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Flip The Script (22/31)

Title: Flip The Script (22/31)
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: William/Xander
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story
Summary: Xander has a crush. William has a secret

Will sat patiently listening to the phone ring on the other end.
Checking the clock and doing the quick mental math he knew it
must be almost 5 P.M. in London. No too late.

Finally the curt voice answered "Good Evening, Mr. Rayne's office.
How may I help you?"
"Good evening Gloria. It's William"
Immediately the cold detachment melted away "Mr. William,
How are you? We were so concerned. We haven't heard from
you in a while."

"I am very well, thank you. In fact I am better than very well.
I am standing on the border line of bloody excellent. Is Mr. Rayne

Gloria was delighted. She had been with Ethan Rayne's
office for years, and had been witness to the tragic events that crushed
the sensitive William.
She thought of him often since his leave to the States and worried
for him. Hearing the happiness and the strength in his voice was
a very pleasant surprise.

"He certainly is William, and I know he is anxious to speak to you."
After a quick minute, during which William assumed he was being
announced, he heard the phone connect.

"William, my boy. I am so glad to hear from you. We have been
worried. Are you well? Do you need anything? Do you want to
come home?"
Laughing, William knew if he didn't stop him, Mr. Rayne could go
on forever.

"No, No, Mr. Rayne. I don't need anything, and actually, I am home."
The last was added with a definite tone of pride in his voice.
"The reason I called is that I need to use some of my money. I want
to invest in a new company."

"William, it is your money. You don't ever need to ask permission,
In fact I am often concerned that you are able to live comfortably
as you never touch any of the funds. Due to investments it has grown
considerably. You know you have every right to it's use."

William could hear the affection in Rayne's voice and he missed him
very much. He was one of the few people who had never turned his
back on William.

"Are you still employed at the University? What type of company
is this? Have you researched it's potential? Are you taking care of yourself?"
"Mr. Rayne!" William laughed "Slow down. I am most comfortable.
I went through a very bad time, but things are much better now.
I think I will be moving soon, I'll send you my new address later.
Yes, I am still employed, but might be seeking other employment.
As for the company, it is very new.

The money would assist in the start up expenses.
I have researched the owner of the company, and have been working
with him in depth. It is a construction company and I would be an
equal partner. A proper businessman."

The silent pause at the other end of the line did not bode well.
"Construction? As in building things? What do you know about
such things, William? Why not give me the name of the person
seeking financial backing and I will run a background check.
Just to ensure his legitimacy."

"No, Mr. Rayne. I am a man now and I am not asking permission.
I am calling to instruct you to set up an account in a financial institution here and transfer 1 million pounds into that account with access to any other funds I may require."

Not wanting to end the call on a cold note William warmed and continued.
"I love you like family, Ethan, but I know what I am doing.
Please trust me. If it makes you feel better, the man involved is
Alexander Harris of Sunnydale California. Now I have to go, but I
will be calling again soon. I will look for the money to be on deposit
in two days. Thank you, Ethan."

"You are most welcome. William. Please take care." As soon as the
phone disconnected, Rayne picked it up again.
"Gloria, we will be working late. I need some research done on a
financial and criminal background check."

William hung up just as Xander and Larry entered the kitchen. Kissing
him on the top of the head as he passed, Xander went to the counter and
picked up the kettle.

"Who were you talking to?"
"Oh, Miss Willow is coming over. I thought she might be able
to help us out. She is very smart."
"Yea," Xander chuckled, "And she doesn't hesitate to remind
us of that at every opportunity."

1 hour later found them all still sitting around the table drinking
too much coffee and bloated on too many of the donuts Willow
had brought along.

Several ideas had been tossed out and rejected.
Most of which consisted of reporting him to the local authorities, rejected due to the fact that these were the same authorities
who seemed to be turning their backs on the present investigation.

Next was the idea of going to Lindsey's uncle.
General consensus was that he was either in on the cost cutting,
or at least aware of it and intentionally turning his back.

So on it went. The same ideas bouncing around and no resolution in sight.
William had been hesitant to enter into the conversation too soon.
He decided the others would be more receptive to a new idea if they
were totally out of old ones.

He had processed the information and thought some of it was very workable
with a little tweeking. Finally feeling the time was right, he spoke up.
"Xander. I believe I may have the solution to our situation."
All eyes turned his way.

The expressions of their faces only served to strengthen his resolve.
Willow looked at him as though he was an adorable puppy that had
just learned a new trick.

Larry's expression clearly asked "Why are you here again?"
and even Xander's showed more strained patience than confidence.
William was not discouraged.
In fact he knew for the first time in his life, he was going
to be the hero.
He summoned all his courage and began.

"First, Willow is going to draft a letter of information to
be submitted to the California Attorney General's office.
I feel bypassing the local authorities is most necessary.

We will obtain copies of all invoices Lindsey has written,
especially anything with his uncle's signature as authorization.
I also think it would be beneficial to enclose any photographs
we could obtain as confirmation.

Next Xander will contact the owner of the building project with
all of information.
He shall advise them that as the half owner of the Wilxan contract
company, we will be preparing a bid for taking over the job.

It will be your responsibility, Xander to have all of the facts and
figures ready for our presentation.
Larry, you will contact all of the workers.
Any of them that want to come to work for us will be more
than welcome. Anything I missed?"

The expressions on the faces of the other three had drastically
changed and were now all variations of 'What the Hell,'
'Oh My God,' and with just a touch of, 'Who the hell is this
person and where is William?'

"Will, Baby, I can't take your money."
"That's good, because I am not giving you my money.
I am investing in a business opportunity in which I would be a full partner. If you are not interested I am sure I could find
someone who is."

After a very short pause, Xander broke into a huge grin.
"Well hell, looks like we're in business."
Equally thrilled, William held up his cup to Xander
"Xan, I really don't care for coffee. Would you be a
dear and make me some tea?"

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