lay over the bed, blood streaking down his body and away from him, out over the dark grey of the floor. He looked like the corpse he should be. Xander felt a strange twist of sympathy in his chest.

Without giving himself time to really think about what he was doing, he carefully eased the loose board from the window and slipped over the windowsill into the room.

Inside the still of the room, Spike’s quiet whimpers were just audible.

Pausing by the window, Xander stood totally still, listening for any sound of Angelus’ return or any other movement beyond the door. Faintly, he could hear the child-like tones of Drusilla.

“Where’s my Spikey?”

“Ah, Dru, I don’t think he wants to come and play at the moment,” he heard Angelus answer.

“Did you and he play, Daddy? Did you play wicked games with him?”

“Yes Dru, wicked games. Come, we can play some games of our own now.”

The voices faded out, leaving only Spike’s pained whimpers to break the dark silence.

“Oh shit, this has got to be your worst idea yet,” Xander muttered to himself. Keeping the bed between himself and the injured vampire, he moved closer to Spike.

The figure on the bed didn’t stir and the faint whimpering had died off completely.

Xander wondered how much blood Spike had lost... and if he lost too much, would he just kind of spontaneously dust, no stakeage required? Cool.

Looking closer at the figure, he felt guilty; maybe it wasn’t so cool. He could remember all too clearly the pain of being in similar situations; no-one to help, no-one to tell, no-one to care.

“Okay Spike, if you can hear me, I can’t quite believe this but I’m gonna help you, okay, so no eating the nice helpful human, okay?” The figure didn’t even twitch.

‘Xanman, you are so losing it, you're talking to an almost dead (relatively speaking) vamp and expecting what?’ Xander grimaced at his own musings. ‘Get a grip.’

Reaching out carefully, he poked the still figure, ready to jump back out of reach.


‘Okay, dead to the world.’ Xander snorted at his own thoughts. ‘Dead, yeah right!’

Looking about, Xander spotted a second doorway. ‘The bathroom? Do vampires need bathrooms? I guess they might need to get clean. I mean you can’t go hunting in the Bronze all stinky and blood covered.’ Xanders internal musings came to an end as he found what must have been an employee restroom at once time, although towels had been brought in at some point, and there was soap.

‘Okay, question answered.’

Catching sight of his watch, Xander hurried up. Jeez, how the hell had it got to 10pm already? He needed to hurry up, or he’d be in a world of pain himself if he got home late.

Turning the tap on low, Xander set a container to fill so that it would make as little sound as possible. While it was filling, he grabbed a couple of towels and walked back over to Spike.

One quick poke to make sure the vampire was still out cold and he carefully started to lift him further up onto the bed, keeping him lying on his front. Not really sure why he was being so careful, he mused on the weight of the body. ‘Wow, not really as heavy as I thought.' Thinking back over Angelus’ comments, he guessed, 'But then, maybe he’s not feeding so well in the wheelchair.’

Returning to the restroom, he turned off the taps and balanced the bowl, walking back in to the bedroom. ‘Top down,’ he decided.

Starting with Spike’s shoulders, he dipped the towel into the water and squeezed it out a bit. ‘Not too much water, or blood just spreads everywhere.'

The mess down the center of Spike’s back that was ribbons of flesh made him feel sick, the flesh shifting under his fingers. ‘God, what the hell do I do?’ Xander decided just to flatten it out as much as he could. No way to stitch it.

The backs of Spike’s legs showed a lot less damage, so he just mopped up the blood that was still pooling there. ‘Jeez, when is it gonna stop, how much can he lose?’ Running the warm damp towel over Spike’s abused backside made Xander very uncomfortable. He knew how much that hurt.

Ripping up one of the clean sheets off the bed, he quickly bound the now clean but still pulped flesh up and gently rolled Spike onto his back. Noting little more than deep bruising to his front, he cleaned the last of the blood up and took the bowl and now red dripping towels back to the bathroom.

Walking back out of the bathroom he paused by the window. “I hope that was enough, buddy, cause I gotta go or else I’ll be the one needing mopping up.” With a final glance at the still figure on the bed, he reached for the windowsill, glancing left and right to check it was safe.

Pulling his weight up onto his hands ‘Shit’ he dropped back into the bedroom.

“Okay, I have totally lost what little brain I had.” Xander walked back towards the bed.

“And I’m thinking the nightstand is a good place to find.. Aha!”

Xander walked back to the bathroom and rinsed out the an old mug which was sat on the side. ‘Doubt the evil dead will mind a little dirt.’

Sitting on the edge of the bed away from the bloody patch, he rolled up his sleeve and scored across the soft part of his arm with the knife he had liberated off the night table.

“Shit” He looked at the shallow messy cut and the blood that beaded along its edge.

“Get a grip!”

Taking a deep breath he held the knife more firmly and made a parallel cut this time adding more pressure, he watched as the blood trickled into the cup, pressing his hand over the wound when it was full.

Grabbing a bit of spare sheet he had left on the bed, he quickly wrapped it and picked up the mug.

“And how does one get blood into a comatose vamp?” He waved the mug under Spike’s nose, watching as his demon face came forward.

“Ummm, less of a problem than I thought.” Putting his hand under Spike’s head, he lifted him up and placed the mug to his lips, internally snarking, ‘Helmet hair, much?!’

“Come on, Spike, drink up the nummy blood, it’ll make you big and strong again.” Hoping that Spike couldn’t actually hear him and want to rip out his tongue.
The hesitant movement became gulps as the much needed blood was recognised, and the mug was all too soon finished.

“Sorry Spike, but that’s all I can spare, need to get going.” With that, Xander put the cup and knife on the nightstand and went back to the window.

“Bye Spike.” Checking for any returning vamps, he slipped out of the window and, after replacing the board, off into the night.

Chapter three up on Monday :~)

Oh does anyone know how to do a link back to chapter one? If so I'll edit this to include it. - Done :~}

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